Terror Tower….

9 Pax posted on a cold and chilly Friday morning.  PAX quickly warmed up and headed to master the stairs. Pew Pew Wapner Jay-Z Slit Stache Sparkle Piper Daisy Crabby PO (QIC) Warm Up Arm Stretching OYO SSH x 25 OYO LBAC forward and backward x 10 Wall Stretches Leg Stretches Willy Mays Hayes Grass […]

I only borrowed it…They can have it back!

5 PAX posted on Wednesday 4/24/19.  Temperature was a manageable 43 degrees. Piper, Jay-Z, Popeye, Daisy, CrabbyPO (QIC) Warm Up Arm / Leg stretch Moroccan Night Club x 15 Grass Pickers x 15 Hand release Merkins x 10 Thing: Mile loop around the AO (the park) with exercises spaced out every .2 tenths of a mile.  First […]

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