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Circuit Training

5 PAX posted on a clear 68 degree morning. Wapner, Shamu, Daisy, T-Bone-er, Piper(QIC)

Warmup: Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, and Motivator from 7.

Thang: Circuit Training consisting of 6 exercises.

3 amigo’s x 2

Kettle bell swings x 20

10 lbs. Sledge hammer tire strikes x 20 (10 right hand, 10 left hand)

Maestro Lap x 1

Pull ups x 5

2 Block farmer carries x 40 paces

Mary: Bicycles x 25 forward

Bicycles x 25 reverse

Crunchy Frog x 20

V up Roll ups x 25

Moleskin: No NOR today, missing our FNG. Thankful for the 5 men that showed up today.



​9 Pax posted on a clear 50 degree morning.  IM, Wapner, Crabby PO, Jay-z, Popeye, Pew Pew, Bambi, Tiptoe, Piper(QIC)

Warmup: Arm Stretch: OYO, Leg Stretch: OYO, Sprinklers: IC x 15, Grass Pickers: IC x 10

Mosey to playground
5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats, and 1 Maestro (.2 mile)lap.  Rinse and repeat. 

Mosey to the flag. 

Bicycles forward: OYO x 25
Bicycles reverse: OYO x 25
Crunchy Frog: OYO x 10
V up roll ups: OYO x 15
Flutter Kicks: IC x 25

Moleskin: There was some mumble chatter regarding the amount of time it took the Q to create the workout.  It’s a simple workout with a good level of suck factor.  8-9 rounds were completed by pax, 1.6-1.8 miles ran, 40-45 pull-ups, 80-90 push-ups, 120-135 air squats.  Good work today training for the Memorial Day Murph.  Wapner hope you enjoy the last day of your 30’s.


No April Fools

7 PAX posted on this crisp 27 degree morning. Maestro, Pew-Pew, Popeye, Wapner, Crabby-PO, Jay-Z, Piper (QIC).

Warm up:

Arm Stretch: OYO

Leg Stretch: OYO


Modified Cindy: 5 pull ups, 15 squats, 10 Merkins, 10 – 10lbs sledge hammer tire strikes(5 right hand, 5 left hand), 10- 35 or 45 lbs kettle bell single arm row (10 right hand, 10 left hand), 1 Maestro lap. Rinse and Repeat.


Flutter Kicks: IC x 20

Vup Roll ups: OYO x 10

Crunchy Frog: OYO x 10

Moleskin: PAX completed 8 rounds of a modified Cindy. 2+ miles were ran, 40 pullups, 120 squats, 80 Merkins, 80 sledge hammer hits, 160 KB rows were completed. Hopefully PAX will continue to push hard, with the ultimate goal of completing the Murph on Memorial Day. 56 days and counting until Memorial Day. Glad to have the spring break PAX back today, wish Jay-z would have brought some warm weather back.


24 for 24

​ 6 PAX posted on this 31 degree morning. Popeye, IM, Humdinger, Maestro, Jay-Z, Piper (QIC)

  • Thang: 24 exercises.
  • Burpees-22
  • Balance lunges- 24 each leg
  • Calf raise squat- 24
  • Chin up – 6
  • Skater- 24 each leg
  • Wall sit – 90 sec
  • Wide pull up- 6
  • Step back lunges- 24
  • Alt side lunges- 24
  • Close pull up- 6
  • Single leg wall sit- 60 sec (30 each leg)
  • Deadlift squat- 24
  • Switch pull up-6
  • 3 way lunge -15 each leg
  • Chin up-6
  • Chair salutations- 60 sec
  • Rolling iso lunge 24
  • Wide pull up- 6
  • Frog walk-45 sec
  • Calf raise 75 rep
  • Close pull up- 6
  • 90/10 squat -24
  • Switch pull up- 6

Mary: In and outs – 24

Bicycles – 24 forward and 24 reverse

Straight leg sit ups – 24

Crunchy Frog – 24

Flutter Kicks- IC x 25

Moleskin: Boilermaker fans are the rare commodity at Black Cat, with that we must take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate. In commemoration of Purdue’s 24th Big Ten championship, PAX completed an exercise for each of Purdue’s 24 Big Ten Championships.



6 PAX posted on this windy 16 degree morning. IM, Wapner, Jay-z, Popeye, Daisy, Piper (QIC)

Warm up:

Shoulder Pretzel IC x 15

Sprinkler IC x 15

Grass Picker IC x 15

Leg Stretches OYO

Motivator from 8

Thang: Exercise consisted of Tractor Tire flips (5), 3 amigos (3), Burpees (10), and Maestro lap (1). Rinse and repeat. Deducting (1) Burpee each round.


Crunchy frog OYO x 15

Flutter Kicks IC x 25

Moleskin: 99 burpees, 30 tractor tire flips, and 1 mile run was completed by each PAX.


War games

8 PAX posted on this unseasonably warm 48 degree morning.  
Jay Z, IM, Humdinger, Maestro, Wapner, Pew Pew, Popeye, Piper (QIC)

Warm up:  Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, Shared competition details.

Thang:  War games: PAX were broken into two teams, Team Bravo vs Team Charlie.  Objective of the competition, return to the happy place before the other team.  Each team was equipped with a tractor tire and a bag of 12 tennis balls marked with different (upper body, lower body, and core) exercises.  Starting at the happy place two landmarks were chosen .2 miles in opposite directions.  3 pax’s on each team carried a tractor tire on their shoulder, while the 4th pax on each team delivered a exercise marked tennis ball to the opposing team.  Once the runners returned to their team the exercise was completed by the 4 pax on each team.  The runner then swapped spots with a tire carrier and the process started over again.  Rinse and repeat.

