2 PAX in attendance on a windy 24 degree (but felt like 15…) for Thursday morning run club.

Stache & Sliot


Stretching accompanied by light groans.


3.75 miles @ 8:40 pace

Started at the penalty box, followed the car path to admire the lights.


Walked a Maestro lap and stretched


Only 2 wolves in our wolfpax this morning. Our other wolf still nursing a sore knee. Get well soon Piper!

Good mumblechatter this morning despite the teeth chattering cold. A nice stress decompressing run to clear the mind before we build back up on the stress of the holidays. Family drama, over eating, screaming excited kids, but I digress.

Discussion was also had about reaching out to Wapner or someone in Indy about a potential separate AO for run club and our backblasts. Some way of detaching our BB’s from Blackcat but not detaching, if that makes sense. But for now, we’re having fun adding to the complication of Boucher trying to bias the data in order to “earn” the Top Pax belt again next year.

Boucher explaining the equation used for determining Top Pax.

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