Monday Ruck or Run Day 11/4/19

Backblast Weather: 43 degrees, mostly clear skies PAX Tulip Headlock Nomad State Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: None, where you at? The Runners: We did a lap down to Founders Park and back. Then some stretching before Recover Recover. Moleskin: Tulip's back! As a runner! We discussed the food drive, the weekend, and history. [...]

The “original” workout

9 pax posted on a clear 44 degree morning. Wapner, Jay-z, Humdinger, Boucher, Shamu, Slit, Stache, Pew Pew, and Piper (QIC) Warmup: Maestro lap, Sprinklers ICx15, Grass pickers IC x 15, Arm and leg stretch OYO, and Motivator from 10. Thang: 4 min Indian run - 1 min Merkins 4 min Indian run - 1 [...]

Block Party

Weather: 25ish...cold, calm PAX: Khaki, Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, Nomad (Q) Warm up: Arm circles-small and large, forwards and backwards then imperial walkers IC x15 then weed pickers IC x10 Thang: shoulder carry block to the start of the hill, curls IC x20, Zamp carry down the hill, dips IC x20, Zamp carry up the hill, [...]

Down and Dirty

Friday 11/1- Down and Dirty Slit, Wapner, Boucher, Popeye, Crabby Po, Jay-z, Shamu, Stache, Sparkle - QIC Warmup: Side-straddle hops x10 Burpees x10 Willie Mays Hayes Bat Wings x10 IC (add raise the roofs) Arm stretches Mosey to bottom of stairs Thang: Down and Dirty Going up the stairs: 1st- Bear crawl up At top: [...]

Face Your Fears

45 degrees and raining...perfect conditions to face our fears. 11 PAX posted for the spooky Halloween workout. Halloween-themed Disclaimer was given. Warm up: Spooky Run (When Q calls Graveyard = jump, Bats = squats, Zombies = low plank) Stretch OYO The thang: I first captured everyone's biggest fear (from an exercise perspective) in the order [...]

Dirty Dozen

Weather utterly crap - 40, moist ground, on and off sprinkles PAX: Jay-Z Crabby PO Sparkle Short Skirt Slit Patches Maestro Shamu Wapner QIC Warmup: Abe Vigodas IC x10 Grass pickers IC x15 Hillbilly walkers IC x20 Sprinklers w/ kick IC x15 Tempo squats IC x10 Willie Mayes Hayes Thang: Indian run around zoo to [...]

You vs You….. vs The Navy Seals

10.29.19 // 45 degrees // Q - Khaki 17 PAX posted at The Hill Warm Up: Weed pickers Arm circles Alternating toe touch 5 Merkins OYO 5 Squats OYO Mosey to the playground The Thang: Navy Seal PST Partner up -  2 minutes - Most Merkins you can do (50 is passing) Hold Al Gore [...]

Monday Ruck or Run Day 10/28/19

Backblast Weather: 42 degrees and clear skies PAX Wabbit Marshall Nomad Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The Ruckers: Wabbit and Marshall set out on a ruck The Runners: Nomad and Logger sat out on a run. Our goal was Founders Park and back. Moleskin: Kudos to Wabbit for working hard on EHing his friend, Brian. #HIM. [...]

Tortoise and Hare- college edition

11 Pax posted on this clear, 43 degree Monday morning- Shamu, Stache, Wapner, Himdinger, Piper, Slit, Boucher, Sparkle, Pork Chop, Crabby PO, Daisy-QIC Warm up: Hand release merkins- 15IC Tempo jump squats- 15IC Sprinkler lunges- 10IC Crossovers with pec stretch Scorpions Thang: Tortoise and hare BOMBS partnered with same favorite college PAX One carries coupon [...]

4 ruckers and Bell

10/26/19 Q: Cornwallis Pax: Dryrub, Marshall, Kneehigh, and Bell (DryRubs dog) No one was the Q so YHC took the helm and led everyone on a 3.05 mile trek. See image below for details. Moleskin: -Good conversation this morning and good pace. We talked about Buffalo, World Series (sort of), football, work, Halloween, dogs, along [...]

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