Friday Block Party

6 Pax posted: Headlock, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Woolly Dutchman, Nomad, Beefsteak Weather: 20 degrees and calm Warmup: SSH IC x20, imperial walkers IC x 15, weed pickers IC x10, seal jacks IC x 25, short mosey to get the blood flowing Thang: block carry to stairs: right hand farmer, left hand farmer, right shoulder, left […]

Block Party

Weather: 25ish…cold, calm PAX: Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, Nomad (Q) Warm up: Arm circles-small and large, forwards and backwards then imperial walkers IC x15 then weed pickers IC x10 Thang: shoulder carry block to the start of the hill, curls IC x20, Zamp carry down the hill, dips IC x20, Zamp carry up the hill, […]

Block Party

6 PAX posted for the inaugural Friday Block Party: Motorboat, Khaki, Doctor Porkchop, Wooly Dutchman, Dry Rub, Nomad Weather: 44ish, calm Disclaimer and some background/context provided for the reason to start a Friday Block Party workout Warmup: arm circles, leg swings, arm and shoulder stretches, leg stretches Thang: half the group overhead-carried block to end […]

Birthday Station Beat-down

PAX: Cosmo, State, Maize, DryRub, Bumblebee, Cornwallis, Zamboni, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop (FNG), Headlock, Logger, Beefsteak, Motorboat, Nomad Weather: ~70 and perfect Warmup (IC): SSH x 20, weed pickers x 10, imperial walkers x 20, kick w/ twist x 10 Thang (all IC unless otherwise noted): mosey to lot, merican w/ hold at the bottom x […]

IP19 Week 1…part 2

Weather: 70 degrees, clear PAX: DC, Maize, Motorboat, Nomad Warmup: SSH x 15, WP x10, IW x 15 Thang: Used tape measures to set up cones for 30 yard distances then PAX each set their watches and we started. 30ish minutes of suffering later, everyone assumed the “corpse” position. Moleskin: All were glad they didn’t […]

Fellowship Ruck

9 PAX posted for a basic ruck at The Hill: Quick, DC, Thumper, Khaki, Wapner, Clubber, Maize, Cornwallis, Nomad (QIC) Weather: 54, clear, pumpkin-spice-sweater-weather (DC) Thang: Basic ruck with instruction to pair up with a PAX you don’t know all that well and have some conversation. Switched groups every mile marker. 3.94 miles total, in […]

Substitute Workout

PAX: Maize, Motorboat, Short Story, Logger, Khaki, Bumblebee, State, Cornwallis, Wiki (from Louisville), Snooki, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad Weather: 73, humid, heat lightning Warm up: (all in cadence) SSH x 20, weed pickers x 10, imperial walkers x 20, kick with a twist x 10 Thang: (all in cadence unless otherwise noted) Mosey to parking lot, […]

Back to School with F3 Dads

24 PAX posted on a clear, 60 degree morning for a F3 Dad’s Back to School workout. Logger, Marshall, Little Biscuit (7), Motorboat, Elsa (4), Round-off (9), Maximus (6), DC, Curly (11), Blue (7), Pikachu (7), Knee High, Rey (13 FNG), Puzzler (10 FNG), Snooki, Picasso (8 FNG), State, Hiney (5), Kindergarten Cop, Aurora (4 […]

(Almost) 5K Ruck 4/13/19

Weather: ~40 degrees, clear, perfect rucking weather Pax: Maize, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Quick, Iceman, Tulip, Brickyard, Freshcut, PVC, Nomad Quick disclaimer The Thang: Ruck the Northview 5K track, stopping about every 1/2 mile for alternating merkins and squats. Stops happened each time we crossed the road. 1st stop: 20 merkins, 2nd stop: 15 squats with a […]

Four Leaf Clover (clearance priced)

26 degrees, no wind 17 PAX: Marshall, Wolverine, Zamboni, Motorboat, State, Flash, Cornwallis, Kneehigh, Brickyard, Tulip, Logger, Khaki, PVC, Maize, Headlock, Swayze, Nomad Warmup: Motivator x 15 Mosey to lower parking lot Bear craw about 5 spaces, crab walk about 5 spaces, repeat to end of lot. Repeat back the other direction to middle of […]

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