Boo-urpies and Zombies

10/22/19 The Hill Q: Cornwallis Pax: Motorboat, Zamboni, Logger, Dry Rub, State, Kindergarten Cop, Snooki, Dr. Porkchop, Maize, Khaki, Beefsteak, Nomad, and welcome FNG Michael (now known as Wooly Dutchman). Disclaimer given Warm-O-rama (all IC, sort of) Whacky Jacks x 20 Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 Pumpkin Pickers x 10 Thang: Mosey around the parking [...]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/21/19

Backblast Weather: 54 degrees, it was perfect PAX Ruckers DryRub Marshall Wabbit FNG brought by Wabbit Runners Headlock Motorboat Nomad Beefsteak Logger Disclaimer Given - emphasis on things that could make you trip Thang: The Ruckers: Set out together - Dryrub and Marshall got some extra time in - going an hour plus. The Runners: [...]

Ruck with Weight

Brisk morning in the low 40s as 5 pax and a dog posted for a nice walk with weight. Pax: Nomad, Dry Rub, Snooki, Khaki, Motorboat (QIC) Disclaimer given Thang: Picked up our rucks and a couple of sandbags (60#ish and 80#ish). We covered 2.5 miles and returned to the hill having good conversation and [...]

Bump Your Bumper

12 PAX posted in the brisk gloom of October to give their car some love. Motorboat debated with himself on whether or not he should wear pants (vs shorts, get your head out of the gutter). Disclaimer was given and we got to it.   Warm Up Mosey 10 Merkins 20 in-and-out Abs 10 Weed Pickers [...]

Kings of the Diamond

33 degrees with 8 Pax on this Frosty morning- Crabby PO, Shamu, Pew Pew, Boucher, Jay-Z, Slit, Patches, Daisy-QIC Warm-up Motivator- 9 (innings) Sprinkler- 9 (defensive players on the field) Merkins- 27 OYO (total outs for a perfect game) Willie Mays Hayes Mosey to happy place Squirkins- 10, then flapjack Power Merkins- 10 then flapjack [...]

Where was the Weasel Shaker?

Nine Pax posted on a 45 degree windy gloom. Stache, Crabby Po, Daisy, Wapner, Bushay, Pew Pew, Shamu, Yellow 5, Q Popeye Warm up: maestro lap, shoulder pretzels, nipple tweakers, HRM, WMH OYO, grass pickers, arm stretches OYO. Thang: Mosey to the stairs for Stairway to 7, choose your merkin and the bottom, jump squats [...]


Brisk but clear morning in the upper 30s 13 Pax posted: Cornwallis, Kindergarten Cop, Maize, Cosmo, Snooki, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Bumblebee, Logger, Nomad, Beefsteak, State, Motorboat (QIC) Disclaimer given Warm up: SSH x15 ICKick with Twist x15 ICImperial Walker x15 IC Thang:Head to the top of the hill. Partner up. 1 block at the top [...]

Burp back mtn

11 Pax posted on this crisp 38 degree morning. Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby-PO, Popeye and (Jackson)Popeye2.0, Humdinger, Pew Pew, Shamu, Sparkle, Reid(FNG), and Piper(QIC) Warm up: Maestro lap, Arm Stretch OYO, Leg Stretch OYO, and Motivator from 10. Thang: Burp Back Mountain: partner exercise, 1 Pax does burpees while the other pax runs backward up hill [...]

Saturday Ruck

Weather 35 crisp and clear PAX: Toomah Sparty Ghost Wapner 4 PAX braved the cold to ruck around and pre-burn some calories for the weekend ahead. Once the group got moving cold was no longer a concern. Good to see Toomah back at it with weekdays no longer working with his work schedule. Keep family [...]

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