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The Hill

We’ll Be Singin’, When We’re Winnin’

16 Pax appeared for a beautiful Election Day morning.

Warm-o-Rama: High Claps leading into some Tubthumping. Mosey to the Bridge

Thang: Boxing on the bridge, “No Q, it’s 1, 2, 3, FOUR!” Q’s 2.0 got a little mouthy. @cornwallisf3 suggested it might be time for him to Q again himself. Mosey to Basketball court for Mini Deathstar since I missed May the 4th. ‘Mericans on the outside, run to middle. Start with 10 ‘mericans, subtract one every time you run back in and out.

Mary: Too many voters in the parking lot by the time we got back so we scooted back over to a less parked place.

Moleskine: Lots of fun, (hopefully) on a nice morning. No special stickers on election day for working out, but hopefully you voted and got one.

The Hill

F3 Dad’s Day April

24 PAX today (counting 2.0s) for F3 Dad’s Day! We did some traditional and not-so-traditional activities but had lots of fun

Weather: Clear and cool. Great day for some fun and working out

Warm-O-Rama: Invisible Jump Ropes, Motivators, Imperial Walkers

Thang: Mosey to Basketball Court, Bobby Hurleys with real rebounds, a few games of Knockout, a few games of Gaga Ball, Sprint Drills with ‘Mericans at each line

No time for Mary with so many FNGs. We got to name quite a few: Roundoff, Pikachu, Curly, Katniss, Hedgehog, Elsa, Trax, Raptor

Also Reporting: Zamboni, Maize, Marshall, Kneehigh, Motorboat, Nomad, Cornwallis, DC, Unnamed FNG, Logger, State, Lil’ Biscuit, Belvita

The Hill


“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. ” -Galatians 6:2

6 Pax came to a special workout to emphasize awareness about anxiety, depression, and suicide.


  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Invisible jump ropes
  • lunges

Mosey to Hill (bring your weights)

Burden Carry

  • Line up side to side with weights in front
  • Pickup somone else’s weight
  • Carry down the hill and back up
  • Choose another weight until all five have been carried

Bucket Brigade

  • Variation on “Indian Run”
  • Up and down the hill with weights, back man runs to front


  • Squats with weights
  • Big Boy sit-ups with weights
  • Passing circle: Sit down and pass weights to the left. Repeat to the right


We saved extra time for COT to talk about experiences with the mind battle, whether it be ourselves or others. Cornwallis introduced us to a cool app, “Breathe”.


Baristas were surprised to see us a day earlier and an hour later. Good conversations about everything. Cornwallis had some helpful handouts from his M.

The Hill


15 PAX reporting for 12-year old Kneehigh’s first Q. Part of New Q March.

#Flash #Nomad #Maize #PVC #Cornwallis #Brickyard #Khaki #Zamboni #Logger #Wolverine #Beefsteak #BettyCrocker #DC #Marshall #Kneehigh

Weather: Rainy and Wet and Cold


  • Motivators from 5
  • Down on the wet for some American Hammers


  • Mosey to Circle by the Bridge
  • Cards: Diamonds = ‘Mericans, Spades = Mountain Climbers, Hearts = jump squats, Clubs = Side Straddle Hops
  • Two rounds around the circle, cards got soaked, thrown in the trash bin
  • ‘Round the circle again, partial motivator each stop.


  • ABC’s
  • Morning/Evening
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Betty Crocker, Guest PAX from Savannah, GA: Boat and Canoe




Chuck’s Octagon

Legend has it that Chuck Norris created the octagon when he roundhouse kicked a square four times. Today’s workout was in celebration of that accomplishment.

Weather: Clear and cold, 10 degrees

Warm O Rama:

  • Run in place (because you can’t outrun Chuck Norris)
  • Kickboxing: Jab Cross and the Chuck Norris Special Roundhouse kick
  • Invisible jump ropes
  • Mosey to the basketball court

Thang: In honor of Chuck’s octagon achievement, we did stations of eight exercises OYO

  • 8 ‘mericans
  • 8 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 8 Burpees
  • 8 Sprints
  • 80 LBCs
  • 8 Get Out of the Fart Sacks (lay on your back, stand up, repeat)
  • 8 Jump Squats
  • 8 More Sprints

Mosey over to the bridge for some more kickboxing, as Chuck would have wanted it.

  • Jabs
  • Jab Crosses
  • Jab Cross Hooks
  • Jab Cross Hook Roundhouse Kicks


  • 8 Morning Evenings
  • 8 eight second leglift holds
  • 8 crab cakes
  • 80 more LBCs
  • 8 Crabcakes
  • Popcorn for the last five minutes: #Cornwallis led some dead cockroaches



It’s Ruckin’ Cold out there

Didn’t see any HC’s for this morning so I went out on my own. Took me half an hour just to bundle up with all my gear so I didn’t get out there until almost 6:00. Weather was clear at least, even though it was 7 degrees outside. I got some iced over eyelashes which are always fun too. 🙂

I’m so photogenic, I could be the next Zoolander.
The Hill

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Q

49 degrees, wet

14 PAX: Cornwallis, Brickyard, Cosmo, Marshall, Kneehigh, Headlock, Beefsteak, Tulip, Flash, Zamboni, Logger, Khaki, Maize, Nomad

Zamboni suggested the night before that we Rock Paper Scissors to decide who Q’s. I won.



Warm O Rama:

Invisible Jump Ropes x20

Jump Squats x20

Motivator from 5


Mosey to the Bridge

Title Boxing:

Right Left Jabs x30

Jab crosses x30

Jab cross hooks x30

Jab cross hook uppercuts x30

Jab cross hook kick x30

Repeat from the left side



Mosey back for Mary

LBCs x40

Morning Evening x 20

Kneehigh’s Neckrollers (AKA The Exorcist)


Prayer Requests



The Hill

The Lone Rucker


Just me and some good podcasting. Went from Northview church to Cornerstone Lutheran and back. Only wiped out once on the ice!

The Hill

Snow Ruck

Weather: 20 degrees and snowing

2 Pax, #Cosmo and #Marshall.

Ruck route: Start at The Hill, around the lot to the bridge, down the cross country course, down to the road and on past Inlow Park. Then we rucked back.

Mumblechatter: Lots of good in-depth theology talk. Where do you fall on the Pelagianist to Calvinist spectrum?


Indy Dad’s Day

11 Pax this morning for our first F3 Dads workout. DC, State, and I all brought our kids and we got to name a bunch of FNGs

Warm ups: Side straddle hops, Windmills, Motivator, Imperial Walkers, Jabs and Crosses

Mosey to the Bridge for paired up jabs and crosses

Mosey to the GaGa Pit for some GaGa ball. FNG Autumn introduced the game.

In between rounds of GaGa: ‘Mericans, American Hammer ball passes (combined with impromptu Duck Duck Goose)

Mosey back to start for Mary: Kneehigh Qs for flutter kicks, LBCs, and alphabet

Naming our FNGs:





Hot Topic

Lil’ Biscuit



Coffeeteria at the local Fivebucks


Notes: Weather was clear and cold. Our first Dads day was fun, rather than a beatdown, but that’s what it’s for. We didn’t even get to the frisbee golf. Looking forward to warmer Dads days to come.