Moleskin:  Teams rucked the tractor tire at least .8 miles.  Team Bravo was the victor, a member of Team Charlie suggested that Team Bravo’s course was shorter than Team Charlie’s, even though the same ground was covered by both teams. I think we are looking forward to the next round of competition.


Thanks Mom

8 PAX posted on this clear 31 degree morning.  

Daisy, Pew Pew, Humdinger, Jay Z, Crabby PO, Popeye, Gasman, Piper (QIC)

Warm up:

Arm Stretch OYO

Leg Stretch OYO

Maestro Lap

Thang:  3 amigos and an alphabet exercise.  With a reference board that had A through Z, each letter had an exercise and reps associated with it.  PAX used their first and last legal name to create their individualized routine.  After every two letters, PAX walked to the three amigos and completed two rounds of jumps and merkins amongst the three semi tires.  After PAX completed the spelling of their name, PAX then continued with the spelling of Leadership.  


Crunch Frog x 12 OYO

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC

V up roll ups x 10 OYO


Moleskin:  This is an exercise routine that you can thank your parents for.  Even with a three letter name, 25 Burpees are still not fun.  And like Daisy shared, Leadership is always better than followers.  Leadership has 30 burpees, while followers has 110 burpees associated with it.  It made for a good laugh hearing the expression of PAX as they checked the reference board and learned that the letter S had 30 Burpees assigned to it.  


Frozen Indians

5 Pax posted on this pristine 18 F degree  morning.

Wapner, Popeye, Bambi, Crabby PO, Piper-(QIC)

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC

Arm Stretch OYO

Leg Stretch OYO

Thang: 1 mile Indian run and AMRAP of Cindy.  Which consisted of Pullups x 5, Merkins x 10, and Squats x 15.

Mosey to Flag


Hundreds OYO

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

Crunchy Frog x 10 OYO

Vup roll ups x 12 OYO

Moleskin: PAX completed 1.08 mile on the Indian run and 10-12 rounds of Cindy.  Two positives observed this morning, no mud and no rain.  It was said, heated gloves might be the way to go.  


Snowflake Challenge

Nice 30 degree morning.

8 PAX: Daisy, Wapner, Popeye, Porkchop, Gasman, Crabby PO, Humdinger, Piper – QIC


Sprinklers IC x 20

Grass Pickers IC x 20

Arm Stretches OYO

Leg Stretches OYO

Motivator from 9

Thang: Snowflake Challenge, two teams named after Black Cat, Team Bravo and Team Charlie.  Team Bravo and Charlie consisted of 4 PAX each.  Each PAX on each team completed the following:

Tractor Tire Flips x 5

3 Semi Tire jumps with merkins at each tire x 3.  3 semi tires are lined up next to each other in a straight line.  First pax jumps to the right into the first tire, then jumps backwards out of the tire, then pax does a merkin on the tire, after merkin  jumps back into first tire and then jumps right into the 2nd tire, repeats through 2nd and 3rd tire.  Rinse and repeat x 3.  Looking to coin the exercise “The three amigos,” however they don’t feel very friendly.

Pull ups x 5

Maestro lap 

Rinse and repeat, Flips, 3 amigos, Pullups, and Maestro Lap.

Challenge to be decided on by either reaching the start/ finish line, or team that has completed assigned exercise while flipping the tractor tire the farthest around the maestro lap by the set time of 6:10 am.

Team Bravo was victorious, Team Charlie is now known as Team Snowflake.

Mosey to flag:


Crunchy Frog OYO x 25

WWII sit ups x 25

Flutter Kick IC x 20

V up Roll ups x 12

Moleskin: Nothing better than some friendly competition to get the blood flowing in the gloom.  Team Snowflake, while consisting of a group of men that are all special and unique, did lose to team Bravo, no names need to be mentioned.  8 PAX participated in a coffeeteria at the Downtown Diner, no 10-29’s were reported.  Conversation was good, we learned more about Bambi’s “work” injury.  We are all hoping for his speedy recovery.  A special shoutout to Esserman’s Tire in Frankfort, they have been very kind in providing BlackCat with our Tractor and Semi tires, I know many of you already do business with Esserman, for those of you that don’t please give them a look when you’re in need of new tires.  Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe, hope to see you in the gloom on Friday.


Modified 40 min of Hell.

7 PAX posted on this 36 degree clear morning.





Dixie Chick

Crabby PO

Piper (QIC)

Warm Up:

Abe Vigoda x 20 IC

American Hammers x 20 OYO

Maestro Lap


Modified Nolan Richardson aka “40 min of Hell.”

Round of exercises:

Burpees x 10

Squats x 20

Big Boy Sit ups x 25

Kettle Bell swings x 20 (Choice of 25, 35, or 45 lbs. Kettle Bells)

Merkins x 10

Little Baby Arm Circles x 20

Rinse and repeat.


PAX chatter was low with all the work to be done.  We had a F3 brother from Georgia join us in the gloom.  Dixie Chick, thanks for joining us, come back anytime.  In total, over the course of 9 rounds, PAX completed 90 burpees, 180 squats, 225 Big boy sit ups, 180 kettle bell swings, 90 merkins, and 225 little baby arm circles.  No time left for Mary today, pretty sure our bases were covered though.



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