Two-thirds Workout.

7 Pax in the only moist 40 degree gloom. The rain paused long enough for us to do our thing today. Wapner, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Pew-Pew, Piper, Daisy, and QIC Maestro.


Non-Maestro lap

Seal claps x15 IC

Merkins x15 IC

Arm Stretches

MNCs x15 IC

Arm stretches

Calf stretches

Mountain Climbers x15 IC

Wall Stretches

Shoulder Touches x15 IC

Mosey to the HC

Motivator from 12

Mosey to the main shelter for the thang


3 sets of 3 exercises for 15 reps a piece finished with 5 Burpees. I call this “45s.” (Ultimately, should be rinsed and repeated 3 times as well, but we only repeated for 2 rounds).

Set 1: 15 Incline Merkins, 15 Dips, 15 Decline Merkins, 5 Burpees

Set 2: 15 Imperial Walkers (each leg), 15 Jump Squats, 15 Step ups (each leg), 5 Burpees

Set 3: 15 Merkins, 15 Big Boys, 15 American Hammers, 5 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat after a 5 count

Mosey back to the HC

Donkey Kick-offs. x5 with 5 Count hold, x10 with a 10 Count Hold, x15 with 15 Count Hold.

Indian Run Back to the Flag


Holds: Canoe, Boat, Canoe, 45 degree, 90 degree, Wiper to the Right, 90 degree, Wiper to the Left, 90 degree, 45 degree, back to Canoe.




Very happy that we weren’t soaked in pouring rain this morning. We were hoping for several others to show but we suspect the threat of heavy rain at 40 degrees was a factor. Since we didn’t have any FNGs we (YHC) decided that a Motivator from 12 would be acceptable. I left the experience proud to have done it, but will probably stick with 10 as the extra time spent could be bette spent on smoking ourselves on other things. Indeed, my arms are smoldering after the 45s. Wish we could have had a third round. The six minutes of Mary seemed to fly by with the holds. Pleasure to lead today.


Barrel of Fun

8 men posted on a cloudy, calm 60° morning.





Pew Pew



Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15

Tempo side lunge ICX10

LBAC ICX10 each direction

Finkle swings x10 each leg

Abe Vigodas ICX10


Partner up and say with barrels to bottom of the hill, switching barrel carrier half way.

PAX1 Rolls barrel up hill and does 10 skull crushers

PAX2 20 squats and hold Al Gore

PAX1 then drops barrel and let’s it roll to partner while jogging down hill.

Rinse and repeat 6 times

Ring of Fire

Irkins and derkins with partners on the barrel

PAX1 does 20 squats

PAX2 holds barrel in Al Gore

Flip flop to 200 squats

Indian run….NO BARREL

PAX1 walks backward up hill carrying barrel and rolls it down to PAX2

Rinse and repeat 3 times

Barrel tracks back to the flag

–barrels laid on the ground like railroad tracks. First PAX picks up first barrel and moseys to the end and places it on the ground then circles back to the end of PAX line.


5 Absolution

Pickle pounder ICX10

Pickle pointer ICX10

Flutter kicks ICX25


Disappointed 60° could only muster 8 PAX out of the fartsack. The barrels were a fun change of pace. Lots of squats made for a good quad burn. Ring of fire in derkin position proved to be awful. Lots of moaning and groaning ensued. Otherwise, not a lot of mumble chatter. “Barrels aren’t heavy, just awkward,” was one comment. “A year and a half before I see these barrels again,” was another. Good workout on a perfect morning.

The Hill

Photo Shoot


18 PAX posted for a photo shoot (JK) and a beatdown. Our photographer didn’t show up and PAX began to question whether this was a ploy to get more men to post. Disclaimer was given and then we got to it…here’s what we did:

Warm Up:


Weed Pickers

Bobby Hurley’s

Abe Vigodas

The Thang:



Peter Parker’s x25 IC

Nippler x25 IC

Jump Squats x25 IC


Noah’s Ark







Five Corners:

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

30 LBC

40 SSH

50 Overhead Claps

Lunge walk across parking lot

Lunge squat walk back across lot


Pike Merkin Time Bomb

Flutter Kicks x25 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Flutter Time Bomb

Crunchy Frog x25 IC

Low Dolly x25 IC

Rosalita x25 IC



Our photographer (we didn’t decide whether we are callin him Ansel or Cheese) finally showed up when it was time for Mary…which is why we threw in the Imperial Walkers. Beater pointed out that animals went two by two to the ark & I promised to double down on each animal next time. Thanks to so many men for posting and really pushing themselves to be stronger this morning and start their day getting right.

