Boob reduction

7 men posted in an attempt to tighten up the man boobage. 46° and cloudy….imagine that Wapner Crabbypo Maestro Pew pew Piper Humdinger Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap Grass pickers ICx15 Sprinklers ICx15 Plank destroyers 8 count ICX5 Moroccan night club ICx15 Sumo tempo squats ICX10 Tempo lunges ICX10 **Thang Mosey to happy place to […]

Tower of Terror…..again

7 men posted in 40° gloom. That’s right 40°! Maestro IM Crabbypo Daisy (QIC #2) Piper Smell Good Jay-Z (QIC #1) **Warmup (QIC #1) Maestro Lap Grass pickers ICx15 Shoulder pretzels ICx15 Cherry pickers ICx15 Motivator from 5 Abe Vigodas ICX10 **Thang (QIC #1) Tower of Terror Started with 1 incline merkin followed by 2 […]


10 men posted for a good aerobic workout 26° calm and clear Wapner IM Daisy Popeye Crabbypo Bambi Gasman Piper DC- F3 Indianapolis Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap Plank Jack’s ICX20 SSH ICX20 Grass pickers ICx15 Moroccan night club ICx15 Crab cakes ICX10 Willie May’s Hays OYO **Thang Mosey to happy place Crowd pleaser pyramid […]

Farmer carry… the farm

8 men posted INDOORS due to dangerous wind chills. Outside: a cool, crisp -12° with -37° wind chill Inside: a comfortable 57° and no wind Wapner Maestro Popeye Crabbypo Daisy Pew pew Piper Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup 5 laps around shop Abe Vigodas ICX10 Shoulder pretzels ICx15 Grass pickers ICx15 Cherry pickers ICX15 Tempo squats 5 […]

100 days of school

10 men posted in the rain. 38° Wapner Huffy IM Crabbypo Gas Man Pew Pew Piper Popeye Maestro Jay-Z (QIC) **Warmup Mosey to the shelter Grass pickers ICx15 Finkle swings x10 each leg Nipple tweakers ICx15 Smurf Jacks ICX10 Willie Mays Hays LBAC ICX10 forward and backward **Thang 50 squats Jog to restrooms and back […]

Post holiday conditioning

10 men posted in 42° breezy air Crabbypo Popeye Bambi Wapner Pee Pew IM Daisy Maestro Zach Miller (FNG) Jay-z (QIC) **Warmup Maestro Lap Grass pickers ICx15 Motivator from 8 Abe Vigodas ICX10 Moroccan night club ICx15 Tempo squats ICX10 Sprinklers ICx10 **Thang Mosey to happy place 10 jump squat holds pyramid to 1 10 […]

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