9 Pax posted in pleasant 32 degrees –Bubblicious,Wapner, Daisy, Popeye, Jay Z, Stache (less), Piper,Boucher, Sliot-QIC

Warm Up:

All at X10IC : Arm Circles F+B, Abe Vigodas, Tempo Squats, Grass Pickers

Any remaining stretches OYO

THANG, Part 1:  Big Loop with Movements

Indian Run to Stairs, Stop once on each road for 20X squats + 10X Merkins, hold plank on last merkin until all pax completed.

THANG, Part 2:  Stair Lap “Ring of Fire”

PAX line up at bottom of stairs along the wall and execute prescribed movement. PAX closest to the stairs will begin stair lap. At the top of the lap (between stairs) call to next PAX to begin lap. Return to bottom of stairs and continue movement until all PAX complete their lap.

Movements: Wall Sit, Incline Merkins, Decline Plank, Mike Tyson, Dirty Hook-ups

THANG, Part 2b: Stair Suicide… with Burpees

Stair Suicide, complete a burpee each time at the bottom of the stairs. Nice audible from Stache/Boucher to increase burpee count by 1 each time

Indian Run back to HP for Mary


Very little time for Mary: Heavy Freddies X10IC

Recover, Recover



Nice weather for the first day of December. YHC feels that the properly advertised PB kept us from double digits but still pleasantly surprised to have 9 total. Accusations immediately began regarding a Boucher Block Bamboozle. I feel like the mumble-chatter could easily be summed up by typing “Aloha” and “Konichiwa” in a random pattern for the rest of this moleskin. Discussion highlights:

1. Favorite ways to be greeted at the door. 2. Alternative names for certain birthday celebrations with (REDACTED). 3. Boucher’s best basketball moves. 4. How to make sure your team is really good at free throws. 5. Stache really has a soft spot for Rhode Island tennis players who are good at basketball and read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too 6. Wapner to Boucher: Hoosier Daddy?

Good work. See you Friday

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