5 PAX kicked the FS Grinch in the teeth this morning and made their way to AO in a crisp, clear 32 degree morning.
Jay-Z, Boucher, Sliot, Stache, Bubblicious(QIC)

Grass Pickers x20 IC
Carry Blocks to B.Sanders
Leg Stretching OYO
Arm Stretches OYO

Musical DORA Christmas Classics
While P1 completes exercise, P2 runs ~100yards and back. Flap-Jack. Change movement whenever air horn blares.(2min)

Grip, Rip, n Rolls(GRR’s)
Buried Face(Abyss Merkins)
Block Curls
Block Swings
Chest Press with Blocks
Chain Saw Pulls
Sumo High Pulls
Block Crossover Merkin
Skull Crushers
Heavy Freddie’s
Big Boys
Heavy Hammers

Carry Blocks back to HP.


A small but jolly crew of PAX this morning brought Christmas cheer to Bob Sanders Drive. Mumblechatter was strong despite the blaring jams of Zombie Claus, Dropkick Murpheys, Misfits, and Weezer holiday melodies. DJ Boucher certainly needs a mic for our next geography lesson to Beard, IN. Best wishes to PAX stepping out in pursuit of new career opportunities this week. I hear Jay-Z has a great one lined up for us Wednesday!

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