Disclaimer Warm-o-rama SSH-26 IC, Weed Pickers- 26ish IC, Mountain Climbers – 26ish IC Mosey Indian Bear Crawl Indian Crab walk Thang – Diamond Birthday – Crowd Pleaser Pyramid to 5+1 extra Merkin at the end, run to stairs and back 51 Imperial Squat Walkers run to stairs and back, 51 Merkins run to stairs and […]

74th Anniversary of Iwo Jima Landing

Weather: 32 degrees and no wind PAX: Zamboni, Cosmo, Nomad, Beefsteak, Khaki, Logger, Cornwallis, Tulip, Flash, DC, PVC, Brickyard, Headlock, Maize Disclaimer: Not professional, Northview not responsible, wet & a little icy, modify as necessary. Education on Marine Corps Lingo (the RIGHT WAY to do it) Warm up: 21’s – Q calls cadence for the […]

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