Bump Your Bumper

12 PAX posted in the brisk gloom of October to give their car some love. Motorboat debated with himself on whether or not he should wear pants (vs shorts, get your head out of the gutter). Disclaimer was given and we got to it.   Warm Up Mosey 10 Merkins 20 in-and-out Abs 10 Weed Pickers […]

Thursday Warm Up

15 PAX posted for a easy workout to warm us up for the VQ of the decade this Thursday. Disclaimer was given and we got to it. Warm up BROga Stretch The Thang Catch me if you can (burpx5/backwards run) Ring of fire (10x around the circle) Squat hold / jump Plank / merkin At […]


12 PAX parked their vehicles in two straight lines with their tires turned out. Disclaimer was given and we got to it: Warm Up: Mosey with Variations Overhead claps Finkle Swings Stretch The Thang: Partner is vehicle straight across from you P1 runs one lap around parking lot while P2 does an exercise, and then […]

1st or 2nd F?

1st or 2nd F? 11 PAX posted for a very simple workout. Disclaimer was given and we got to it. Warm Up Arm circles Side lunges Weed Pickers Stretch The Thang 15 Reps On the Minute for 15 Minutes Merkins Low Dolly Mary Bring Sally Up (option to sub leg raise with merkins, which only […]

Dedicating my 60%

Dedicating my 60% 15 PAX posted in the gloom for a different kind of beatdown. Coming off of a story about a Boston Marathon runner who dedicated each mile to a different person, reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins and learning about the 40% Rule, Memorial Day coming up, and a long wait before […]

Photo Shoot

#PhotoShoot 18 PAX posted for a photo shoot (JK) and a beatdown. Our photographer didn’t show up and PAX began to question whether this was a ploy to get more men to post. Disclaimer was given and then we got to it…here’s what we did: Warm Up: SSH Weed Pickers Bobby Hurley’s Abe Vigodas The […]

BSH – Bring Something Heavy

BSH – Bring Something Heavy 10 PAX posted in the gloom for an overdue coupon workout. YHC arrived ashamedly at 0533 coming from QSource. Fumbling to get started, I accidentally deleted the winky from my phone and had to figure out how to recover it, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Disclaimer was given and […]

Classic Beatdown

11 PAX posted on an extremely warm January morning (47 DEGREES!) for a #CLASSIC beatdown. Disclaimer was given. Here’s what we did:   Warm Up: 20 Mountain Climbers IC 20 Weed Pickers IC 10 Abe Vigodas IC   The Thang: Four Corners: 10 Burpees 20 Merkins  30 LBC 40 SSH Mosey to Hill Burp Back […]

30 for 30

9 PAX posted for 30 exercises for Zamboni’s 30th. Disclaimer was necessary, but short – we had work to do. SSH Shoulder Pretzels Bend and Reach Mountain Climbers Air Squats Weed Pickers Windmills Overhead Arm Claps Alt Lunge Jumps Merkins LBC Jump Knee Tucks Death Plank (Elbows in line with head) Crab Walk to Curb […]

Anything But Arms

7 PAX posted in the gloom to workout everything that isn’t directly connected to the elbow. I have no idea where the pain came from, but from almost the exact minute that I volunteered to step in as Q, my elbow began to hurt. One of the many benefits of taking the Q is that […]

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