37 degrees on a clear starry gloom for 6 PAX that defeated the fart sack this morning; Piper, Ariel, Wapner, Jay-Z, Boucher, Daisy-QIC


  • Shoulder pretzels 20IC
  • Moroccan night club 20IC
  • LBAC- 10IC each direction
  • Tempo squats- 10IC
  • Grass pickers 15IC
  • Stretch tight areas OYO

Mosey to bottom of stairs

Thang- cards and stairs- pull card from deck; do card number + 10 reps (face cards 10 only) followed by stair exercise.

  • Clubs- merkins and 10 SSH
  • Hearts- Alternating shoulder taps/ up and down stairs
  • Spades- dips and stair lap
  • Diamonds- plank jacks and stair suicide

Cards drawn: A ♦️ , 10 ♦️ 4♠️, 8♦️, J♠️, 2♣️, 3❤️, 6❤️, 6♣️, 2♠️, A♣️, 3♠️, 2❤️, 9❤️, 8♣️, A♠️, 5❤️, A❤️, 5♦️, K♣️, Q♣️, 4♦️

Slowsey to large shelter house


Wing nut- 15IC; Leg raises, 10IC


A nice brisk morning where the fart sack was strong! But 6 PAX braved the gloom. Discussion throughout the morning included such critical topics as: Piper’s M had him shoveling rock after he ran his mini-marathon, why may others be fart sacking a week later? Wondering what was really in CrabbyPO’s flu shot (estrogen is the leading guess). What had Bubblicious up so early to like a post, but not available to be at beatdown? How broken is Pew Pee’s toe really- and no one is brave enough to really question it, Amongst a few Aloha and Konichi wa moments. On paper it looked like a strong arm beatdown, but in actuality it turned out to be more cardio than expected as Jay-Z’s cut of deck brought 5 stair suicides (with a 6th on deck!). 68 plank jacks, 56 dips, 77 merkins, 86 alternating shoulder taps, 60 SSH, 6 up and downs, 5 stair laps and 5 stair suicides made for a well rounded beatdown. COT we talked about the rough few months our group has been having outside of the workout and supporting and lifting each other up. Also taking advantage of our parents while we have them (better wording would have been appreciating them- Piper). All in all a great morning to push our mind, body, and spirit. Hoping we all continue to lift each other, lean on each other, and find our numbers to increase as the Christmas lights will soon be illuminating our gloom! Everyone enjoy your weekend, and hope to see you on Monday!!!!!

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