Crabby Bear Deathstar…..

48 degrees and rain, the PAX waited in their car, 5:27 PAX began to Circle up. Core principles stated and disclaimer disclaimed. WARM UP. 5 SSH IC 5 kicks with twist IC 5 imperial Walker IC 10 SSH IC  10 kicks with twist IC. 10 imperial Walker IC. 15 SSH IC                                      15 kicks with twist…

Quattro rounds

Weather; 53 degrees, Gloomy, yet perfect. Disclaimer and Core Principles revealed WarmO; 30 SSH IC, Flying SunGods f&r 10 IC, Kick with a Twist 10 IC, Mosey w Buttkickers Highknees and Carioca. The Thang : Partner up; 4 Rounds. Round 1 & 3 are bodyweight, Rounds 2 & 4 are with gigantic erosion control boulder…

Rainy Ruck / Run

10/19/2020 - The Hill Weather - 50* and steady drizzle Pax - State, Pew Pew Man, Cornwallis, Clancy, Logger, Nomad, Pontoon-19, Motorboat The thang - The rain added to the runners moisture layer of sweat and ruckers passed around a couple of coupons throughout the ruck. COT

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