A Tale of Five Ruckers

Weather: Dark and mild to start, then sunny and mild to end Marshall, Nomad, Kneehigh, Quick, and Motorboat got in 3 miles in just about an hour. Motorboat was already there, practicing some kind of beatdown with sandbags. Once we were ready to go, rucking was had, fun was had, enjoyable conversation was had. We […]

How Many Stairs?

Weather was perfect for 14 Pax showing up for some basketball and stairwork with an extra-load of Mary. Kneehigh got to motivate with the Motivator and we named a new FNG, Bumblebee Disclaimer F3 not responsibleNorthview not responsibleExercises are suggestions, modify as necessary Warm-O-Rama Side-straddle hops: 20Lunges: 20Invisible jump ropes: 1 minute Thang Basketball CourtStairs:  […]

Loop de loop Ruck

10 PAX at 0700 for rucking around, including FNG Bloomer, welcome! Loop started at The Hill, headed west around the Cornerstone Lutheran Church building, then back east across Hazel Dell to the entrance of Inlow Park. From there, we did an about-face back west to make it back to The Hill with 3 minutes to […]

Pick a Card

This morning’s workout was brought to the 15 PAX by F3’s official Beatdown Cards, handpicked by the Q (Kneehigh). Warm-o-Rama: Pax picks a warmup card Thang: Pax picks thang cards, including a 300 meter dash, diamond ‘mericans, and bear crawls. Mary: Pax pick Mary cards, including WWII sit ups, flutter kicks, and no card for […]

The Vegas

Perfect weather for fourteen Pax to play some cards and do some boxing. Pax: Marshall ThumperBeefsteakStateDCMaizeMayor (DR from Toledo)CosmoHeadlockMotorboat Cornwallis LoggerBrickyard Snooki Warmup: Windmills, Side Straddle Hops, some plankage. Thang: F3 Beat-down Cards! Lay down a card in front of you and do the exercise written on it. Number reps depends on the type of […]

We’ll Be Singin’, When We’re Winnin’

16 Pax appeared for a beautiful Election Day morning. Warm-o-Rama: High Claps leading into some Tubthumping. Mosey to the Bridge Thang: Boxing on the bridge, “No Q, it’s 1, 2, 3, FOUR!” Q’s 2.0 got a little mouthy. @cornwallisf3 suggested it might be time for him to Q again himself. Mosey to Basketball court for […]

F3 Dad’s Day April

24 PAX today (counting 2.0s) for F3 Dad’s Day! We did some traditional and not-so-traditional activities but had lots of fun Weather: Clear and cool. Great day for some fun and working out Warm-O-Rama: Invisible Jump Ropes, Motivators, Imperial Walkers Thang: Mosey to Basketball Court, Bobby Hurleys with real rebounds, a few games of Knockout, […]


“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. ” -Galatians 6:2 6 Pax came to a special workout to emphasize awareness about anxiety, depression, and suicide. Warm-0-Rama Side Straddle HopsInvisible jump ropeslunges Mosey to Hill (bring your weights) Burden Carry Line up side to side with weights in frontPickup somone else’s weightCarry […]


15 PAX reporting for 12-year old Kneehigh’s first Q. Part of New Q March. #Flash #Nomad #Maize #PVC #Cornwallis #Brickyard #Khaki #Zamboni #Logger #Wolverine #Beefsteak #BettyCrocker #DC #Marshall #Kneehigh Weather: Rainy and Wet and Cold Warm-o-Rama: Motivators from 5Down on the wet for some American Hammers Thang: Mosey to Circle by the BridgeCards: Diamonds = […]

Chuck’s Octagon

Legend has it that Chuck Norris created the octagon when he roundhouse kicked a square four times. Today’s workout was in celebration of that accomplishment. Weather: Clear and cold, 10 degrees Warm O Rama: Run in place (because you can’t outrun Chuck Norris)Kickboxing: Jab Cross and the Chuck Norris Special Roundhouse kickInvisible jump ropesMosey to […]

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