15 PAX posted on this 67 degree morning. Daisy, Maestro, Quantum, Tiptoe, Wapner, Sparty, Pew Pew, Crabby PO, T-bone…er, Shamu, Sprocket, FNG, Jay-Z, Stache, Piper (QIC) Warm up: Maestro lap, Sprinkler x 15 IC, Grass Pickers x 15 IC, Arm Stretch OYO, Leg Stretch OYO. Thang: Merkin 2 min: AMRAP Big boys 2 min: AMRAP […]

Ton of fun – Team Bravo vs. Team Charlie

11 PAX posted on this clear 64 degree morning. Wapner, Stache, Jay-Z, Daisy, Shamu, Humdinger, Crabby PO, Phanatic, Sparkle, Porkchop, Piper (QIC) Warm up: Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, Motivator from 10. Thang: Bravo vs. Charlie challenge Tire Flip x 5 Maestro lap x 1 Pullups x 5 Merkins x 10 Air Squats x […]

​9 Pax posted on a clear 50 degree morning.  IM, Wapner, Crabby PO, Jay-z, Popeye, Pew Pew, Bambi, Tiptoe, Piper(QIC) Warmup: Arm Stretch: OYO, Leg Stretch: OYO, Sprinklers: IC x 15, Grass Pickers: IC x 10 Mosey to playground ​​ Thang: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats, and 1 Maestro (.2 mile)lap.  Rinse and […]

War games

​ 8 PAX posted on this unseasonably warm 48 degree morning.   Jay Z, IM, Humdinger, Maestro, Wapner, Pew Pew, Popeye, Piper (QIC) Warm up:  Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, Shared competition details. Thang:  War games: PAX were broken into two teams, Team Bravo vs Team Charlie.  Objective of the competition, return to the […]

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