34 degrees- nice brisk morning as 14 PAX gathered to make room for some turkey and gravy tomorrow! Gasman, Piper, Sliot, Boucher, Bubblicious, Proximity, Blades, Jay-Z, Wapner, CrabbyPO, Popeye, Humdinger, Pew Pew, Daisy-QIC


  • Albatross Wing- 20 reps each exercise
  • Leg blaster
  • Motivator from 8

Prisoner run to stairs

Musical stairs: 3 groups, two workout points; group performs exercise at each point until the are relieved, then jog to next point and relieve that group as the move on to next point- rinse and repeat until song is over; then switch exercises.

  • Start me up: Burpees/ No Surrenders
  • Highway to Hell: Dirty Hook-up/ crunchy frogs
  • You give love a bad name: gorilla humpers/ Bobby Hurley
  • Final countdown: block brigade (Indian run format- last man passes block forward and then runs to the start of the line, next PAX does the same up and down the stairs)
  • Don’t stop me now: Stair suicide

Mosey to flag area:


Andy Dufreene: In a line shoulder to shoulder, plank position with their block. PAX passes their block under the “tunnel” while they bear crawl to front of the line. 2 rounds.



Great morning to start the holiday weekend. YHC wanted to put together a workout to be thankful for…. Or a workout to be thankful it was over. So a compilation of, as Wapner put it, everyone’s trash exercises, was executed in the gloom. Excited to welcome Blades and Proximity as they were visiting from our sister Indy “The Hill” and “The Pit” AO’s. Despite the unpopular exercise choices, it looks like fun was being had by all. YHC was grateful for the music as mumble chatter was minimal to his ears. But I’m sure there were some groans made (Jay-Z???). 2 blocks probably would have been better for the brick brigade- as chaos ensued a little bit. But valiant effort had as tempos were pushed. COT brought time for thanksgiving for our blessings and gift throughout the year. Reminder of Turkey Trot for those that want to have a jog Thanksgiving morning! Hoping everyone will come out to work off some Thanksgiving dinner on Friday as Ariel will lead the way!!!! (Dice are ready just in case Mr. Ariel- please don’t make us use them!!!!). Coffeeteria was held at Downtown Diner after.

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