Lots of reps at the Tundra

11 PAX came for lots of legwork and Merican Mania. Weather was perfect for January. Disclaimer. Warm-O-Rama Arm CirclesImperial WalkersInvisible Jump RopesWeed Pickers. Thang Mosey Around the Track100 Squats10 Mericans10 Diamond Mericans10 dipsIncline MericansCarolina DrydocksMosey againRepeat Mary American HammersLow DolliesFlutter KicksLBCS COT Welcome FNG Diggler!

Ring of Ice

Weather: 20F, cold and windy, less ice than YHC expected Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Zionsville, USA), modify, carry you to your car, ETC. Warmup: Side straddle hops x 20 (IC), Weed pickers x 15 (IC), Abe Vigotas…

Grammarly…I guess

BackblastWeather: 61 degrees and clear skies PAX: Adjective, Teddy Bear, Face off, Nomad, Pontoon19, Clancy, Parcheesi, Zamboni, Wolly Dutchman, Headlock, Khaki, Optimus, Wrigley, Tiger King, Maize, ColdCall, Bumblebee, Motorboat, Logger Disclaimer Given, Core Principles reviewed, and Credo repeated Warm up: 30 - SSH10 - Windmills10 - Imperial Walkers10 - Seal Jacks10 - Weekpickers Thang: simple…

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