A little chesty

11 men posted in 35° calm, beautiful fall weather. Humdinger Maestro Wapner Crabbypo Daisy Patches Slit Boucher Popeye Sprocket Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap SSH ICX25 Hillbilly walkers ICX15 Grass pickers ICx15 Nipple tweakers ICx15 Overhead claps ICX15 Shoulder pretzels ICX20 **Thang Mosey to happy place Plank Jack’s using arms rather than legs ICX15 Monkey […]

Ball Bustin’ Good Time

10 PAX and 1 FNG posted in perfect weather conditions Caleb-FNG Stache Wapner Maestro Piper Daisy Shamu Sparkle Humdinger Pew Pew Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap Sprinklers ICx15 Grass pickers ICx15 Hand release merkins ICX10 Jump lunges ICX10 Nipple tweakers ICx15 LBAC ICX15 each direction **Thang PAX partnered up to complete several stations of exercises […]


13 men posted in 62° clear skies. Crabbypo Wapner Shamu Bambi Sparkle Sparty Porkchop Piper T-Bone (er) Pew Pew Cubby Blue Daisy Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap Plank Jack’s ICX20 SSH ICX20 Crowd pleaser pyramid to 4 T Bombs ICX10 Tempo squats Grass pickers ICx15 **Thang Partner up PAX1 AMRAP merkins PAX2 run up stairs […]

Gonna Make You SWEAT!

17 men posted. Jay -Z, Shamu, Popeye, Maestro, Tiptoe, Nick (FNG), Ghost, Pew-Pew, Daisy, Piper, CrabbyPo, Wapner, Phanatic, Sparkle, Stash, Tbone(er), Oompa Loompa (QIC) Marroccan Night Clubs in Cadence Abe Vagodas in Cadence Al Gore for 30 seconds, sandstorm for 30 seconds, rinse and repeat 3 times. Hot ass Lisa’s in Cadence Willy Maze Haze […]

Tire Fipping Good Time

7 PAX posted….that’s right only 7 Crabbypo Daisy Stache Phanatic Tofu Sparkle Jay-z (QIC) **Warm up Maestro Lap Grass pickers ICx15 Nipple tweakers ICx15 Moroccan night club ICX15 Sprinklers ICX10 **Thang At flag- 10 groiner and 20 squats At tire- 10 merkin and 20 LBC 5 tire flips At tip- 10 box jumps and 20 […]

Get Lucky or Not so Much

14 PAX posted. Humdinger, Daisy, Wapner, Popeye, 2 FNG’S Christian and Joe, Pew Pew, Gasman, Piper, Stache, TOFU, Phanatic, Jay-Z, Oompa Loompa (QIC) Warmup Lap around Petting Zoo Abe Vigodas (10) Happy Jack’s Sandstorm 10 Frankensteins MOSEY TO HAPPY PLACE Ring of Fire (Monkey Humpers) THANG Get Lucky or Not so Much (everytime they say […]

“LOVE” Cardio

9 men posted. 58 degrees and pleasant. Jay-Z, Popeye, Tofu, Crabby-Po, Daisy, Tiptoe, Pew Pew, FNG-David, Oompa Loompa (QIC) Warmup Maestro Lap Grass pickers Motivator from 5 Morrackin night clubs Abe Vagoda Batwing (20 reps) Mosey to the happy place Thang Ring of Fire (10 squats each) Tunnel of Love Laps around Petting Zoo and […]

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