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Preblast: YHC forgot that he was leading Tuesday and not Thursday. Had already told people to bring coupons for Thursday but asked that they bring them for Tuesday (very late Monday night).

Weather 55, brisk with clear skies and a great sunrise

Pax: Logger, Headlock, Nomad, Maize, State, Snooki, Clubber, Marshall, BeefSteak, MotorBoat QIC

Disclaimer Given
Motivator from 5
Windmills IC 10
Imperial Storm Walker IC 10

The Thang:
Grab coupons and the extra 4 sandbags and mosey to the top of the hill
2 lines and each team 6 deadlifts of big sandbag (80-100ish pounds), 4 lateral tosses with small sandbag (40-55ish pounds), overhead squat while everyone gets there turn.
20 Mercians IC
20 Thrusters IC
10 Burpees IC
2 lines again with bent-over rows and shoulder to shoulder press with the sandbags.
30 Arnold press (15 each arm) OYO

Mosey down the hill together
30 2ct Mountain Climbers
30 4ct Flutter kicks
Run up the hill and then 5 burpees on your own then deadlift and lateral tosses again
20 coupon swings
Mosey down the hill
30 Star Jumpers or SSH OYO
10 8ct Body Builders IC
Run up the hill
30 Coupon High pulls
Deadlift and lateral toss again
30 Lunges
Gather all weights and head back to the start point

Brief Mary:
20 Hello Dolly
10 American Hammers

Recover Recover

COT, Name-o-rama

Q was very excited to get to use heavy sandbags for the workout.
Q needs to pay more attention for when he signs up
Beautiful sunrise and an honor to get to lead today. Keep up the good work!


Cardio Beatdown

16 May 2019

13 Men posted to the Hill on this gorgeous 55 degree morning
Khaki, Headlock, Nomad, Cosmo, DC, Cornwallis, Brickyard, State, Groupie, Strudel, Kindergarten Cop, FNG-Padre, Motorboat as Q


Seal Jacks x15 IC
Mosey with high knees, butt kicks, and Frankenstein walks
Abe Vigoda x10IC
grab coupon and head down the hill a little

The Thang
Cardio work: 5 rounds each lasting 3 minutes
25 jump lunges
20 squats with a press of the coupon
15 V-ups
10 Burpees
If you finished all exercises you got a break. 10 second break after each round and then repeat

Slow walk recovery
Tombstone with bench press x12 IC
Partner up. 1 partner in pushup position, 2nd in starting run position. sprint 3 sets of parking rows. repeat x3
Winner moves down the hill, Loser moves up the up
Repeat sprints x3

Move to hands in grass and feet on asphalt.
Plank position.
Absolution. 2IC then 15 on your own

Grab coupon and move back up the hill for Mary
American Hammer x10 IC with coupon
Flutter kicks x15 IC with coupon over chest
Australian snowangles x12 IC
Hello Dolly x12IC

Recover Recover

COT and naming of FNG now known as Padre.

Lots of mumble chatter about the difficulty of the workout. It was full of cardio suck and the Q was sucking wind for sure.
The Q messed up the sprints. Should have had the front guy in pushup position and the second guy ready to sprint when the pushup guy started to get up. My bad!
The Q needs to explain the circuit a little better but on the plus side, we did have some music to help it go faster.
Great work men. Always fun to get to lead.


The Hill

May the 4th be with you

Weather: Low to Mid 50s. cloudy and started with a very very light sprinkle. Rain held off until we were done.

Warm up:

Slow Mosey. Butt Kicks. High Knees. Reach down to left and right while running. Jump while running. Frankensteins. Disclaimer remembered as we were doing the warm up (Whoops! my bad). Seal Jacks. Really tried to warm up as we were still feeling a little sore from this weeks workouts (well done guys).


Ruck up. Grab sandbags (6ish #, 40#, 45#, 60#,80#,95ish#). I required the large sandbag to be carried by two people which added a level of difficulty for the rest of the workout. Move to the top of the hill by the barn. Drop 3 heaviest bags at top of hill and move to bottom. separate into 2 groups.

Group 1: 1 person farmers carry the 2 40# bags to the top of the hill. 10 deadlifts with 95# bag. 10 rows with 80#. 10 lift to shoulder and toss over back with 60# bag. Rotate to do all the exercises. Move back to bottom of hill.

