16 Round KO

10/16/18 – 16 Round KO


Warm Up


Slow Weed Pickers

Leg Raise Toe Touches

Shoulder Stretch

Tricep Stretch

Mosey to larger parking lot


16 Rounds Begin

Begin with 16 reps each of Merkins, Sit-ups, Air Squats

Run a lap around parking lot

15 Merkins, 15 Sit-ups, 15 Squats (Rinse and Repeat down to 1 rep of each)

In all, 136 reps were completed of each exercise

Mosey to the cars

Name o’rama



33 F Clear with a Freeze Warning (according to Weather Channel)

PAX: HeadLock, Logger, State, Swayzee, Khaki, Woodchuck (Welcome back from training)


It was a pleasure to lead y’all in a below 40 degree workout. Hope it was good for everyone as it was for me. Love the encouragement from everyone throughout the whole workout even up until the very end.

Can’t believe we get to do this for free!

See y’all Thursday!


A Picnic…of sorts

6 men posted

49° light rain (imagine that)






Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Moroccan night club ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Sprinklers ICx15

Motivator from 6

Mosey to the shelter house the long way


10 box jumps

10 merkins

10 Butkis

10 curb Albert’s

All performed on the picnic tables

Repeat down to 1……

Stair suicide

Monkey humpers ring of fire

Squat and Al Gore ring of fire

Stair suicide

Dips ring of fire

Abyss merkins ring of fire

Stair suicide


Pickle pointer ICx15

Flutter kicks ICx15

Hello Dolly ICx15

Plank Jack’s ICX10


QIC had to move to the shelter house rather than “the unit” due to light rain. Some mumble this morning regarding Q trying to “out run the rain,” and some moans as Q took the long way back to the flag for Mary. We missed all of our brothers who are traveling. Prayers were lifted for you all. It’s nice to have so many traveling and still have 6 men post. Let’s keep it going. Remember, the cold winter months are all mental.

10/11/2018 – Deathstar Gumby

We’re not professionals, neither is anyone else in the group.

You are responsible for yourself, no one else is including F3 and Northview Church.

Know your body and modify as needed.

Warm up


Weed Pickers

Arm Circles

Arm Stretch OYO

Mosey to the Grassy Knoll

Modified Deathstar

Station #1

Merkins Stars (10 Merkins each at 4 rotating stations OYO)

LBC Stars (10 LBCs each at 4 rotating stations OYO)

Mosey to Station #2 (approximately 100 yards)

10 Moguls

Rinse/Repeat 2X


Yoga Stretch – Warrior 1,2,3

Runners Stretch

Deep Side Lunges

Triangle Stretch

Back Roll Up

Arm Stretches – Tris, Shoulders

Mosey to the cars

Name o’rama


55 F Clear and a bit muddy at the Grassy Knoll (but not bad)

PAX:  Khaki, Brickyard, Head Lock, Logger, Cornwallis, State, DC, Keytar, Cosmo (Q)

DC’s joint-Q idea worked out VERY WELL this morning as the group got a decent bit of push up, LBC balance exercise then topped it off with some yoga and stretching.  Made for a great feeling  leaving the workout for this Q that lasted the rest of the day.  Good mix of things even though it sounded a bit strange at first….but then we are dealing with a joint DC/Cosmo Q…so likely should have expected some weirdness!


I have 2 chagres to ALL PAX…

1 Q – Let’s target as a group to volunteer for Qs out in advance (maybe a month out if possible)…this will help the site Qs focus more on making the Qs awesome and less on scheduling.  I’m committing to get better at this moving forward….jump in with me here.

2 Pass it on….let’s keep growing this movement and impact other men that need this in their lives.

Its great to be a part of this awesome group!

Always a privilege!

Cosmo (for DC)

Over Slept Extravaganza!

10 PAX posted (including the Q who was 5 minutes late) for a, Oh Crap I forgot to design a workout, workout.  Weather was a perfect 34F.


Wapner lead the 9 PAX who were on time in a Maestro lap and general stretching.

Mosey to tennis courts

Lunge across 2 tennis courts and back.
5 Line suicide with 10 jump squats at the end.  R&R

Mosey to stairs

Paula Abdul up the stairs, 2 squats, run down, 2 mike tysons.  Repeat increase reps by 2 until you reach 10.

Mosey to playground

3 rounds of 5 pullups, 15 dips, 25 LBC’s

2 minute wall sit

Mosey to flag


21 x pickle pounders IC
Captain thor to 5
15 x Dolly IC
10 x oblique crunch each side IC
10 x leg climbs each side
6 x V rollups

Mumble:  Q woke up at 5:08 and sped to make it (Sorry Porkchop)  It quickly became obvious that Q had nothing prepared.  5 rounds of Paula Abduls ended up being a lot but the mike tysons definitely helped break it up.

Exploring walks of life

69 degrees, partly cloudy, moist earth.

