Fun with toys

11/19/19 The Hill Q-Cornwallis Pax-State, Logger, Maize, Motorboat, Bumblebee, Snooki, Nomad, Khaki, Headlock, Dr Porkchop, Dry Rub, Runner Up (down range pax from Pittsburgh) Warm-o-rama SSH- 15 IC IST- 15 IC Weedpickers- 15 IC Windmills 10 IC Motivator x 7 Low, slow squats x 10 8 Count Body Builder- 15 OYO Thang: Lunge walk and […]

4 ruckers and Bell

10/26/19 Q: Cornwallis Pax: Dryrub, Marshall, Kneehigh, and Bell (DryRubs dog) No one was the Q so YHC took the helm and led everyone on a 3.05 mile trek. See image below for details. Moleskin: -Good conversation this morning and good pace. We talked about Buffalo, World Series (sort of), football, work, Halloween, dogs, along […]

Boo-urpies and Zombies

10/22/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Motorboat, Zamboni, Logger, Dry Rub, State, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, Dr. Porkchop, Maize, Khaki, Beefsteak, Nomad, and welcome FNG Michael (now known as Wooly Dutchman). Disclaimer given Warm-O-rama (all IC, sort of) Whacky Jacks x 20 Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 Pumpkin Pickers x 10 Thang: Mosey around the parking […]

Winter is Coming

10/12/19 33 degrees at The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Nomad, Khaki, Thumper, Quick, Snooki Disclaimer Rucked 3.61 miles Stopped once to do some ruck overhead squats Finished by 0750 COT Moleskin: Good pace this morning! Good conversations from the front group about dogs. Not sure what the back group talked about, but I heard them […]

IPC week 3

9/17/19 *The Hill via Inlow Park Q- Cornwallis, but really just did Iron Pax Challenge. Pax: Logger, Dry Rub, Bumblebee, State, DC, Maize, Headlock, Nomad, Snooki, Motorboat Thang: see below Some guys started early and a second group started a little later. Moleskin No COT. Everyone was smoked and worked hard! State joked (stole from […]

Active Recovery

9/5/19 The Hill Q:Cornwallis Pax: Bumble Bee, Maize, Headlock, Khaki, Beefsteak, Nomad, Logger, State, Dry Rub, Kindergarten Cop, Zamboni, Brickyard Disclaimer given Warm-O-Rama (all IC) SSH x 25 IST x 10 Windmill x 10 Weedpicker with clap x 10 Mountain Climbers x 25 Thang: Fartlicks: 30 seconds jog, 30 seconds run all out x 10 […]

2 Dudes with Weight

8/17/19 Pax: Cornwallis and Thumper We walked for about 3 miles with 20lbs ish each, no phones or GPS. Great conversations about sermons, guns, Jesus, jobs, money, Dave Ramsey, and more. Closed in prayer. Then we got coffee and talked more about contraception, Catholicism, arguing, podcasts, and more. Always a joy spending time with you […]

Birthday Block Party

7/30/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: DC, Short Story, Motorboat, Snooki, Thumper, Brickyard, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad, Tulip, Logger, Headlock, Khaki, State Disclaimer Warm-o-rama (38 for my birthday) all IC SSH x 19 Windmill x 19 IST x 19 Rocky Balboa’s x 19 Mericans x 19 Mtn. Climbers x 19 Thang: Zamperini cinderblocks over to the […]

Q, the Grass is Wet

7/13/19 The Hill- Ruck Q: Cornwallis Pax: Cosmo, Quick, Clubber, Tulip, Snooki, Buckshot, and welcome FNG Patrick (now known as Short Story) Disclaimer 3.25 mile Ruck through Plum Creek and back up Hazel Dell. Stopped several times for some ruck exercises: Mericans, Squats, Moutain Climbers, flutter ruck presses, shoulder press, ruck swings. Moleskin: -Beautiful morning […]

D-Day Ruckout

6/8/19 Q- Maize and Cornwallis Pax- Fresh Cut, Clubber, Motorboat, Groupie, Snooki, Cosmo, Bulldog, Quick, FNG Brendan, Aggie, Brickyard, Tulip, Nomad Debrief at 0655: Share a little about D-day -1944 Operation “overlord” -largest amphibious assault ever. -Over 130,000 ground troops on the beach. -Landed on 5 beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword -Allies from […]

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