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F3 Dad’s Day April

24 PAX today (counting 2.0s) for F3 Dad’s Day! We did some traditional and not-so-traditional activities but had lots of fun

Weather: Clear and cool. Great day for some fun and working out

Warm-O-Rama: Invisible Jump Ropes, Motivators, Imperial Walkers

Thang: Mosey to Basketball Court, Bobby Hurleys with real rebounds, a few games of Knockout, a few games of Gaga Ball, Sprint Drills with ‘Mericans at each line

No time for Mary with so many FNGs. We got to name quite a few: Roundoff, Pikachu, Curly, Katniss, Hedgehog, Elsa, Trax, Raptor

Also Reporting: Zamboni, Maize, Marshall, Kneehigh, Motorboat, Nomad, Cornwallis, DC, Unnamed FNG, Logger, State, Lil’ Biscuit, Belvita


1 Little, 2 Little, 7 Little Indians.

7 Pax post in a warm wet Gloom.

Piper, Crabby Po, Jay-Z, Daisy, Wapner, IM, and Q Popeye

Warm up:

WMH oyo

Motivator from 8


1 mile Indian Run

10, 20, 30, 40

10 Pax choice, pull ups, decline merkins, swing Tyson’s.

Run to bath house for 20 dips

Run to shelter house for 30 LBCs

Run to road for 40 squats

Rinse and repeat

1 mile Indian run

We managed to run a total of 3 miles today. Legs will be sore tomorrow. Not much mumble chatter today.

The Hill

BSH – Bring Something Heavy

BSH – Bring Something Heavy

10 PAX posted in the gloom for an overdue coupon workout. YHC arrived ashamedly at 0533 coming from QSource. Fumbling to get started, I accidentally deleted the winky from my phone and had to figure out how to recover it, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Disclaimer was given and we got to it.

Warm up:


SSH x10 IC


Arm Circles x20 IC


Imperial Walkers x10 IC


Mosey to the Hill

The Thang:

You rep or you run. 30 minutes for 30 reps of as many of the following as possible. OYO.

Goblet Squats


Block Merkins


KB Swings

Skull Crushers

Log (Coupon) Jumpers

Bench Press

Lawn Mowers

American Hammer

Upright Row (Chinners)



Press Rotations

Side Raises



Heel touches x51 IC

Recover Recover


I was only expecting 3-4 PAX due to Spring Break & was estatic seeing 9 other men! There wasn’t as much mumblechatter as usual and I question whether or not I should’ve made PAX run a lap between exercises because I did not expect anyone to be able to finish all of the exercises in the allotted 30 minutes. TClaps to Cornwallis who posted even though he is on doctor’s orders not to run. F3 Dads is coming up on Saturday with Marshall at the helm, so bring the 2.0s for some fitness and a lot of fun.




I can’t quit you!

6 PAX posted in the warm (relatively) gloom for an ab heavy beat down.  36F and dry.

IM, Piper, Crabby PO, PewPew, Daisy, Jay-Z

Long Maestro Lap
Dynamic Stretching Exercises-
10 hip rotations forward and back each leg
10 Iron Crosses each leg
10 scorpions each leg
10 walking lunges each leg
10 Zombie walks each leg

Bruce Lee: 25 x LBC’s, 25 x Leg Lifts, 25 x Heel Touches, 25 x American Hammers, 25 x Crunchy Frogs, 100 x 100’s

Mosey to hill by caboose

Ab Back Mountain 1, 2, 3’s
Partner Up – 1 PAX runs backwards up hill and forwards down 4 times.  Other PAX does exercise.  Flip flop until total rep count reaches target.
100 Big Boys
200 LBC’s
300 Flutter Kicks each leg

2 x Crawlbears up hill

Slowesy to swings
Alternate 10 swing tysons while partner holds Al Gore.  Flip Flop. R&R

Mosey to Flag

10 x Weird hip rotation merkin plank thingies (They were hard)
15 x Box Cutters

Static leg and arm stretching to finish

Mumble: PAX started the complaints early with the Bruce Lee.  Things got tougher on the Ab Back Mountain.  Kept mary short as we had already worked the ab’s thoroughly.  Static stretching at the end was nice and appreciated.

The Hill

Q school


10 PAX posted at thehill for Q school

0500 lets go

Warm up

We streched as we discussed some of the how’s and the why’s of Q-ing a workout. Including the definition of the Q. The Q is the one responsible for the outcome.

10 Abe Vagodas IC -explained that it was different than windmills because he was 90 yrs old! Do them slowly.

We covered the importance of each call out:

1)Next exercise “_________”

2)Start position “gives Pax heads up”

3)In Cadence or On Your Own

And the often missed or under valued


10 SSH’s IC

15 Toy Soldiers IC – Explained the Toy Soldier is right foot to right hand which is extended straight out.

I took this exercise as an example of how the Q needs to explain sometimes the specifics of an exercise that we don’t do often or if there is an FNG.

I made the point that the warm up isn’t just something to hurry and get through, it is very important for a great workout.

We took a mosy to the other side of the parking lot. Along the way we discussed the origin of the word as well as the purposes:

1) shake things up. The whole workout could often be done in one place, but that would be boring!

2) time filler. Easily flexible to add or remove time.

3) to get to some of the fun places around the AO as we will discuss later.

50 Air Squats IC or until I got the splinter out of my glove. (You had to be there)

Moved about 20 yards away as I explained that being the Q allows you to do the exercises you love or if you chose, the ones you know others hate. Psych!

10 big boy sit ups Everyone mumbled something about a bear crawl so I change what I was intending to do and we did big boy setups when we finished I explained I’d intended to do 20 and we only did 10 because I was the Q and I wasn’t feeling it further encouraging guys to take the Q.

