Backblast: Single Digit

Date: 1-7-22

AO: Blackcat

Pax: @Piper @Daisy @Pew Pew Man @Sliot @Jay-Z @Boucher @Bubblicious

FNGs: 0

Q: @Maestro

Total: 8

1 degree with -18 windchill.

Warm-O-Rama (WOR)

Grass pickers x9 IC

Merkins x 8 IC

Hillbilly walkers x 7 IC

Imperial walkers x 6 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Abe Vigodas x 4 IC

Good morning Abby x 3 OYO

Leg blasters x 2 IC

Motivator from 8 x 1 IC

Indian Run (jogging backward) to the main shelter.


The shelter: the road OYO

Dips x20: Squats x20

Incline Merkins x20: Lunges x20

Decline Merkins x20: Alternating Side Squats x20

Diamond Merkins x20: Burpees x10


RnR with half reps

BearCrawl Indian Crawl through the Tunnel of frolic on the way back to the flag


Flutter Kicks x8 IC

Dolly Partons x8 IC

GasPumps x8 IC

Pickle Pointer Hold til Recover (15 count)



Been a while since last Q. Fun to be in charge again. Didn’t realize it was so hard getting up and down during the Morning Abbys to solicit such whiny chatter from unnamed pax. Although the chatter made YHC feel more welcome as a returning Q. On a similar note Jay-Z has officially submitted his application for Boucher’s position as Complaint Q, as he accurately predicted the smoking his arms were gonna experience during the Beatdown. I’m sure his interview process will be colorful. Overall, the PAX efficiently maintained adequate body temperature on this frozen gloom. As always, a pleasure.

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