30 for 30

9 PAX posted for 30 exercises for Zamboni’s 30th. Disclaimer was necessary, but short – we had work to do. SSH Shoulder Pretzels Bend and Reach Mountain Climbers Air Squats Weed Pickers Windmills Overhead Arm Claps Alt Lunge Jumps Merkins LBC Jump Knee Tucks Death Plank (Elbows in line with head) Crab Walk to Curb […]

Anything But Arms

7 PAX posted in the gloom to workout everything that isn’t directly connected to the elbow. I have no idea where the pain came from, but from almost the exact minute that I volunteered to step in as Q, my elbow began to hurt. One of the many benefits of taking the Q is that […]

Wait for the Beep

8 PAX posted at The Hill for a Choose Your Own Adventure workout. After the disclaimer, here’s what we did: W.A.R.M. Up: Werkins ABE Vigodas Rerverse Lunges Mountain Climbers The Thang: 1 minute of exercise (AMRAP) 1 minute of rest R&R until 0609 1: Box 2: Tape Ladder 3: Brick 4: Cement Block 5: 35lb […]


8 men posted in the gloom for a ruck and to spend a lot of time under tension. Coming off a long break from F3 (thanks to the addition of our baby Caroline, as well as Spartan training and recovery), I was excited to jump right into things from the beginning of the workout. Disclaimer […]

IRONPAX: week 2

7 men posted for another beatdown thanks to F3Greenwood’s IRONPAX challenge…which gives a whole new meaning to CSAUP. Really emphatic Disclaimer this week – cinder blocks are nothing to mess around with.   Warm Up: Arm Circles Air Squats Weed Pickers Stretch   The Thang: 4 rounds, 8 minutes each, AMRAP. Each PAX tasked to […]

Brickyard v Zamboni

16 PAX posted for our first ever QvQ. Warm Up SSH Weed Pickers Rd1 Brickyard: Mosey  Pair up and grab an item. Go up and down the stairs twice before returning it and grabbing another item. Items: 50 cal amo can with block 50lbs sand 6×6 post 10′ x4″ empty pvc pipe 40 lb softener […]


9 PAX (including 2 kotters!) posted in the Gloom for an old fashioned BEAT DOWN. The only proper response? Good. Disclaimer Warm Up Maestro Lap Air Squats IC Arm Circles Windmills IC The Thang Four Corners 10 Burpees 20 Merkins 30 Calf Raises 40 Peter Parkers  Mosey Partner Mountain P1 plank P2 feel the bern […]


Pulling up to the hill today, I wondered if this was 7/10/2017. Cosmo and Brickyard beat the crowds to post earlier than YHC this morning. By 0530, Cornwallis and PVC joined us. We took our time with the warm up… wondering if we would see DC. No? I guess let’s just get to it…DC is […]

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