A brisk 27 degrees for 8 PAX to come out and start the Christmas week with a strong beatdown. Jay-Z, Maestro, Pew Pew, Stache, Sliot, Boucher, Bubblicious, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

  • Bat wing- 20IC
  • Grass pickers 15IC
  • Tempo Squats 15IC
  • Shoulder Pretzels 20IC
  • Stretch tight areas.

Indian run the lighted path to the bottom of the stairs


Ruck circuit: stair suicide, roll die and do exercise, stair lap, roll die and do exercise. Rinse and repeat until time.

Mosey back to flag


60 seconds of American Hammer, 30 seconds of plank

Moleskin: brisk morning to start the week. YHC wanted to break out his birthday gift from a month ago- weighted vest- so a ruck workout was in order. This circuit brought a high calorie burn and a good sweat in spite of the cold! Good conversation was has as the work was out in. Great full body to prepare for Festivus and 12 days coming this week. Great to have the returns of Maestro and Pew Pew! And wonderful having Gasman stop by for COT. Hoping a few more come back as the break continues!!!! Great effort today! See you all for the airing of grievances on Wednesday!!!!!

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