I hate running

9 pax posted in the morning. Warner Jay-z IM Daisy crabyPo Humdinger Popeye Pew-pew Meistro


Arm circles x10 reverse x10 IC, Grass pickers x15 IC, Leg stretches OYO, Meistro lap

Thang 1

Mosey over to the front side of the pool- 3 light poles 1 burpee, Run back 2 then 2 burpees– ending in 10 burpees completed and a ten count

Thang 2

Mosey to the tip. Half of the group- Catalina wine mixers-4 of them/ other half 8 box jumps each group complete each station twice

Thang 3

Mosey to the stairs– stairway to seven. Start with 1 squat, down the stairs, then 1 Irkin– to 7

Ring of fire in the big shelter house– 10 squats-al gore, 5 merkins- plank, 10 dips- hold starting position.

Thang 4

Mosey to happy place for a leg blaster and a motivator from 7

Ending with an 1 1/2 lap Indian run around petting zoo


LBC IC x25, low and slow flutter kicks IC x10, American hammers


Good number out this morning. Burpees seemed to be the theme for today. And nothing like a little mumbling about the motivator being out of place today and not in the beginning.

Valentines Day Love Fest

Weather: 35 degrees light wind


  1. State
  2. Nomad
  3. Headlock
  4. Brickyard
  5. Beefsteak
  6. Khaki
  7. Tulip
  8. PVC
  9. Cosmo
  10. Cornwallis
  11. DC
  12. Maize
  13. Flash
  14. Zamboni
  15. Pink Panther
  16. Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.

Warm Up

  • 20 – SSH
  • 10 – Kick w/twist
  • 10 – Windmill
  • 20 – Seal Jacks
  • 10 – Weedpickers


Animal Planet Mating Ritual – starting on one side of the parking lot Q called out changes as we cycled through 6 variations:

  • Bear crawl Kick
  • Squat Pops
  • Bear Crawl
  • Lunce w/knee up
  • Kangaroo
  • Mountain Climbers

Bump ‘n Grind – Hold plank and sway then drop left or right hip to ground on Q’s call.

Just the TIP – partner exercise – person 1 runs stairs doing 5 laps while other person gets as many of the exercise done as they can in that time. 100 of each exercise needed to be completed.

  • T Merican
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Plank Jacks

Big Sexy

  • 20 – Pickle Pounders
  • 20 – Monkey Humpers
  • 20 – Crab Humpers

Balls to the wall – start off near level in plank potion w/ feet on the wall then walk up the wall to mid level where we did 10 Pickle Pounders, then moved to highest level.

20 – Dirty Hook Up

Kama Sutra

  • Walk out w/reach
  • Half Kneeling Rotation
  • Lunge w/ Overhead Reach

Recover Recover


Today was about preparing for this evening. We went through a few intense exercises to make sure we were all ready to take care of our significant others tonight. Lots of suggestive mumblechatter that I shouldn’t probably put in here. Most notably we learned that Khaki is very confident between the sheets – perhaps this is over-confidence.

The intensity today was high, Q had a lot planned and didn’t get through all of it. Tried to fit in as much as I could. I had a modified Tunnel of Love that will be making its debut soon.

It was a pleasure! The energy level this morning still has me pumped – thank you men.

Almost a Three Dog Night!

2 PAX posted for a wind blown lower limb beat down.  Temperature was cold.


Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Moroccan Night Club IC X 20

Grass Pickers IC X 20

Abe Vigoda IC X 15

Chinnook IC X 10 each direction

Mosey to the Happy Place

Thang 1:

Leg Blasters X 3


Thang 2:

Burpee Dan’s (One Burpees / Four Lunges) down the road to the Shelter house.

Thang 3: 

BLIMPS at the bottom of the steps.

Round One: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mt Climbers, 25 Plank Jacks, & 30 Squats.

Round Two: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges of the Drop Variety each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Pickle Pounders, & 30 Squats.

