F3 Pre-Spartan #1

2 PAX posted for some Pre-Spartan Race Training. It was 81F when we began at 0530, and boy did we feel the heat. Here’s what we did:


Warm Up


Arm Circles

Finkle Swings



Mosey to the Hill


The Thang

10 Merkins

40s plank

20 squats

10 lunges

10 side lunges

bear crawl up the hill

5 Burpees

Crab walk down hill

R&R&R&R (4 rounds total)






Low Dolly


Mason Twist





Moleskin: This workout really got our heart rates up! It was fun using the hill at #TheHill and we talked about how we need to utilize it more. We are also motivated to get into more growth (esp seeing F3 Dayton already at 12 regulars). We have a lot of people in Indianapolis that need this, so let’s start talking about it more and make Indy stronger!




Fifa Training


The Swamp

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Samsonite, PVC, and Swazee

This workout was planned with Fifa on the brain. A lot of cardio and non stop movement.

Warm-o-rama (all IC)

SSH x 25
Toy Soldier x 10
Windmill x 10
Weed picker x 10
Mericans x 10

We grabbed all the gear and headed down to the soccer fields.

4 Stations with a partner:
1) Partner 1 throws the frisbee (scratch that…kicks the soccer ball. See Moleskin) and goes to get it while partner 2 does squats with a 20# ruck. This was supposed to be 2 minutes, but we kept going until Cosmo and PVC (Team RESPECT!) finished their station (suicides)

2) Suicides: Partner 1 runs suicides on the cones twice. The first time is normal, forwards. The second time is backwards. During this time partner 2 is doing Mericans

3) Medicine Ball sit-ups : Partners sit with feet together. Partner 1 lays down with the medicine ball in their hands and straight out behind their head. Then they swing it up and do a sit up and hand it to partner 2. Continue for at least 2 minutes or until the other team is done (RESPECT!)

4) Jump Rope: ’nuff said

Soccer Serpintine: 1st person in line dribbles the ball through the cones and after going through the last cone kicks the ball into the net, then moves to the back of the line. During this time everyone else is in high plank position. Continue until everyone finishes. (People must make a the goal! See Moleskin)

Rugby Toss: We used a rugby ball and lined up on the soccer field back line. Then we ran down the field towards the other goal passing the ball laterally to the next person beside us. Once you pass, then you sprinted to the far end of the line so you could keep the movement going. Every time we dropped the ball, 5 Burpees each OYO! It didn’t take many of those to learn not to drop the ball.

MARY: (all IC)

Low Flutter x 25
Homer and Marge x 5 Single count
LBC x 20
Dying Cockroach x 20

Skiny Mole:

-We had a lot of fun today! Just shows 1) not all of YHC workouts are evil and 2) you can have fun with it and still get a good workout.
– So Samsonite was the first to throw my frisbee, which by the way I’ve had for 10+ years and has been sitting in my car for a while. It hit the ground and literally shattered into pieces. So, be flexible. We had a soccer ball and used that!
-I initially put out 6 cones for suicides, but watching Cosmo do those and how long it was taking team Respect, I had him take 2 out. He was happy, but wished I would’ve called that sooner I think.
-PVC rolled in after warm up, which is about par for the course 😂 Swazee rolled in at about 0715, but worked all night. #HIM
-One thing I learned…we SUCK at soccer! 4 out of 5 guys missed kicking the ball in the goal from about 30 feet out! How is that even possible! I couldn’t believe it. It was the Bad News Bears of soccer 😂😂
-Always a pleasure to get to lead and workout with you fine men! Keep posting! Keep EH’ing!


6/14/2017 Agility Wall Workout

Warm Up

Side straddle hops


High Knees

Overhead Claps

The Thang

Black Snake Mosey

Agility Ladder

Draw our ladder on the parking lot

Execute a variety of agility drills

Plank Drills – Up and down the ladder

Plank walk

Low Plank Walk

Merkin Walk

Foot Drills – Run to ladder, execute ladder run to end line and return

One foot per square

Both feet per square

One foot in/one both feet out

Hop Scotch

High Knees Front, Sides and Back

Mosey to the back building

Wall Drills

Three level wall ladder (3 Levels Up and Down)

horizontal with 10 Chicken Peckers, run across the lot for 20 LBCs

45 degrees with 10 Chicken Peckers, run across the lot for 20 LBCs

Balls to the Wall with 10 Chicken Peckers, run across the lot for 20 LBCs

C-Sit Flutter Kicks

Regular Flutter Kicks

Indian Run to Cars




55 F Clear and PERFECT

PAX:  Brickyard, Samsonite, Keytar, Swayzee, Cornwallis, Alrighty, Muck, Logger, DC, Cosmo (QIC)

10 Brothers posted in the Gloom on a beautiful morning for an Agility Wall workout.  Started with the Black Snake and everyone was pleasantly surprised, Q wasn’t sure if it was the new exercise or the fact that Q read the F3 exercise list on the national website.  Mumblechatter was suitable especially on the Wall Drill…Q believes this was to get our minds off of the Wall Drill.

Point of note for the day:  We named Swayzee VERY WELL, as we learned that he was going to be a ball room instructor at one point in his life…there’s a story there somewhere!!!

Nice job today Men…lot’s of agility out there!

Always a privilege,




Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Logger, Muck (from F3NWIND)

3 men gathered at the Hill for an Off The Books run.

