F3 UF at the Hill, 7/21/21

Whole squad out in a lovely 62° gloom for a large 22-man single UF game. ​Warmed up with some side straddle hops and speedy arm circles. Notable athleticism from Chirp Chirp, masterful throws from Peaches, and some clutch moments from Snaphook. 5x Diamond Push-ups was our punishment.

Ultimate Frisbeeez!

Ultimate Frisbee! Weather: 45 degrees, wet and windy Pax posted: 7 Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT! Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, Church and F3 are not responsible. Warm up: • SSH • Blackfoot Touches • Stretch OYO Thang:…

Equal-Punishment Ultimate Frisbee

Weather 46 Degrees and getting colder, plus a steady wind! PAX 15 pax posted: Chirp Chirp, Biscuit, Ponzi, Diary, Optimus, Snooki, Snitches, Clancy, OB, Face-off, Teddy Bear, Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop, Kindergarten Cop, Bumblebee Q Disclaimer Okay I forgot to give the disclaimer... I did give the four core principles though... wait... theres five? Warm-up Got…

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