Round Three: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg (Users Choice: Drop or Regular Lunges), 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mt Climbers, 25 Plank Jacks, & 30 Squats.

Longer Mosey to the Park Office!


LBC’s IC x 25

Flutter Kicks IC X 25 each leg.

Lanny Lui X 5


Two Pax braved the elements this morning to maneuver BLIMPS in the windy conditions.  Some mumble during Burpee Dan’s on how it’s about March and time for the return of the Burpee challenge.  Hope to see more post on Friday.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Q


49 degrees, wet

14 PAX: Cornwallis, Brickyard, Cosmo, Marshall, Kneehigh, Headlock, Beefsteak, Tulip, Flash, Zamboni, Logger, Khaki, Maize, Nomad

Zamboni suggested the night before that we Rock Paper Scissors to decide who Q’s. I won.



Warm O Rama:

Invisible Jump Ropes x20

Jump Squats x20

Motivator from 5


Mosey to the Bridge

Title Boxing:

Right Left Jabs x30

Jab crosses x30

Jab cross hooks x30

Jab cross hook uppercuts x30

Jab cross hook kick x30

Repeat from the left side



Mosey back for Mary

LBCs x40

Morning Evening x 20

Kneehigh’s Neckrollers (AKA The Exorcist)


Prayer Requests



Monday Ruckday 2-11-19

Weather: 32 degrees a little snow, ice, and wet


  1. Logger

Disclaimer not given, just remembered.

Thang: A slow walk around The Hill. Ground was icy with a few close calls. After 30 minutes I was tired of slipping and headed home.


Recover Recover

Moleskin: A quiet walk by myself. Based on road conditions, that makes sense. I listened to a podcast and went for a stroll.


Hanging with Mr. Cooper

32 degrees, snow covered ground with ice accenting the road says.

5 PAX- Pew Pew, Piper, Popeye, Crabby PO, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Sprinkler 20IC

Crossovers- each leg and hold for 30 sec

Arm crossovers- each arm 30 sec

Grasspckers 20IC

Any other stretching to get lose in the cold

Mosey to stone house:

The Thang:

Wilt chamberlain- 100 lbc, squat, flutterkick (each leg), lunge (50 each leg) run to second light post, exercise, back then exercise.

Walk like an Egyptian to Large Shelter House

The cooper- 10 squats, burpees, merkins (replace with jump lunges) then run to bathhouse decrease reps by one then back to large shelter house- decreasing all the way to 1.

Thigh master- lunge position up and down 4 count 15IC- each leg.


Peter Parker Peter 16IC

Side plank 30 sec each side

Bay city scissors 20IC


5 PAX braved the snow and ice this morning for a workout with a couple of our friends- Wilt and newbie to most of us (if not all) The Cooper. YHC was just glad his punishment for last Friday’s missed workout wasn’t working out alone! Those that made it today definitely got warm in the cold conditions. Lunges during the Wilt were tough as trying to find a non-slick place to do 100 lunges wasn’t easy. Running back and forth between the large shelter and the bathhouse also became rough as the snow got packed down from each lap, making it slicker each round. Total of 2.6 miles ran this morning along with our 55 burpees, made Mr. Cooper rough- but we made it and are all better men for it! Though it was rough- consensus was Cooper will probably come hang again to push us some more. Glad to redeem from Friday’s fiasco- still waiting to see if a punishment is to follow! See you all Wednesday!



@The Hill


PAX: Zamboni, Khaki, KneeHigh, Tulip, Marshall, FNG aka Flash, Cornwallis, Logger, BeefSteak, Nomad, Headlock, Maize



Motivator from 10

Snake Run

Diamond Mercans x10
Seal Mercans x10
Mike Tyson x10
Grinder Mercans x10

4 CORNER BLIMS– burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, traditional sit-up x10 @ four corners


SkyPress x20
SkySquats x20
American Hammers x20
LBC x40