2 men (YHC and Muck) ran 5 miles. Logger met us at the church and then ran us through his neighborhood and then headed back, so not sure how much he ran, but we probably close to 5. Knowing him, he probably did extra.


-Thanks to Brickyard for putting the info out that Muck was in town and wanted to post. I had a blast talking with him and getting coffee at Starbucks (I never knew there was one beside Northview!!) afterwards.
-Logger, thanks for coming to join us and guide us on a different route to get an extra mile in.


4 corners of paradise

6 men posted

70 degrees, muggy, overcast






Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Nipple tweakers ICx15

Grass pickers ICx15


Willie Mays Hays OYO

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Patty cake merkins x10

Mosey to happy place for crowd pleaser pyramid up to 4


Mosey to tennis courts for 4 corners

The corners of the full 6 courts was used

At each corner….

13 merkins

13 big boys

13 crab jacks


13 mountain climbers

13 American Hammers

13 plank jacks


Pickle pounder ICx20


8 Absolution OYO

Flutter kicks ICx15

American Hammers ICx15

Laney Lou x2

1 minute plank hold


Not a lot of chatter today other than the occasional mumble about the QIC graduating from the finest university in the country. Jealousy can be expected coming from an IU grad. Four corners at the tennis courts proved to be challenging as we managed to run 2 miles this morning. Only mistake made was arriving to Mary with too much time remaining.

Shelter Tour Revisited

Weather 64 and moist with a little sprinkle at the end


Short Skirt
Cubby Blue
Crabby PO
Wapner QIC



LBACs forward and reverse IC x10
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Sprinkler IC x10
Abe Vigodas IC x10
Grass pickers IC x15
Tempo Squats IC x10


Mosey to tip of the happy place

Leg blasters
ATM 10/10/10

Mosey from shelter to shelter

At each shelter:
10 merkins
20 SSHs
30 squats
40 LBCs
Plank for the six, then hold for a slow ten count

One ring of fire at each shelter: abyss merkins, Al Gore/squats, merkins, dips, monkey humpers

R&R x5 shelters


Laney Lu x8



Great to see the PAX roll in this morning – most since Indy guys visited. YHC planned a workout for the possibility of showers that didn’t happen until a sprinkle at the end. Bigger group led to more mumblechatter, which always makes for a more fun time. Realized toward the end that we probably didn’t need the ATM at the beginning – arms are going to be smoked later. New BlackCat record of 8 rounds of Laney Lu. Keep up the EH and let’s get to double digits this week!

Q-School June 2018


Q: Brickyard and Cornwallis
Pax: Cosmo, Woodchuck, PVC, Defib

6 men posted for Q school!

We shared a lot of information (see below) as well as did some exercises and gave the new guys in training (PVC and Defib) a chance to practice and lead exercises.

Here is the info we covered:

Planning a workout: 
-plan more than you think you’ll need. Better to have too much than run out.
-do things you are good at and like to do
-read other people’s BB for ideas.
-don’t be afraid to steal people’s ideas, workouts, etc. You are the Q, “you do you”
-be creative and be yourself. Doesn’t have to be a smoke fest

-Workout in a Box: have a set workout that you give instructions at beginning and everyone does on their own
-4 Corners: come up with 4 different exercises, or 8, or 12, and just have a different exercise at each corner with however movement (run, bear crawl, sprint, broad jump burpees, etc.
-Find something online. Example: The Murph

Pre blast (#PB)
-if there are special instructions, or you just want to remind everyone you are Q’ing, send out info, y’all smack, tell them it’ll be easy, etc.

Practice calling cadence at home. Cadence should move in rhythm with the exercise. 

Show up on time (early! You should not be the last one arriving to the workout)

Wear a watch
-start on time. End on time 

Bring Weinke (written out plan on paper or your phone) if you need it. Better to have than not just in case, especially early on when you may be nervous and forget things. 

Give disclaimer to start:
-“I am not a professional”
-“You are our here at your own risk”
-“F3, nor this AO is responsible if you get hurt. “
-if you get hurt let us know and we will help you to your car or call an ambulance if needed.
-it’s dark and the ground is uneven. Be careful.
-Do what you can do and modify as needed.

The next exercise is…Side Straddle Hop!
Starting position move…(wait for people to get in starting position)
In Cadence…  Exercise!

-go slow, don’t rush it
-If you can’t do it, don’t Q it!

-This is the first set of exercises to get the blood flowing.

Watch for the 6 (person in the back): no pax left behind! 

-This is your main workout

-6 minutes of ab exercises at the end.

COT (Circle of Trust)
-count off
-namerama video record.
-prayer requests
-close in prayer or ha e someone else close.

-after you get finished, you still have work to do!
-you must write a backblast yo be posted on the website.
-talk to Zamboni for instructions.
-it’s a record of the date, QIC, pax, what you did, and any special things you heard or notes to share at the end, which is called the Moleskin.

-Brickyard made a great observation. Once you’ve Q’d and experienced that hope and anticipation before the workout of people will show up for you, makes you not want to Fartsack again so you can be there to support other people when they Q. AKA Accountability!

-It was great having 2 new people to train as well has having veterans there to help teach.
-Fun seeing F3 Indianapolis continue to grow!
-Keep coming out! Keep sharing with other men!