How to Fitness Court Without a Fitness Court


7 men posted at the swamp. Sunny and warm morning.









Abe Vigodas ICx10

Imperial Walkers ICx10

Motivator from Seven


Simulated Fitness Court Workout : 7 categories, 3 exercises per category

  1. Core: Low plank 60 seconds, Slow windshield wipers ICx15, Modified mountain climbers (Jingle balls?) IC x15
  2. Squat: Regular Squats ICx15, Step up squats with park benches x15, Jump Squats IC x10
  3. Push: Mericans ICx15, Incline Mericans on benches x15, Decline Mericans on benches x15
  4. Lunge: This was more difficult without the step ups at the fitness court, so we had to pretend we had them and probably looked a little silly. Side lunges: Go across the middle of the basketball court and back. Step up lunges: Improvised with high knee jog around perimeter of court. Mumblechatter called this many names, like Bambi, Kneehighs, Minefield.
  5. Pull: Over to the playground for pullups. 3 sets of standup side pulls, or regular vertical pulls, depending on level of manliness.
  6. Agility: Both feet hops in square pattern ICx4, Hopscotch (legs wide, legs in, repeat to end of concrete and come back twice), Burpees x5
  7. Bend: Ball grabbers (Reach down to ground with one hand while lifting opposite foot) ICx10,

Mosey back to meet point


Morning/Night  ICx15


On your 6 Leg stretches, 30 seconds each leg

Groin Grinders 30 seconds



My first Q. Heard about the Fitness court in Westfield from Pawnee, so I worked out there a few times. It has an app to show how to do the exercises so I thought that would be a good way to get a full body workout. It was a challenge to modify the workout for The Swamp, but fun.

We saw Meditation Man again at the playground and invited him to join us, but he only spoke Chinese and couldn’t communicate.

Mumblechatter turned out some funny jokes along the way. Kneehigh coined the term “Smellhole” for the COT, so it smelled like the guys got their money’s worth.

More info on the Fitness Courts here.

Block back mountain

5 men posted in the rain. Yes, the rain




Christopher Thies (FNG)

Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Nipple tweakers ICx15

Block sprinklers ICx10

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Block tempo squats ICX10


PAX 1 does 10 meekins with block on his back

PAX 2 does 10 block curls

Mosey to playground

PAX 1 does 10 swing rows

PAX 2 does 10 dips


Monkey humpers ring of fire

Squats and Al Gore ring of fire

Merkin ring of fire

30 second one legged wall sit each leg

1 minute walk sit

Mosey to stairs

One stair burpee

One Paula Abdul


Flutter kicks ICx20 while holding block

Pickle pounder ICX15

Hello Dolly ICX15 while holding block



Lots of discussion about the lack of PAX and especially the ones who said they were “in.” We even had an FNG show up in the rain! Rough first workout for our FNG, as they all are. Closest to a merlot splash we’ve had since Humdinger. Our FNG gets married in October. We decided it would be good for him to get in lots of pickle pounders, and he may want to introduce his fiance to hello dolly! Hardest rain we’ve been in yet. It made for a slippery block on our back.

T-Rex Arm Cure


The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Brickyard, Headlock, Khaki, Logger, PVC

7 men posted for a sloppy wet beatdown. Here is how it went.


Warm-O-Rama (all IC)
SSH x 20
Toy Soldier x 20
IST x 10
Windmill x 10
Pickers x 20


Indian Run for 2 laps around the entire parking lot.

10 Burpees

Fartlicks around the entire parking lot (30 second sprints, 30 second mosey) for 5 minutes.

Mosey to the far west side of the parking lot. Find a row of parking spaces to work your way back up towards the church in this progression:

Starting on the center line, do 2 mericans, plank walk out to the left (or right) of the center line, do 2 mericans, plank walk back to the center line, 2 mericans, then bear crawl up 4 parking spaces, rinse and repeat until you are at the farthest end of the parking spaces. For rest: Do 2 jump squats. Hold Al Gore until everyone is done.

Sprint down the center line, then backwards run back, do 10 burpees. Hold Al Gore until everyone is done.

Serpentine side shuffle, aka “paint the lines” all the way down the far end of the parking spaces and then sprint back. 10 Burpees. Hold Al Gore until everyone is done.

