Tortoise and Hare- college edition

11 Pax posted on this clear, 43 degree Monday morning- Shamu, Stache, Wapner, Himdinger, Piper, Slit, Boucher, Sparkle, Pork Chop, Crabby PO, Daisy-QIC Warm up: Hand release merkins- 15IC Tempo jump squats- 15IC Sprinkler lunges- 10IC Crossovers with pec stretch Scorpions Thang: Tortoise and hare BOMBS partnered with same favorite college PAX One carries coupon […]

Kings of the Diamond

33 degrees with 8 Pax on this Frosty morning- Crabby PO, Shamu, Pew Pew, Boucher, Jay-Z, Slit, Patches, Daisy-QIC Warm-up Motivator- 9 (innings) Sprinkler- 9 (defensive players on the field) Merkins- 27 OYO (total outs for a perfect game) Willie Mays Hayes Mosey to happy place Squirkins- 10, then flapjack Power Merkins- 10 then flapjack […]

Stair B.O.M.B.S.

50 degrees, good brisk fall-ish morning for 5 dedicated and motivated PAX; Stache, Humdinger, Shamu, Jay-Z, and Daisy-QIC October 7 Warm up Pec stretches w crossover toe touches Arm Crosses Sprinklers 10IC Side lunges 10IC Willie Mays Hayes Scorpions Mosey to happy place Balls to the wall- 10 Ring of Fire: Russian Dips 10 each […]

I wonder what it’s like to be a superhero.

68 degrees, muggy morning in the gloom for 11 PAX- Shamu, CrabbyPO, Pew Pew, Bambi, Patches, Jay-Z, Stache, Humdinger, Wapner, Sparkle, Daisy QIC. Warm up- Shoulder pretzels- 20IC Sprinklers- 15IC Grass pickers- 20IC Willie Mays Hays Scorpion Mosey to Happy Place Thang- Workouts based on superhero’s from DC movie- Justice League Happy Place “Superman” 40 […]

World Suicide Prevention Day- was Sept. 10

73 degrees partly cloudy, beautiful day for a beatdown in the gloom. 13 PAX, Crabby PO, Jay-Z, Popeye, Piper, Chomper, Wapner, Sparkle, Shamu, Stache, Humdinger, Maestro, Sprocket, Daisy-QIC Warm up- Shoulder pretzels 20IC Wall stretches Sprinklers- 15IC Tempo Sumo squats- 10IC Ham string stretch/ pec stretch Loosen anything tight from Wednesday Mosey to basketball courts: […]

Snakes on the hill

61 degrees, partly cloudy, and a dewy morning. 12 PAX- Wapner, Jay-z, Crabby PO, Piper, Sprocket, Shamu, Pew Pew, Maestro, Bambi, Tiptoe, Sparty, Daisy- QI Warm-up: Sprinklers w/ legs- 15IC Hairy Rockets- 10IC Side lunges- 10IC Arm stretch OYO Mosey to Happy Place: Squirkins- 10 reps then flapjack Power merkins- 10 reps then flapjack Mosey […]

You’re “Merkin” me crazy!

July 22- 70 degrees, damp and misty. 13 Pax for an arm smoking workout. Piper, Pew Pew, Jay-Z, Wapner, Shamu, Tiptoe, Popeye, Maestro, Tofu, T-bone…er, Crabby PO, Bambi, and Daisy-QICWarm-up: Moroccan night clubs- 20IC Shoulder pretzels- 20IC Wall stretch in the squat position- 5 Willie Mays Hayes Leg crossovers toe touches and reach back lay […]

Up and over, ATM, blasters and more!

63 degrees, cloudy- trying to dry out morning on this Friday. 9 PAX- Wapner, Piper, IM, Crabby PO, Bambi, Jay-Z, Oompa Loompa, Popeye, Daisy- QIC Warm up: Moroccan night clubs 20IC Shoulder pretzels- 20IC Lat stretches OYO Sprinklers 10IC Side lunges 10IC Leg stretching OYO Mosey to happy place- Circuit Work Station 1- Happy Place […]

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