Until next time,


The Hill

Monday Ruckday 4/16/19

Weather: 34 degrees, mostly clear, with some wind at the top of the hill.


  1. Marshall
  2. Motorboat
  3. Logger

Disclaimer remembered.

Thang: We headed southeast to get on the other side of the building. We found a loop where the wind was mostly blocked and had some hillsIMG_7288.jpg.

Recover Recover

Moleskin – We had a good walk and talk. It is genuinely a good time and appreciate chatting with Marshall and Motorboat.

I’m trying to figure out how to get Monday Ruckday/Runday to stick out and get good numbers. I’m not sure why its not getting great attendance – if you have thoughts, ideas, anything to share then let me know.

Thank you Men!


Happy Tax Day!

Weather 35, clear with a few light flurries, moist pavement






Pew Pew

Crabby PO



Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

MNCs IC x20

Annie IC x10 each arm

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Grass pickers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x15

Willie Mays Hayes


Mosey to Happy Place


One partner:

Merkins x10, Squats x20, LBCs x30, SSHs x40

Other partner:

Lap around playground w/ 4 burpees at finish

R&R x5 (w/ partners total 1040 reps)

Slowsy to sh!tter

1065 – 10 WWI sit-ups, 65 mountain climbers

1041 – 10 derkins, 41 air presses

1120 – 11 jump lunges, 20 jump squats

990 – 9 big boy sit-ups, 90 flutter kicks

Rings of fire

Merkins x10 and planks

Monkey humpers x10 and ankle holds

Squats x10 and Al Gore

Mosey to flag


Slow down cadence:

Hello Dolly IC x10

Freddie Mercury IC x10

Gas pumps IC x10



One of the best days of the year for YHC as another tax season comes to a close. Celebrated the various form numbers with exercises to each number. Piper established in warmup that he needed to leave early so as to not be confused with a walk of shame. Announcement of the 1040 workout gave Jay-Z ‘Nam-esque flashbacks. Mumblechatter was light – not sure if PAX were smoked early or if cold temperature stifled conversation. YHC definitely smoked as I try to get back into shape from the time off.

The Hill

Flip to Motivator


You are solely responsible for your well being

Modify your workout as needed



  • Mercan Motivator- 4 layers from 5 (top half, bottom half, full, release)
  • Triceps Mercans- 10 L/R
  • Ab Scissors
  • Bicep Mercans- 10 L/R
  • Heavy Slams- x30
  • Vertical Delt Raises- 3 positions x20
  • Isolated Bicep Curls x20 R/L
  • Overhead Tricep Press x20 R/L
  • Bicep Traditional curl to shoulder press x20 L/R
  • Bicep Reverse Grip to Shoulder Press x20 L/R
  • Oblique Scissors x20
  • Isolated Bicep Curls x20 R/L
  • Kick the Sky x 40



The Hill

(Almost) 5K Ruck 4/13/19

Weather: ~40 degrees, clear, perfect rucking weather

Pax: Maize, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Quick, Iceman, Tulip, Brickyard, Freshcut, PVC, Nomad

Quick disclaimer

The Thang: Ruck the Northview 5K track, stopping about every 1/2 mile for alternating merkins and squats. Stops happened each time we crossed the road. 1st stop: 20 merkins, 2nd stop: 15 squats with a ~30 second Al Gore, 3rd stop: 15 merkins, 4th stop: 15 squats with a ~30 second Al Gore, 5th stop: hold plank ~60 seconds. Grateful to have Iceman visiting from F3 Louisville. Appreciated his feedback on getting the group more involved in counting cadence with the merkins and squats. Ended up falling short of finishing the entire 5K route but covered just over 3 miles.


