1 PAX posted from Blackcat AO: Sliot

Warm-up: realize we parked further away than we thought- brisk walk to the starting area. Dance party with the M to finish getting ready.

Thang: 13.1 miles while dodging potholes and Peter Pans. Goal- less than 2 hours.

Moleskin: not a bad day for YHC considering he doesn’t actually like running for fun. The M thought it would be a good time 4 months ago when she signed us up. She thought wrong. Still glad she did because while it wasn’t fun, it was good for me- even if my calves don’t agree with that assessment. YHC had a goal to finish the Half Marathon in under 2 hours. Mission accomplished with a final time of 1:55 for a mile average just under 9 minutes. And I wasn’t kidding about dodging Peter Pans, a certain unnamed PAX who loves HA Gregs would have had a lot of judging to do. Thanks to the rest of the Blackcat AO for all the support during the training season.

“I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go home now. -Forrest Gump” – Sliot

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