8 PAX- Wapner, Maestro, Popeye, IM, Crabby PO, Piper, Cubby Blue, Daisy- QIC


Cross over arm stretch

Reach back stretch

Reverse cross over stretch

Willie Mays Hays OYO

Grass pickers 15x IC

Tempo squats 10x IC

Mosey to ball diamond

The thang:

4 corners animal walk version

Home-1st; bear crawl- 20 advanced mountain climbers

1st-2nd; crab walk- 20 crab jacks

2nd-3rd; duck walk- 20 monkey humpers

3rd-home; frog jumps- 20 jump squats

Rinse and repeat

Wheelbarrow walk to a base and switch back

Ultimate frisbee with descending burpees on possession exchange (5,4,3,2,1)

Wham-o chasers- zombie walk x2, frolic x2, grapevine runs x2, sprint down and back

Indian run around baseball diamond

Slowsey/ mosey to flag


Proud Mary (big boys, gas pumps, flutter kicks to CCR)



Conversation about Mondays tires workout and the different “growing pains” from it started the day. Good to have Maestro and Cubby Blue to join us today. In honor of the MLB playoffs, 4 corners at the diamond felt good. To celebrate “National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.” Be broke out some bear crawls as well as some other animal friend exercises. Paired with an exercise to enhance the “walk” helped bring some burn to the workout. Ultimate frisbee was hoping to bring some fun to the workout, but the gloom proved too powerful as we couldn’t see the frisbee well enough to catch it, so it became a burpee fest. After a round of more burpees than throws- we switched to wham-O chasers and worked more on the legs. Ending the day with some CCR never hurts- and as WALKERSTRONG never seems to go over as a huge hit- we decided to try her plain brother,Hillbillies, to wrap up the day. Overall- good workout- despite the disappointment of Ultimate, the legs feel worked. Emphasis on pushing more EH as cold weather will likely keep the new recruits away during the winter. Hope to see a bigger crew for Friday!!!! Bring some friends!!!!

Hose Work



The Hill

Q: Swayzee

PAX:  Paula Dean (Naperville), Zamboni, Headlock, Omaha (Lake Norman), DC, Pop, Brickyard, PVC, Khaki, Cornwallis, Logger, Wolverine, State, Cosmo

Thank you to our guests this morning.  We hope your stay is pleasant and we appreciate the long distance brotherhood.


We were blessed to have had unusually warm and dry weather for October in Indiana.  We were blessed even more by having 15 PAX show up to enjoy it.   I would like to say thank you to everyone for the patience, support, and a few good-hearted jabs on my first Q.

This VQ coincided with this past weekend’s National Firefighter Memorial Service.  To commemorate the men and women that have passed due to a Line of Duty Death (LODD) in the fire service or have succumbed to mental illness that plagues our profession; we did a little hose work.

Disclaimer presented




Weed Pickers

Arm Circles (forward and backward)


Tricep and Shoulder stretches


Mosey to concrete circle with intermixed high knees and butt kicks

Spiderman Merkins 10 IC

Lunges 20 IC

Tricep Extensions 10 OYO

Mosey to Barn

People’s Chair – shoulder to shoulder- Pass a 50′ roll of 3″ fire hose (Approx. 38 pounds) to your neighbor on your right.  Then bring it back to start by passing it to your left.

Everyone took a plank position about one foot apart and the hose was unrolled by PAX moving the hose from one to another, alternating left then right handed grab and pull to the right.  The hose was then brought back by reversing the process to the left.

Mosey in a tight and friendly line to the parking lot while everyone held the hose at shoulder level.

The hose was laid out flat

Ladder work:  follow the leader by alternating jumps left and right down the 50′ length of the hose. Then follow the leader by jumping forward and backward down the length of the hose.

PAX then did an exercise which simulated draining the hose after a working fire.  This involves lifting a section of the hose at a time with straight arms overhead in a backstroke motion and walking forward to the end of the hose.  Repeat to other end.

Everyone took one turn at this while the rest of the PAX completed the prescribed 50′ suicides x2 of Bear Crawl then Crab Walk.

Until everyone had completed their turn with the hose, PAX had to hold plank, do squats, or choose your own Suicides exercise.  We observed everything from broad jumps to sprinting to lunge walks.  Everyone did a great job staying busy and disciplined with doing work.

Mosey back to starting area while carrying hose as a group.



Rosalita Wips IC x10




  • Plenty of side convos and collective mumble chatter by the PAX.  This was uplifting and enjoyable to hear from double digits.
  • Thank you Cornwallis for the instructions and encouragement prior to this day.
  • Great job to all today.












































































































































No Spare Tires Here!

10 PAX posted on this comfortable 68 degree morning.  Daisy Porkchop Bambi Humdinger Gasman Wapner Jay-Z Crabby PO IM Piper(Q).

Warm up:

Sprinkler IC x 15

Grass Pickers IC x 15

Arm Stretches OYO

Leg Stretches OYO

SSH IC x 25

Mosey to Tires:

Thang: Tractor tire flip (5) with Merkins (10) Kettle bell swing (15), and 1 Maestro lap, rinse and repeat until tire is flipped back to the start.

Mosey to Flag:


Crunchy Frog OYO x 25

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

V up roll up OYO x 26

Climb your leg OYO 12 each leg, total of 24

Plank  for 30 sec

Moleskin: Good way to start the week, each PAX did 40 tire flips, 80 merkins, 120 swings, and 2 plus miles.  Progress is being made, no 10-29’s today.