Low Flutter x 30 IC
Rosalita x 10 IC
Low Dolly x 10 IC
LBC x 30 IC
Elbow Plank until time was up

Recover Recover!

-Last night I was torn with what to do. Everyone’s arms were smoked from Tuesday’s challenge and everyone who went to Blackcat yesterday had legs that were on fire. So I went with more running.
– It was a slow start with people coming in hot, but in the end it was a great time having 7 guys overcome the fartsack and play in the rain.
-Thanks to everyone for working so hard. I know this week has been busy and full of some tough workouts, but also some good second F. Keep reaching out to each other and checking in on each other. As PVC reminded us, you never know when a guy is just waiting for someone to ask them something or notice them.
-That being the case, just FYI: We have openings for Q’s and would love for you to step up and lead on a more regular basis. If you think you aren’t ready, you’ll never be ready. Just have to get out there and do it, fail, and keep doing it, and keep failing. That is how we learn and how we grow. We fail together and win together. And through it all we all become stronger men and leaders!
-Pleasure as always. Keep posting! Keep EH’ing!


BlackCat First Anniversary

Weather 70 and clear



Gas Man 

Cubby Blue




Brickyard (R)

Cosmo (R)



Knee High

Zonkey *

Crabby PO QIC

Maestro QIC



Wapner QIC


Warmup (Wapner):

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Sprinkler IC x15

Jingle balls IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Leg stretches

Motivator from 10


Mosey to tennis courts (IM)

Squat jump holds 10 to 1


Mosey to stairs (Maestro)

Stairway to 7 

Mosey to Happy Place (Jay-Z)

Leg blasters

Crowd pleaser pyramid to 5

Leg blasters

Dirty hook ups IC x15

Mosey to flag

Mary (Crabby PO):

Absolutions x8

Flutter kicks IC x20

LBCs IC x20

Pickle pounders IC x10

Laney Lu x1



Wapner reporting for 5 BlackCat OGs that shared the Q for today’s first anniversary workout. Clown car from Indy arrived with 5 PAX in plenty of time to get some early stretching in. It was definitely needed. Turns out when 5 men share the Q it becomes exponentially harder as you go. Reps on all exercises were taken to the max, whereas one Q may have only maxed out one or two of them. Motivator from 10 set legs on fire, squat jump holds, stairs, leg blasters, flutter kicks, etc kept it going. YHC still waiting for the fire to go out. Too much good mumblechatter to even start getting it all down here. Fun to work through even a beat down like this one with so many other guys out there. Thanks to Zonkey and his M for the water, juice boxes, fruit, and corn muffins at the end of the workout. 

It’s been an honor to be part of this group for the past year, and it’s been really exciting to see the word get out and have new members of the group recently. That success is only temporary though, and we need to get out there with renewed effort and double down on the EHing to keep accelerating. Read Freed to Lead (I have a copy you can borrow or better yet go buy it on amazon), listen to F3Nation 43 feet podcast, continue posting and get involved in the upcoming 2nd Fs, get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, church members, social media, and anyone else you come into contact with. Many more men in Frankfort need to hear about F3 and shake their lives up. We can make this a better place with stronger male leaders in their families and community! Aye!

IRONPAX: week 2

7 men posted for another beatdown thanks to F3Greenwood’s IRONPAX challenge…which gives a whole new meaning to CSAUP. Really emphatic Disclaimer this week – cinder blocks are nothing to mess around with.


Warm Up:

Arm Circles

Air Squats

Weed Pickers



The Thang:

4 rounds, 8 minutes each, AMRAP. Each PAX tasked to keep count of own reps (cumulative).

Round 1: Curls w/coupon

Round 2: Thrusters w/coupon

Round 3: KB Swings w/coupon

Round 4: ManMakers w/coupon



Khaki: 530

Zamboni: 503

Cosmo: 474

PVC: 330

Logger: 300 (but probably more like 500, IMO)

Brickyard: 595

Headlock: Brickyard’s score +1



Sorry for my lack of preparedness, gents. I thought the descriptions would be easier to find, and I didn’t do my pre-work. This meant that our “2 minute rest breaks (no more, no less)” didn’t actually happen because we were running out of time. This workout was so brutal, and I know I’m not the only one with T-Rex arms the day after.

