Backblast: Bermuda Pyramid
Date: 1-14-22
AO: Blackcat
Pax: @Pew Pew Man @F3Maestro @Daisy @CrabbyPO @Jay-Z @Piper of BlackCat @Stache (no stache) @Boucher @Bubblicious
FNGs: 0
Q: @Sliot
Total: 10

Super calm 30°

Warm-O-Rama (WOR)
Cap Lap
Arm Circles Forward/Backward x15IC
Arm Stretches across chest and overhead
Tempo Squats x15IC
Leg stretches OYO
Grass Pickers x10IC

Thang: Bermuda Triangle Pyramid
PAX complete prescribed movement at Happy Place then “rest” with a Bermuda lap, with 10 merkins completed each time passing by the shelter house. Movements:
Burpees x20
Dips x40
Air Squats x60
Walking Lunges x100
Air Squats x60
Dips x40
Burpees x20


Dealers Choice – box cutters, heel touches, 100s, leg lifts, V-up Roll-Up, WWII sit ups, Jim Braddocks

Recover, Recover

MoleSkin: DDM baby!!!! Pleasant surprise for everyone to see a good posting this morning, this YHC’s beatdowns are usually not so well attended. Q was slightly self-conscious about his winky this morning, it seemed a bit ambitious but all in all everyone took it well. (TWSS) Mumblechatter was sparse due to the spacing but good discussion during Mary/COT about donuts and whether or not they would be a good enticement for certain FS’ers. Ruck party tomorrow, time TBD. Keep up the good work fellas.

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