Date: 11/18
AO: Big EZ
Total: 14
Warmup: SSH, weed pickers, kick with a twist, arm circles on one leg

The Thang: World War II era calisthenics
High Jumpers x10
Bend & Reach x10
Squat Thrusts x10
Rowing Exercise x10
Squat Bender x10
Merkins x20
Side Bender x10
Body Twist x10
Squat Jumper x16
Trunk Twister x10
Burpies x10


Mosey around the loop

Mary: World War IIs, Bird Dogs, Van Goghdas, Coolers, LBCs

COT: Remember to sign-up for Saturday’s Vepot; Prayer requests: healing for Sherlock’s friend Mitch and Springbok’s mother, thanks for Beefsteak’s mother’s successful procedure, and time to reflect on all we have for which to be thankful

Moleskin: Next month’s 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor inspired today’s activities; we stand on the broad shoulders of those who came before us. Thank you for everyone’s support for my VQ – it was appreciated, especially for the times I lost count in cadence. The strength of the group and its ability to transfer it to others is incredible.

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