Gloomcast: pleasantly warmer 35 degrees

10 PAX posted for an early morning party.

  • Jay-Z
  • Daisy
  • Boucher (QIC)
  • Stache
  • Crabby PO
  • Sliot
  • Ariel
  • Maestro
  • Gas Man
  • Piper


  • Grass pickers (IC)
  • Hillbilly walkers (IC)
  • Batwing
  • Jump Squat Hold x10


Indian run around park to appreciate the lights until song changes. Perform designated exercise until song changes the start running again.

Movement list between runs

  • Leg blaster
  • Bruce Lees
  • Merkins- wide, regular, diamond x10
  • Backwards Burpees (5 bigboys then to feet and jump)
  • No surrenders




The Q decided the Pax were in need of an appreciation run of the full lit up AO. During the warmorama Piper was generous enough to share that after this beat down it is impossible for Wapner to pass him up on postings before the end of the year. Wapner really put the nail in the coffin by posting a gentleman’s ceremonial FS this morning. The workout supplied quite a bit more PAX groaning than the Q anticipated but all was snuffed out with the soothing playlist riddled with shark themed holiday tunes. The beatdown provided a quality burn leading into the weekend to hopefully block out the lingering winter weight. Prayer concerns for family illnesses as well as a focus on self health was the theme of our circle of trust. Merry Christmas and thanks be to God.

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