Moleskin: Weather was near perfect to be out rucking at a good clip. Grass was pretty wet so everyone ended up with soggy shoes. Q slept through his alarm and almost didn’t make it on time (really we started 1 min late). Very glad to welcome FNG Joe (Maize’s son) who earned his F3 name (Freshcut). BIG appologies this BB is so late…realized that I never did it this morning when Swayze mentioned doing his BB. Appreciate you, men.


Fit for a Zoo

7 PAX posted in the gloom for a wild and wet animal themed workout.  51 and raining

IM, Jay-Z, Maestro, Crabby PO, Wapner, Piper, Popeye

Maestro Lap
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Hip Rotations x10 Forward and Back each leg
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC

Lunging Indian Walk down the hill to the stop sign
Mosey to tennis courts

5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Bear Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Crab Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Duck Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Inch Worm across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Frog Jumps across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Monkey Walk across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts
Lizard Crawl across both courts
5 Line Suicide across 2 courts

Mosey to stairs:
1x Stair Suicide

Mosey to Flag

Hurricane Hoedown – 7 hallelejuha flutter kicks IC, 7 reclined flutter kicks IC, 7 regular flutter kicks IC, 7 crunched flutter kicks IC, R&R with 6 reps
Freddie Mercury x 20
Box Cutters x 15

It was a wet one with no one thrilled about the early hand release merkins.  Complaints about unnecessary lines in the suicide were noted and ignored.  It was discovered that Piper has been working on his Bearcrawls at home.  We all need to step up our game.  1.8 miles total on the day with ~1 mile worth of suicides.  Prayed the rain would stop so some farmers could finish harvesting before planting this years crop.


Blackjack and a new record!

48 degrees, on a clear Wednesday.

9 posted:


Crabby PO


Pew Pew




Zack Light- FNG

Daisy- QIC

Warm up- arm circles 10x each direction

Sprinkler w legs- 10x

Finkle swings 10 each leg

Peck stretch 30 sec

Lat stretch 15 sec each arm

Willie Mays hays OYO

Motivator from 11

Mosey to end of swimming pool


Blackjack: 1 merkin run to next power pole, 20 LBC, run back. Each round increase merkin by one decrease LBC by 1 until 20 merkin and 1 LBC.

Indian run around outside of baseball diamond and back to flag


25 flutter kick IC

15 pickle pointer IC

15 pickle pounder IC


Legs were still burning from Monday’s workout. Lots of mumble about that to start the day! Excited to have an FNG show up and to learn he is gasman’s brother was a bonus. FNG will be giving Wapner a hard time when he sees him next since he invited him and was MIA. Glad to hear Gasman is doing well and should have him back in a little over a month! Mumble grew to loud groans when it was announced this would be our third straight motivator workout. Record from 11 was established- but no one seemed to be excited or proud of it- angry might fit the mood better. 7 of diamonds was planned to celebrate baseball season back in full swing, but blackjack took longer than anticipated, so an Indian run filled the remaining time. (210 merkins, 210 LBC and 2.7 miles put in today)

Encouragement to those that haven’t been in a while to come on back- even if you have to modify as needed. We would love to see you all back no matter the capacity!

Better weather is seeming to stick around- so let’s start putting on some heavy EH and grow our group to twenty posts each day by the end of the summer- if not sooner! Pass around guys you are working on to see if multiple EH doesn’t work a little stronger. Looking forward to another beat down on Friday!

The Hill

Pain Circle

Tuesday, April 9th

17 PAX posted for a beautiful 50 degrees leg workout.


Warm Up:

Swing legs

Slow Squats

Runners position to stretch calves

Motivator from 10

Mosey to basketball court

The Thang: Pacle (Pain Circle)

Snake the stairs

Climate change: Al Gore Jump Bomb

Howling Monkeys 2x 🙂 

Jump squats

Indian Lunge

Suzanne Somers


Heel touches

American hammer


Low Dolly 

Gas Pump 


If you like leg workouts today was the day for you. It was a beautiful morning to spend with y’all workin the lower body. Always good to get out and destroy the part of the body we all try to avoid in workouts. TClaps to IM for making the trip down from Blackcat. Love the mumble chatter at the beginning at the workout but for some reason it stopped pretty soon after we circled up. Great morning men. Don’t sit down too much today.  Welcome FNG Groupie.