Group 2: 30 Arnold press with ruck (15 both arm). 5 C3P0 push ups with ruck on (very slow up and down). 20ft R2D2 walk (squat with ruck on front and squat walk).

Switch and do the other groups work.

Regroup at bottom of hill and then move to the top. Q gave poor directions and 2 people still needed to do the farmers carry. As they did the carry, the rest of the group did: Side lunge balance 5 to each side, slick (no ruck). 5 WoodChucks, named after our good buddy who is going to be deployed soon, (‘mercan down then side to side and then back up).

Grab weights and move down to the b-ball court by way of the dumpster. Drop Sandbags at center court. Backwards bear crawls up the stairs (crawl bears). Back down to the court. Tombstones x20. drop rucks and tighten the circle. Squat and pass the 40# sandbag and then stand up. continue the down, pass sandbag, and back up until the bag has gone around 4 times (2 times both directions). Grab ruck and pivot swing 20 times. Take a knee and chop wood with the ruck 10 times to each side.

Ruck up and grab weight. Move to the paved path down the hill to the road and back up through the lower parking lot. Get back to the upper parking lot and start Mary. 25 4 count flutter kicks with rucks overhead and 10 low Dollys with ruck overhead.

Recover Recover

Moleskin: The Q struggled with a plan to use the sandbags as he didn’t know how many bags we would have or how many people would show up. Q had plenty of exercises on his “sheet of pain” as backup if needed. Next time, should include a short cool down and stretch at the end of the workout. We hit it hard this week and were feeling it this morning. Glad the rain held off during the workout.

The Hill

MotorBoats Virgin Q

The Hill

MotorBoat’s Virgin Q

Weather: 34 and clear. Sunrise 4 minutes into the workout. Some wind that decreased throughout the morning. 

Q: MotorBoat

Pax: Cornwallis, Zamboni, PVC, Nomad, Maize, Brickyard, Wood Chuck, Kodak, Thick Burger, Quick, FNG, FNG, Cosmo


Warm O Rama

  • Motivators starting at 5
  • Mosey
  • High knees
  • Butt kickers
  • Frankensteins

The Thang

  • Grab Flags, Rucks, and Sandbags (40lb, 50lb, 60ish lb, 90ish lb)
  • Ruck 0.63 mile to cheery tree park
  • Divide into 3 lines with the smaller sandbags
  • Front person cleans the bag and then tosses it as far as they can.  Next person in line repeats until we get across the field. Rotate lines half way across the field. 
  • 1 person on each sandbag and does 10 “bear complexes” (clean, front squat, back squat, repeat).The rest of the Pax does the following exercises until the 10 are done:
    1. Duckwalk with ruck in front
    2. Monkey Humpers
    3. Planks and some Pickle Pounders in cadence
    4. Squats with ruck in front
  • Pax Circles up and squats
  • Move the sandbags 2 times around the circle to the right
  • 30 second rest
  • 2 times around to the left
  • 3 lines and move the sandbags back across the field

Rucks off, make a shoulder to shoulder line while sitting alternating the direction facing. Everyone does a sit up together. Sandbags passed down the line. Repeat with sandbags going to opposite direction

Form up in 2 lines with flags up front, then heavier 2 sandbags, then lighter 2 sandbags. Return ruck to the Hill. Indian run from the back of the line every so often and have everyone rotate back through the fun



-It was an honor to get to Q my first workout.  Although new to the F3 scene, I’ve done a couple of rucks before.  Thanks for letting me Q!

-Some mumble chatter about the heavy bag that I am going to name El Diablo.  The difference in the bags was very apparent but made for a good change in the workout.

-Two FNGs today who kicked some major butt, especially having never rucked before.  Please welcome Lead Pipe and Bay Watch

-I’m grateful that I’ve meet all of you and get to work out with an awesome group of dudes.  I appreciate you pushing me to be a better person daily.  

-T-claps to Marshall and Tulip.  Tulip did a 6 mile ruck last night, a new record for him! Marshall busted out a 20 miler overnight and needed some rest this morning.

-Recover, hydrate, and eat well.


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