F3 Photo Shoot

18 men posted in the 35°F weather to try to get some action shots to help spread the word about F3. With 4 PAX coming in hot from QSource (YHC included), the disclaimer was given as we started our warm up. Warm Up Mosey with variations SSH Seal Jacks Weed Pickers The Thang Tunnel of…something. […]

IronPAX Week 1

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees and mostly clear skies PAX Beefsteak Headlock Brickyard Marshall Khaki Cornwallis Knee High State Bumble Bee Snooki Kindergarten Cop Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: “Killer B’s” with ELAPSED TIME scoring 5 Rounds for Time: Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs, 10 BigBoi SitUps Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 […]

Back to School with F3 Dads

24 PAX posted on a clear, 60 degree morning for a F3 Dad’s Back to School workout. Logger, Marshall, Little Biscuit (7), Motorboat, Elsa (4), Round-off (9), Maximus (6), DC, Curly (11), Blue (7), Pikachu (7), Knee High, Rey (13 FNG), Puzzler (10 FNG), Snooki, Picasso (8 FNG), State, Hiney (5), Kindergarten Cop, Aurora (4 […]

Motorboat’s Birthday Q

June 29th, warm, upper 70s. clear skies Pax: Marshall, PVC, Thumper, Knee high, FNG, Snooki, Uncle Reco (Naperville), Maize, Motorboat Disclaimer givenStarted Movement4 of the 9 Pax showed up as we were leaving.Disclaimer given againgrabbed rucks and headed to Inlow park (~.6mile) YHC felt that we should take it easy and do a pyramid workout. […]

6/15/2019 – Ruckin’ Around with Cosmo

We’re not professionals….no one is responsible for you, except you…modify if/when needed. Ruck to park (where we completed our last Murph) At Location Hanging Cable Hand Walk – On the cable apparatus (Murph pull up), hang and walk (hand-over-hand) around the perimeter of the apparatus. Merkin x10 IC Ruck to the shelter Step up rucksack […]

Monday Ruck Run Day 6/3/19

Weather:  48 degrees, Clear skies and the sun is coming up early now. PAX: Motorboat Tulip Marshall Kneehigh Maize Quick Logger Disclaimer given Thang: Motorboat, Tulip, Kneehigh and Marshall set out on a ruck and getting in 2 and a quarter miles. Maize, Quick, and Logger set out on a run. 1~ mile – stretching […]

Sweet 16

Weather: High 40s and a light rain. Pleasant stuff. 18 PAX in the wet gloom for a basketball inspired Sweet 16 event. Disclaimer was given. Warmup: Clean the glass–Alternating jumps to the left and right to grab the reboundPassing drill–overhead pass, chest pass, bounce pass x 16(IC) Wojo (Jump) Squats–16 of them inspired by that […]

Pi Day

Weather: 55 degrees with some wind PAX: State Brickyard Beefsteak Khaki Tulip PVC Cosmo Cornwallis Marshall Kneehigh Wolverine DC Maize Zamboni Bay Watch Logger Disclaimer: We’re not professionals. We don’t know your fitness level. F3/North View Church isn’t liable. Dangerous ground. Modify. Warm Up 20 – SSH 10 – Kick w/twist 10 – Windmill 20 […]

2/16/2019 – Wonder in the Woods Ruck

Intro: We’re no pros nor responsible, neither is Northview.  Know your body and modify as necessary. The Thang Start at cars, mosey around the parking lot to pick up those coming in ‘hot’ to the workout (you know who you are). Ruck past the out building to the woods, stop at the Cross in the […]

Monday Ruckday

Weather: 41 Degrees and a bit of a breeze PAX: Maize Zamboni Marshall + 2.0 KneeHigh Logger Disclaimer: We’re not professionals. We don’t know your fitness level. F3/North View Church isn’t liable. Dangerous ground. Modify. Ruck to Inlow Park 20 Mericans at Inlow Park Ruck back to The Hill 20 Burpees Ruck around parking lot […]

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