8 Pax posted in crisp but calm 28 degrees –Bubblicious,Wapner, PewPew, Daisy, CrabbyPO, Piper, Boucher, Sliot-QIC

Warm Up:

Maestro lap

Arm Circles Forward/Back x15 IC + Arm Stretches OYO

MotivatorX5 + Leg/Calf Stretches OYO

Grass Pickers x15 IC AND any remaining stretches OYO

THANG: Descending CAP Laps

Partner Up

Round 1: Pax partners head out for a CAP lap in opposite directions. 25 Merkins when you meet your partner. Continue with CAP laps, decreasing reps by 5 each time you cross paths.

Round 2: PAX1 – bear crawl around the “Unit”, PAX2- hold farmer carry. Flapjack and repeat X2

Round 3: Same as Round1, replace merkins with alternating should taps

Round 4: PAX1- farmer carry around the “Unit”, PAX2- hold plank. Flapjack and repeat x3. (Props to Daisy for the extra lap of farmer carry)


Blockivator- from 5 (Overhead Press, Block extenders, block rows)

Dealer’s Choice – Heels to Heaven, Crunchy Frogs, V-up Roll-up, ‘Merican Hammers, Box Cutters



Good post from the 8 PAX present. The Q (YHC) put heavy focus on the upper body to prevent leg soreness for anyone who might be running long distances over the weekend. Still some slight complaints about the gradations of cardio being advertised in the PB. Several new naming conventions elicited this morning: extremely late Alohas = Konnichiwa, Bear Crawling around the Unit = H.A. Gregs. The H.A.Gregs revealed that when it comes to “bringing up the rear”, one particular PAX might judge but he doesn’t discriminate. Blockivator was not met with groans as expected – it needed some tweaking but could be an interesting addition to the exicon.

Prayers continue for safety in our farming community. Also good discussion centered around recruitment and possible expansion. Keep EHing and keep posting. Konnichiwa beaches.

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