Backblast: Origins
Date: 1-5-22
AO: Blackcat
Pax:  @Maestro @Piper @Pew-Pew @Daisy @Sliot @Boucher @Bubblicious
FNGs: 0
Q: @Jay-Z
Total: 8

33 degrees and breezy


Bermuda lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Shoulder pretzels ICX20

10 Finkle Swings each leg

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Motivator from 8


Starting at bottom of the hill, tunnel of love up the hill. When first PAX hits the top, he then lays down the first track on the sidewalk. Railroad tracks to shelter house. When first PAX hits the house, he holds AL Gore in front of picnic table. Remaining PAX fall in line. Once everyone is present, 20 box jumps. PAX closest to the exit lays down first railroad track and we head back. Once down the hill thought the tunnel of love, we head to playground for 10 swinging Tysons. Wait for the six while in people’s chair. Mosey back to bottom of hill to complete the circuit again.

We completed 2 rounds

ROF Monkey humpers and Dips X10


20 leg lifts OYO

Pickle pointers ICX20

Absolution X6 OYO

Pickle pounders ICX10

Flutter kicks ICX20


We finally had a decent turn out this morning. 8 is certainly better than 3. If after reading the Thang you are confused, no worries. Boucher was confused too. We quickly realized the tunnel of love going down hill was much easier and kind of fun. This beat down provided ample time for mumble chatter. Two suggestions were made for the naming of this beat down. One was “Ace and Gary’s Ticket to Ride” and the other was “Jay-Z’s Gravy Train.” Lots of planking involved in this beat down which lead to the comment, “what did the plank ever do to you, Jay-Z?” There was also smack talk regarding YHC ‘s response to this beat down had he not been the Q. It was surmised YHC would have been pissed! Oh, the joys of being Q. Bundle up Friday, boys and Bundle up “the boys.”

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