F3 Photo Shoot

18 men posted in the 35°F weather to try to get some action shots to help spread the word about F3. With 4 PAX coming in hot from QSource (YHC included), the disclaimer was given as we started our warm up. Warm Up Mosey with variations SSH Seal Jacks Weed Pickers The Thang Tunnel of…something. […]

You vs You….. vs The Navy Seals

10.29.19 // 45 degrees // Q – Khaki 17 PAX posted at The Hill Warm Up: Weed pickers Arm circles Alternating toe touch 5 Merkins OYO 5 Squats OYO Mosey to the playground The Thang: Navy Seal PST Partner up –  2 minutes – Most Merkins you can do (50 is passing) Hold Al Gore […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/28/19

Backblast Weather: 42 degrees and clear skies PAX Wabbit Marshall Nomad Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: Wabbit and Marshall set out on a ruck The Runners: Nomad and Logger sat out on a run. Our goal was Founders Park and back. Moleskin: Kudos to Wabbit for working hard on EHing his friend, Brian. #HIM. […]

4 ruckers and Bell

10/26/19 Q: Cornwallis Pax: Dryrub, Marshall, Kneehigh, and Bell (DryRubs dog) No one was the Q so YHC took the helm and led everyone on a 3.05 mile trek. See image below for details. Moleskin: -Good conversation this morning and good pace. We talked about Buffalo, World Series (sort of), football, work, Halloween, dogs, along […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/21/19

Backblast Weather: 54 degrees, it was perfect PAX Ruckers DryRub Marshall Wabbit FNG brought by Wabbit Runners Headlock Motorboat Nomad Beefsteak Logger Disclaimer Given – emphasis on things that could make you trip Thang: The Ruckers: Set out together – Dryrub and Marshall got some extra time in – going an hour plus. The Runners: […]


Beautiful 50 degree morning for a Headlock beatdown! 13 Pax S.it ups I. like DipsG.enuine Coupon (squat thrust) N.o Judgment Zone (hill run) I. like to Run F.ield of Dreams (four corners) : 1. Jumping jacks 2. Low plank   3. Flutter kicks 4. 10 burpees I. like to run C.urls A.rm circles N.otivator (Motivator) […]

A Tale of Five Ruckers

Weather: Dark and mild to start, then sunny and mild to end Marshall, Nomad, Kneehigh, Quick, and Motorboat got in 3 miles in just about an hour. Motorboat was already there, practicing some kind of beatdown with sandbags. Once we were ready to go, rucking was had, fun was had, enjoyable conversation was had. We […]

IronPAX Week 1

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees and mostly clear skies PAX Beefsteak Headlock Brickyard Marshall Khaki Cornwallis Knee High State Bumble Bee Snooki Kindergarten Cop Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: “Killer B’s” with ELAPSED TIME scoring 5 Rounds for Time: Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs, 10 BigBoi SitUps Broad jump 10 yards    10 burpees, 10 […]

How Many Stairs?

Weather was perfect for 14 Pax showing up for some basketball and stairwork with an extra-load of Mary. Kneehigh got to motivate with the Motivator and we named a new FNG, Bumblebee Disclaimer F3 not responsibleNorthview not responsibleExercises are suggestions, modify as necessary Warm-O-Rama Side-straddle hops: 20Lunges: 20Invisible jump ropes: 1 minute Thang Basketball CourtStairs:  […]

Back to School with F3 Dads

24 PAX posted on a clear, 60 degree morning for a F3 Dad’s Back to School workout. Logger, Marshall, Little Biscuit (7), Motorboat, Elsa (4), Round-off (9), Maximus (6), DC, Curly (11), Blue (7), Pikachu (7), Knee High, Rey (13 FNG), Puzzler (10 FNG), Snooki, Picasso (8 FNG), State, Hiney (5), Kindergarten Cop, Aurora (4 […]

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