?       May 26 Ultimate

17 Pax upper 60s, clear sky Pregame cars were parked in our usual spot so the decision was made to move the game to the other lot. Tulip took his usual Wed 1 mile loop and threw in 100 air squats Warm ups weed pickers and squatsTeams split and punishment set at 5 snow anglesDefensive…

March 17 ultimate Stp bout at the hill

Reader must read out loud in their best Irish accent....Weather mid 30s. 17 Pax arose to the occasion this AM Disclaimer and principles statedWarm up in oval formation shamrock sliders, sliding discs under yourself and passed to the next PAX. Irish merkin was introduced. 7 reps. Pax quickly noted how it resembled more of a…

Give me an extra 10 Ruck!

11/28/20 12 pax posted on this cold but beautiful morning. Motorboat, Khaki, Maize, Biscuit, Snooki, Puzzler, Space Balls, Cornwallis, Good, Cheeseball, Nomad, Pontoon-19 0700 Core principles, disclaimers given and stepped it out. Great job as we trekked just over 3 1/2 miles in 57 minutes.

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