8 PAX opened their eyes this morning and said,”Not today Fart Sack. Not today.” Admirable considering the chilly 30* temps.
Pew Pew

SSH x20ic
Hillbillies x10ic
Grass Pickers x10ic
Arm circles forward/back x10ic
5 windmills each side OYO

Slowsey to Shelter House
-blocks to the bottom of the stairs
-pick partners

Partner 1 starts AMRAP of first listed exercise, while partner 2 runs down the stairs and performs the prescribed coupon exercise. Then returns to relieve his buddy.
Mountain Climbers                                         25 Skull Crushers
5 Bro Burpee’s

LBCs                                                                   15 Thrusters
5 Bro Burpees

*BT Lap*(no man left behind)

Bobby Hurleys                                                 25 Berkins
5 Bro Burpees

Squats                                                               35 Dips
5 Bro Burpees

*BT Lap*(no man left behind)

Big Boys                                                            24 Chainsaw Pulls
5 Bro Burpee’s

Pickle Pointers                                                         35 Curls
5 Bro Burpee’s

*BT Lap*(no man left behind)

*When both partners have performed each pair of exercises, perform 5 Bro Burpees (synchronized burpees with a high-five at the apex.   ‘Wee’ is optional).

*After every second pair of exercises and bro burpees, run a BT lap.
Leave no man behind between each lap.

Mumblechatter grew to dull roar as the PAX hovered over the Q for some action post warmup. To the Q’s delight, the burn set in and PAX were cringing away for a solid 30mins. It was great seeing Maestro and hearing his words of wisdom at COT. Happy Birthday to Daisy!

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