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Motivators are painful

10 Pax posted for a humid morning

Maestro wapner IM fng jay z Oompa loompa Popeye Piper crabypo humdinger

Warm up

Arm Circles IC both directions x15

Willy Mays Hays

Arm stretches- right over left/left over right

Mosey to the happy place


alarm action

Motivator from 6, merkin x15, 10 big boys

Lap around the shelter house-bathroom path

Motivator from 6, wide merkins x15, 25 LBCs – Lap around the shelter house-bathroom path

Motivator from 6, ring of fire al gores

Burpee Mile

10 Burpees followed by one lap around the petting zoo X4 — only made it 3 with the IM exception- nice work


Flutter kicks IC 25

Knee up 15 OYO

Bicycle IC 25

Big boys 10 OYO

Planks for 45sec with 15 sec rest x2


Welcomed in our FNG (Kyle Bruton) for the workout. It was great to see us get to double figures this morning. The mumble started off with the motivator making more than one appearance in the workout. Underestimated the burpee mile and the amount of suckness that came along with it. We made sure to mention Pew pew and his family- hope all is well. Great overall workout this morning that included NO stairs.


Rocky Mts, be a little rockier than this

An cool 51 degrees this morning for 9 pax posting.

Maestro Jay-z Crabby Po Wapner IM Piper Popeye Daisy Q- Humdinger


Arm and leg stretches oyo, grass pickers IC, arm circles IC 20x, Motivator 7


Mosey to happy place for a leg blaster

Mosey to the hill (by train car) and begin the Burp Back Mountain. 100 burpees combined from each partner group. 1 partner burpees while the other runs down the hill and backpedals up 4x

Mosey to the main shelter: ring of fire- monkey humpers 10x, Merkin-plank

Mosey to happy place to begin the Caterpillar. 2 lines with both groups facing each other. Low plank position 2-3 ft away from the other. Last person box jumps and then planks. — Indian run style. Final exercise at happy place was happy jacks 4x

Prisoner Indian Run to the flag- with a small detour first


Big boy sit-ups while touching the ground on each side of your feet. 9x

Leg circles 10x each direction.

Flutter kicks IC 20x


Solid morning temperatures almost brought out double digits. One solution was to possibly never put burp back mountain in the PB: Noted. There was possible talk of renaming monkey humpers to wapners during the ring of fire. The caterpillar was not well liked as I forgot my phone at the starting line and I wasn’t just going to “walk” back for it. Adding the new prisoner Indian run seemed like it was well hated by all= a good burn. Overall a good workout today.



38 degrees and soggy

Jay z crabypo pew pew Bambi IM Piper Maestro Smell good and humdinger Q

Warm up

Meastro lap

Arm oyo legs oyo

Grass pickers IQ


Mosey to happy place


Motivator from 7, squat jumps 10, LBC X25, Lap around the petting zoo, 10 burpees


Merkins IC x15, ring of fire al gore with 10 reps, flutter kicks x25, lap from happy place to shelters to bathrooms, 10 burpees box jumps x15


Spread merkins x15, leg blaster, 10 big boys, lap around petting zoo, 10 burpees

Box jumps x 15 and 60 second rocky balboas


Heels to heaven




We had an early exit from smell good with some back issues. He referenced the walk of shame that certain universities might have something similar. The warmer weather helped the extra conditioning thrown in for the workout. Thanks to jay-z for the reminder Thursday night to mix in the burpee requirement for Friday’s workout. Special reminder for gasman’s family in their loss


I hate running

9 pax posted in the morning. Warner Jay-z IM Daisy crabyPo Humdinger Popeye Pew-pew Meistro


Arm circles x10 reverse x10 IC, Grass pickers x15 IC, Leg stretches OYO, Meistro lap

Thang 1

Mosey over to the front side of the pool- 3 light poles 1 burpee, Run back 2 then 2 burpees– ending in 10 burpees completed and a ten count

Thang 2

Mosey to the tip. Half of the group- Catalina wine mixers-4 of them/ other half 8 box jumps each group complete each station twice

Thang 3

Mosey to the stairs– stairway to seven. Start with 1 squat, down the stairs, then 1 Irkin– to 7

Ring of fire in the big shelter house– 10 squats-al gore, 5 merkins- plank, 10 dips- hold starting position.

Thang 4

Mosey to happy place for a leg blaster and a motivator from 7

Ending with an 1 1/2 lap Indian run around petting zoo


LBC IC x25, low and slow flutter kicks IC x10, American hammers


Good number out this morning. Burpees seemed to be the theme for today. And nothing like a little mumbling about the motivator being out of place today and not in the beginning.


Stairs again?

4 Pax posted





Weather: cool mid 50s with a slight breeze.

Meastro lap

Grass Pickers IC

Willy Mays Hays OYO

Arm circles Q count X10 and reverse

Arm stretch- right over left/left over right

15 Merkins IC

Mosey to bottom of stairs


Stairway to 7– 1 burpee 1 merkin, up the stairs and finish with 20 squats then back down.

Decent size mosey to the playground

3 stations with 2 rounds– mike Tyson’s, Catalina wine mixer and dips. 10 each

Mosey to the “tip”

Aiken legs– 10 squats, 10 box jumps, 10 lunges–3 rotations with rinse and repeat

Mosey a 1 1/2 around the petting zoo and finish at flag


Captain Thor 1:4-5:20


Flutter kicks IC

Heels to heaven Q X20


Freddie Mercury IC X20


A quiet start to the workout, with a multiple groans throughout the stairs and Catalina wine mixers. The donkey was up and yelling this morning so that helped with motivation in the cardio. A combination of things going on today kept numbers low but we managed to salvage a solid workout heading into the weekend.


Leg Day

10 PAX posted this morning.  Weather: calm and humid






Tip toe



Gas Man

Humdinger VQ


Maestro lap

Arm Circles IC x15 (reverse)

Abe Vigodas IC X15

Willy May’s Hays OYO

Grass Pickers IC x15

Motivator from 5

mosey to the basketball court


49 states it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana full court conditioning x10- corner baseline- walking lunge, backpedaling to baseline, slide back to corner and sprint to the other end. X10

3 suicides for the 3 days of school so far

Mosey to the stairs

Each lap of stairs had a decending burpee count of 1:9, 2:6 and 3:3.  Walking lunge from one of stairs to the next

Mosey to the “sack”

Butkus 1min on and 30 second rest for a 3 set

WMDs x5 each

Moseyy to the flag


Captain Thor 1:4 OYO

flutter kicks x15 IC

Freddie Mercuries x15 IC

LBC x20 IC

Wapner addition of everyone’s fav Laney Lou x4


After a nervous start and a pace of a madman on the Abe Vigoda’s, things settled down to start the Q.  We made all hs basketball teams glad that we are out of eligibility in our session.  There was a mention of a modified leg day but the excitement was too much to allow that. Overall, great experience and happy to have joined this group this summer.  PS: mental notes for next time, don’t stop two minutes short on MARY again.

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