3 PAX posted on a bone chilling 15 degree morning.

Piper, Ariel, Stache


5 mile run at a nice, conversational pace.


How ‘bout that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Gem City. Today our wolf pack grew by 1. We used to have a 3 man wolf pack. Now we have 4. We used to have 4, but then we lost one and were a 3 man wolf pack once again. Now we’re back to 4. A 4 man wolf pack. Only 3 wolves in our pack today, because one wolf was home.

Our 3 man wolf pack encountered another pack today. A 3 pack of stray dogs. Not wolves. Their alpha dog tried to act like a wolf, running in the cold in summer attire. But everyone knows cross fitters can’t be wolves.

Sign up for joining our 4 man wolf pack will re open tomorrow in the gloom. We currently have an unlimited amount of spots available, but only open to F3 men initially.

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