First Anniversary Party

Weather: 70 and Muggy PAX: BrickyardCornwallisHeadlockShort StoryKhakiLoggerDry RubState (Q)ZamboniBeefsteakSnookiMaizeBeater Warm-up: Weed-pickers/Shoulder & arm stretches/Motivator x 6 Thang: This workout featured my favorite exercises led by others during the past year. 1: Circle Burp (Beefsteak) 2: 16 Mericans/16 squats/16 big boys and a lap (Khaki) with some Cindy Crawfords 3: 20 crab cakes in pitch perfect […]

America and Baseball

Weather: Low 70s and muggy 15 PAX braved the muggy gloom for some running and some patriotic exercises. Disclaimer was given. Warmup: Weedpickers x 10 (IC)Kick w/ Twist x 10 (IC)Arm stretchesMotivator from 4Mosey to fishbowl for 15 pull-ups Thang: Mosey down the south hill to the baseball fields for 10 innings of running the […]

Sweet 16

Weather: High 40s and a light rain. Pleasant stuff. 18 PAX in the wet gloom for a basketball inspired Sweet 16 event. Disclaimer was given. Warmup: Clean the glass–Alternating jumps to the left and right to grab the reboundPassing drill–overhead pass, chest pass, bounce pass x 16(IC) Wojo (Jump) Squats–16 of them inspired by that […]

Belated Birthday Party

  9 PAX posted on a mid 20s morning for my belated 38th birthday party.   My F3 brothers provided the gifts (exercises). Disclaimer was given. Here’s some of what we did: Warm Up: 15 Weed Pickers IC 10 Toy Soldiers Arm Stretches Mosey to the garage area and six stops on the way for the […]

F3 Card Deck VQ

Weather: 28 degrees with a cold wind. PAX: Brickyard Cornwallis Cosmo DC Khaki Logger Wolverine State (VQ) Disclaimer was given Warmup: Bend & Reach (IC) Arm Stretches (AKA the woodchuck stretch) Mosey to the garage area and out of the wind THANG: Today was our V experience at the Hill with the F3 Workout Deck.  […]

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