Haku encouragement

Backblast Weather: 32 degrees PAX Bueller Streaker Beefsteak Headlock Brickyard Maize Nomad Snooki Cornwallis Cosmo State Dr. Porkchop Khaki DryRub Zamboni BumbleBee Logger Disclaimer Given Warmup 20 – SSH 10 – Kick w/Twist 10 – Windmill 20 – Seal Jacks 10 – Weedpickers Thang: Haku – 10 Burpees – We circled up and did the […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 11/11/19

Backblast Weather: 41 degrees, temperature dropping before a winter storm PAX Nomad Headlock Motorboat Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: Motorboat set out on a ruck, early patient so he was done a bit early. Nice job, thanks for posting. The Runners: The runners set out running down Main and back – getting in some […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 11/4/19

Backblast Weather: 43 degrees, mostly clear skies PAX Tulip Headlock Nomad State Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: None, where you at? The Runners: We did a lap down to Founders Park and back. Then some stretching before Recover Recover. Moleskin: Tulip’s back! As a runner! We discussed the food drive, the weekend, and history. […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/28/19

Backblast Weather: 42 degrees and clear skies PAX Wabbit Marshall Nomad Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: Wabbit and Marshall set out on a ruck The Runners: Nomad and Logger sat out on a run. Our goal was Founders Park and back. Moleskin: Kudos to Wabbit for working hard on EHing his friend, Brian. #HIM. […]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/21/19

Backblast Weather: 54 degrees, it was perfect PAX Ruckers DryRub Marshall Wabbit FNG brought by Wabbit Runners Headlock Motorboat Nomad Beefsteak Logger Disclaimer Given – emphasis on things that could make you trip Thang: The Ruckers: Set out together – Dryrub and Marshall got some extra time in – going an hour plus. The Runners: […]

Birthday Bash

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees PAX Cornwallis Cosmo Khaki Maize Nomad Kindergarten Cop Snooki State Beefsteak Headlock Dry Rub BumbleBee MotorBoat Candyland (FNG) Logger Disclaimer Given Warmup 20 SSH 10 Kick w/twist 10 Windmills 10 Seal Jacks 10 Weekpickers Thang: Block Hill Climb – Team activity – First runner runs to bottom of the hill and […]

Monday Ruck or Run 9/30/19

Backblast Weather: 64 degrees, humid/foggy but still stars. PAX Nomad Dry Rub Motorboat Headlock Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: Set off for over 2 and a half miles – cutting through some neighborhoods. The Runners: We set off on a 3 mile run out around the middle school, bus yard, and up our cherished […]

IronPax Week 4

Backblast Weather: 55 degrees, cool, crisp, clear skies PAX BumbleBee Maize Brickyard Khaki Cornwallis Chew Toy Moses Beefsteak Zamboni DC Kindergarten Cop Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: IronPax Week 4: Sugar’s Pick Your Poison. This week is Elapsed time Scoring 3 Rounds for Time: 100 Cumulative Merkins and/or Squats 100 Yard out and back coupon carry, […]

Monday Run Day 9/23/19

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees and raining PAX Cornwallis Moses Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Runners: We set out on the 5k loop around the middle school and bus barn. Moleskin: Moses from down range at Lake Norman posted to join us for a soggy rain. He was talking about one of the their guys who […]

Monday Ruckday 9/16/19

Backblast Weather: 66 degrees and humid PAX Headlock Motorboat Nomad Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: We all rucked together to prep for Tuesday’s IronPax Week 3 challenge. We rucked down to the pull up bars and 5 Burpees, 10 Curls, 10 Squat Thrusters. Then we all started doing gas pumps while each pax rotated […]

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