Burp back mtn

11 Pax posted on this crisp 38 degree morning. Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby-PO, Popeye and (Jackson)Popeye2.0, Humdinger, Pew Pew, Shamu, Sparkle, Reid(FNG), and Piper(QIC) Warm up: Maestro lap, Arm Stretch OYO, Leg Stretch OYO, and Motivator from 10. Thang: Burp Back Mountain: partner exercise, 1 Pax does burpees while the other pax runs backward up hill […]

Saturday Ruck

Weather 35 crisp and clear PAX: Toomah Sparty Ghost Wapner 4 PAX braved the cold to ruck around and pre-burn some calories for the weekend ahead. Once the group got moving cold was no longer a concern. Good to see Toomah back at it with weekdays no longer working with his work schedule. Keep family […]

Leg-Tona 500 at the BlackCat

11 PAX posted.  Moist 67 degree leg day. Jay-Z Daisy Popeye Shamu Wapner Piper Pew Pew Stache Cubby Blue Patches Crabby PO QIC Warm up: SSH X 50 as a group Arm Stretches Hand Release Merkins X 10 OYO Leg Stretches Grass Pickers IC X 15 Mosey to the Happy Place Thang:  Leg-Tona 500 5 […]

Countdown in the Park: Friday 10/4/19

10 PAX posted on this cool, crisp 50 degree morning Crabby PO Daisy T bone Piper Wapner Jay-Z Pew pew Popeye Humdinger VQ Sparkle (VQIC) Warmup: Maestro lap Bat Wings x10 IC Squats x15 IC Willie Mays Hayes Mosey to the Happy Place Thang: 12 down to none Start with 12, subtract 1 each round […]


9 PAX posted.  Humid 72 degree Wednesday beat-down. Jay-Z Sparty (Respect) Shamu Wapner Piper Pew Pew Stache Humdinger Crabby PO QIC Warm up: Maestro Lap Moroccan Night Club IC x 20 Arm Stretches LBAC 10 forward and 10 backward Leg Stretches Thang:  PAX went through a series of six exercises with six reps each.  Exercises […]

IronPax Week 4

Weather 60 and perfectly still PAX: Jay-Z Piper Crabby PO Pew Pew Cubby Blue Humdinger Stache Daisy Shamu Sprocket Wapner QIC Warmup: Maestro lap SSHs IC x20 Arm stretches Shoulder pretzels IC x20 Willie Mays Hayes Tempo squats IC x10 Thang: 100 cumulative merkins and squats 100 yard out and back coupon carry 100 cumulative […]

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