3 PAX, yes 3, posted in 50° gloom.


Bermuda lap

Grass pickers ICX10

Shoulder pretzels ICX20


General stretching OYO


Tower of Terror


Pickle pointers ICX15



Not sure how many PAX actually read the workout in the BB, but for those who don’t, there were ONLY 3 PAX PRESENT. YHC had to audible since there were only 3. The fun that was planned would simply not work with only 3 PAX. Tower of Terror never disappoints, even if there are only 3 PAX. Mumble Chatter was near to nothing. Maybe it was because there were only 3 PAX present. Or, maybe it was because the 3 PAX that were present are the only 3 PAX who take F3 seriously. There was a new Tower of Terror record set this morning. Stache, one of the 3 PAX present, completed all 13 rounds for the first EVER completion of Tower of Terror. Congratulations, Stache. The other 2 of us are proud to be witness to this event. With Christmas approaching, it would sure be nice to celebrate with more than 3. Discussion of a potential coffeeteria next week took place with the 3 of us that showed up. Finding seating shouldn’t be as difficult with only 3 PAX. For those of you who didn’t show up (all but 3 of you), do better. Only 3 PAX present is unacceptable.

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