Face Your Fears

45 degrees and raining…perfect conditions to face our fears. 11 PAX posted for the spooky Halloween workout. Halloween-themed Disclaimer was given. Warm up: Spooky Run (When Q calls Graveyard = jump, Bats = squats, Zombies = low plank) Stretch OYO The thang: I first captured everyone’s biggest fear (from an exercise perspective) in the order […]

You vs You….. vs The Navy Seals

10.29.19 // 45 degrees // Q – Khaki 17 PAX posted at The Hill Warm Up: Weed pickers Arm circles Alternating toe touch 5 Merkins OYO 5 Squats OYO Mosey to the playground The Thang: Navy Seal PST Partner up –  2 minutes – Most Merkins you can do (50 is passing) Hold Al Gore […]

Boo-urpies and Zombies

10/22/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Motorboat, Zamboni, Logger, Dry Rub, State, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, Dr. Porkchop, Maize, Khaki, Beefsteak, Nomad, and welcome FNG Michael (now known as Wooly Dutchman). Disclaimer given Warm-O-rama (all IC, sort of) Whacky Jacks x 20 Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 Pumpkin Pickers x 10 Thang: Mosey around the parking […]


Brisk but clear morning in the upper 30s 13 Pax posted: Cornwallis, Kindergarten Cop, Maize, Cosmo, Snooki, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Bumblebee, Logger, Nomad, Beefsteak, State, Motorboat (QIC) Disclaimer given Warm up: SSH x15 ICKick with Twist x15 ICImperial Walker x15 IC Thang:Head to the top of the hill. Partner up. 1 block at the top […]

Birthday Bash

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees PAX Cornwallis Cosmo Khaki Maize Nomad Kindergarten Cop Snooki State Beefsteak Headlock Dry Rub BumbleBee MotorBoat Candyland (FNG) Logger Disclaimer Given Warmup 20 SSH 10 Kick w/twist 10 Windmills 10 Seal Jacks 10 Weekpickers Thang: Block Hill Climb – Team activity – First runner runs to bottom of the hill and […]

IronPax Week 4

Backblast Weather: 55 degrees, cool, crisp, clear skies PAX BumbleBee Maize Brickyard Khaki Cornwallis Chew Toy Moses Beefsteak Zamboni DC Kindergarten Cop Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: IronPax Week 4: Sugar’s Pick Your Poison. This week is Elapsed time Scoring 3 Rounds for Time: 100 Cumulative Merkins and/or Squats 100 Yard out and back coupon carry, […]

Active Recovery

9/5/19 The Hill Q:Cornwallis Pax: Bumble Bee, Maize, Headlock, Khaki, Beefsteak, Nomad, Logger, State, Dry Rub, Kindergarten Cop, Zamboni, Brickyard Disclaimer given Warm-O-Rama (all IC) SSH x 25 IST x 10 Windmill x 10 Weedpicker with clap x 10 Mountain Climbers x 25 Thang: Fartlicks: 30 seconds jog, 30 seconds run all out x 10 […]

IronPAX Week 1

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees and mostly clear skies PAX Beefsteak Headlock Brickyard Marshall Khaki Cornwallis Knee High State Bumble Bee Snooki Kindergarten Cop Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: “Killer B’s” with ELAPSED TIME scoring 5 Rounds for Time: Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs, 10 BigBoi SitUps Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 […]

Memory Lane

Hive Workout 8/5/16 My first bell , I then returned home to Indianapolis to “start F3 here”. Had no idea what it was going to take. Thank you men of Indianapolis who have made it all worth it. Warm up Lap 30 SSH 25 Imperial Walkers 20 Merkins 20 Mountain climbers 10 Windmill The Thang […]

Mary’s Hot Sister

Preblast: Bring a weight that you can hold over your head 1 handed. Weather: 73 and rainy with a slight breeze Pax: Logger, Maize, Nomad, DC, Cornwallis, Bumblebee, Headlock, Zamboni, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, Khaki, State, FNG, MotorBoat as Q Disclaimer given Warm-up:SSH x18Abe Vagota x10Imperial Storm Walkers x 18 Thang: Each exercise done for 3 […]

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