We are still looking for volunteers for September 8th to #clowncar over to Columbus, OH for the convergence. Anyone who thinks it would be cool to workout with 150+ PAX should seriously consider it. Prayers for our brothers who were ill/couldn’t make it. We still expect you to post at our 2nd and 3rd F events!



Walls of the pool- to your left

Weather- 59 and clear- nice and moist ground cover

Pax: (7)



Crabby PO




Daisy- QIC

Warm-up: Moroccan Night Club IC x20, Sprinklers IC- x 15, Grass pickers IC x 15, Willie Mays Hayes OYO, Arm Pretzels IC x 20, Arm stretching OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to the Pool House

Walls of Jericho Routine:  7 exercises, done with 7 reps, with a lap around the fenced in pool area separating each exercise (Total distance approx. 1.5 miles).  Worst Merkin Ever IC x7, Lt. Dans ascending to 7 reps each, Ascending Testicles x7 on each level, Plank Dips IC x7, Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x7, Travoltas IC x 7 each side, and Motivator starting at 7 and decreasing.

Mosey to our Happy Place:

Wall of Fire- Round 1, 5 merkins; Round 2, 5 LBC’s

Mosey to flag-

Mary- Walkerstrongs- Weezy Jefferson IC x 15, Peter Parker Peters IC x 15, Boat & Canoes IC 10 with 30 second Canoe hold at end, Flutter kicks IC x 15, 30 second Pickle Pounders AMRAP.

Moleskin: In honor of “National Left Handers Day” every alternating exercise and run was started toward the left.  Discussion of guys trip to Indy during the weekend for the exercise started the day while warming up as well as gearing up for the 1-year anniversary on Wednesday and getting some FNG to celebrate right.  Trying some new routines once again some looked better on paper than doing in real life.  Mumble on the Balls to the Wall merkins were a highlight only until the Walkerstrongs (2minutes of Imperial Walker with 30 sec AMRAP) came in strong at the end.  Twisting in the next day may be interesting for some of us.  Daisy was told that he and Crabby PO may want to start working together on some routines since they seem to have a habit of finding that one exercise that makes everyone groan in unison….. that thought did not go unheard…… you may just get what you ask for!  Everyone is looking forward to Wednesday’s celebration workout.   “Fun” has been thrown around very loosely……. can we get a definition check really quick?


Card Games and More

Weather 66 and clear






Gas Man

Wapner QIC



SSHs IC x25

Grass pickers IC x15

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Nipple tweakers IC x15

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Willie Mays Hayes

Runner stretches


Mosey to basketball court 

Draw a Card

Do the number of exercises for card drawn:

Diamond – pickle pounders 

Club – flutter kicks

Heart – mountain climbers 

Spade – lunges

Mosey to hill 

Hill Dora 1-2-3

Partners alternate running backwards up and forward down x2 and doing exercises to 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs

Mosey to circle 

Rings of Fire

Merkins x10 & plank 

Squats x10 & Al Gore

Monkey humpers x10 & hold

Dips x10 & hold 

Hail Mary (by request of Brickyard)

Mosey to parking lot


Cards in a box about 30 yards away.  PAX run down and grab a card at random from box and run back.  Do a burpee.  Repeat until each PAX has 5 cards.  Best hand gets to pick the exercise.  Do the number of reps based on total value of cards in your hand with face cards worth 10 and aces worth 1.

Brickyard diamond flush – merkins 

Brickyard devil’s full house – big boys 

Mosey to flag


Boxcutters IC x10

Bay City scissors IC x10

Flutter kicks IC x10



YHC, Gas Man, Brickyard for 3 mile ruck at 0600. Beautiful morning for a ruck and a workout. In warmup Q complimented by Respects for proper pace on the Abe Vigodas and everyone loved nipple tweakers except when the man across gazed into your eyes. First card game of draw a card treated some PAX more harshly than others after taking part in the Ironpax. Monkey humper ring of fire brought the heat as usual. Much awaited game of poker dominated by Brickyard with a flush and full house. Workout ran long for a short and hustled Mary. Discovered that BlackCat shirts leave a pretty cool sweat outline.