PreRuck Stretch

Men posted for a nice relaxing morning to take care of their bodies after all of the best downs recently. Disclaimer was given and we slowsied to it. Group 1: legs 25 squats IC 15 calf raises IC 15 side lunges Quad stretch Hip opener + arm Finkle Swings Runners stretch + arm Hamstring stretch […]

Tax Day

Tax Day Zamboni (QIC) Cornwallis Cosmo DC Ligger Five men posted to tax their bodies with a workout that should’ve been in warmer weather (or as Cosmo put it – today is January 107th). Disclaimer was given and we got to it. Here’s what we did: Warm Up: SSH Shoulder Pretzels  Merkins Cotton Pickers Mosey […]

The Kettlebell 500

2 PAX posted with to push, pull, lift, and swing heavy things (35lb Kettlebells, to be exact). Cornwallis had two painful ideas…and of course we went with the one we thought would suck more. 10 Rounds of 50 Kettlebell Exercises, flip floping on Q each round. Here’s what we did: Warm up: 20 SSH 20 […]

Easter Egg Hunt

10 PAX rolled out of the fartsack (4 for the ruck) and met at 0700 for a good old fashioned egg hunt. After the disclaimer, here’s what we did: Warm Up (IC): 10 Burpees 15 Mountain Climbers 10 Windmills 15 Heisman Rules of the egg hunt: 1. Go to the area I tell you 2. […]


8 PAX posted in the Gloom. We had a lot of exercises to get through, so we got right to it. Disclaimer We are not professionals. We don’t know your fitness level. We are working out on uneven surfaces. F3/Northview are not responsible. Modify. Tell us if you are feeling bad and we’ll get you […]


Seven men triumphed over the fartsack and posted at the Hill to “go exploring”. Warm Up SSH Grass Pickers Overhead Arm Claps Morroccan Night Club Cherry Pickers Mosey with variations 2 Burpees Feel the Bern R&R with 4, 6, 8, 10 Mosey …and because you can’t have explorers without Dora… Baseball Dora 1-2-3 (Merkins, LBC, […]

The other side

8 PAX posted to explore “the other side” of Northview Church. Disclaimer was given and we got to it. Warm up Motivator from 5 Shoulder Pretzels Windmills Mason Twist (until DC got out of his car) Mosey The Thang 5 Clerkins Run 5 Clerkins + 10 Werkins Run 5 Clerkins + 10 Werkins + 15 […]


5 men posted in the gloom to get serious with Kettlebells. The disclaimer was given. We got to it. Here’s what we did: Warm up: The Motivator Finkle Swings Overhand claps Cherry pickers The Thang: 10-2, 8-4, 6-6, 4-8, 2-10 KB swings KB standing rows Run to shovel flag and back KB deadlifts KB curls […]

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