From there we did

Daft Punk Around the World 10 12 ct

Mosied behind the youth building to the stairs.

2 laps of stairs

It was after the stairs that I mentioned the reason we love the hill is it has so many things to choose from whether it’s the stairs or the volleyball sand pit where we lined up and did Bear crawl down in back in the middle of that someone mentioned the crab walk to which I replied great idea and we made one lap down with crab walk.

Mosey back to the flags circled up for Mary exactly six minutes of Mary

20 low dolly IC

20 High dolly IC

10 Bay City Scissors 8 ct IC

And recover recover

Beater is not in the tags

The Hill

Monday Ruckday – 4/1/19

Weather: 23 degrees, clear, no wind, and a lot of stars.


  1. Tulip
  2. Logger

Disclaimer remembered.

Thang: We set out at a good pace. 3/4 of a mile in we stopped for 20 Mericans. Shortly after we stopped for 10 pull ups/lat pulls. At 1.7 miles we stopped for 20 Dips. We managed to get a few uphills in.


Recover Recover

Moleskin – Hopefully Saturday’s snow is the last until next fall. Tulip is to blame for the snow, he just put is ice scraper away for the summer. Tulip started us out with some words of encouragement about starting the week off right, I couldn’t agree with him more. It was time and energy well spent on a little fitness and a great conversation.

Thank you Tulip!


No April Fools

7 PAX posted on this crisp 27 degree morning. Maestro, Pew-Pew, Popeye, Wapner, Crabby-PO, Jay-Z, Piper (QIC).

Warm up:

Arm Stretch: OYO

Leg Stretch: OYO


Modified Cindy: 5 pull ups, 15 squats, 10 Merkins, 10 – 10lbs sledge hammer tire strikes(5 right hand, 5 left hand), 10- 35 or 45 lbs kettle bell single arm row (10 right hand, 10 left hand), 1 Maestro lap. Rinse and Repeat.


Flutter Kicks: IC x 20

Vup Roll ups: OYO x 10

Crunchy Frog: OYO x 10

Moleskin: PAX completed 8 rounds of a modified Cindy. 2+ miles were ran, 40 pullups, 120 squats, 80 Merkins, 80 sledge hammer hits, 160 KB rows were completed. Hopefully PAX will continue to push hard, with the ultimate goal of completing the Murph on Memorial Day. 56 days and counting until Memorial Day. Glad to have the spring break PAX back today, wish Jay-z would have brought some warm weather back.


Stand by your man….. burp!!!!

53 degrees, cloudy and moist from overnight rain.

8 PAX- Piper, T-bone…er, Pew Pew, DC, Tulip, Wapner, IM, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder pretzels 17IC

Sprinkler- 15IC

Motivator- 8

Tempo Squats- 10IC

Willie Mays Hays- OYO


The Thang:

Mosey to first shelter

10 burpees

Tammy Wynette circuit “stand by your man” variation of one man standing exercises and one man down exercises- 10 reps, switch, each PAX will do 100 of each exercise.

100 merkins/ 100 squats

Second shelter

10 burpees

100 big boys/ 100 lunges

3rd shelter

10 burpees

100 Mt climbers/ 100 SSH

4th Shelter

10 burpees

50 Peter Parker/ 50 dips

10 burpees


30 sec side plank x2

American Hammer- 20 OYO

Crunchy Frogs- 20 OYO


Despite the dampness- a beautiful day to workout! Spring temps are coming!!!!! And working out after a boilermaker victory makes it all the better! Shoulder pretzels were in honor of the 17 missed free throws to help encourage more makes from the line against Virginia, and motivator from 8 not only to help is get ready for Maestros next Q, but to celebrate Purdue’s upcoming elite 8 appearance on Saturday. Nice to have a couple visitors from Indy join us for the fun today! Thanks for making the trip DC and Tulip! A nice variety of up and down exercises today- and chatter about the excitement of “No Burpee April” being on the horizon. Remember 60 and 62 burpees on Saturday and Sunday! Took a little longer than expected to complete each set of Tammy- so cut 4th shelter in half and finished with burpees so we didn’t have to do any at home. Hoping the warm weather will get more early morning motivation for more men- and looking forward to having the spring breakers back in the fold next week! Safe travels for all- have a great weekend, and looking forward to a Piper Q on Monday!!!!!

The Hill

Sweet 16

Weather: High 40s and a light rain. Pleasant stuff.

18 PAX in the wet gloom for a basketball inspired Sweet 16 event.

Disclaimer was given.


  1. Clean the glass–Alternating jumps to the left and right to grab the rebound
  2. Passing drill–overhead pass, chest pass, bounce pass x 16(IC)
  3. Wojo (Jump) Squats–16 of them inspired by that little SOB who played for Duke
  4. Mosey to east parking lot for the Sweet 16

Thang: A bracket of 16 classic F3 exercises was drawn up and the tournament commenced. PAX were expertly divvied up to odd and even teams and stayed the way for the remainder of the exercises. Odds did the odd numbered exercise and, naturally, Evens did the even numbered exercise first and then alternated.

  1. Burpees x 16 vs 16. Arm Circles (WW2 sit-ups were subbed out)
  2. Mericans x 16 (2 sets) vs 15. Low slow squats x 16 (2 sets)
  3. Motivator x 6 vs 14. Overhead claps
  4. Chin ups x 16 (2 sets) vs. 13. Dips x 16 (2 sets)
  5. Rock Curls x 16 (2 sets) vs 12. Skull crushers x 16 (2 sets)
  6. Lunge walk vs 11. Broad jumps
  7. Plank for 1 minute vs 10. Wall sits for 1 minute
  8. Bear Crawl v. 9. Crab Walk

Bonus–2 rounds of suicide runs


LBC 20 x IC


Rosalita 16x IC

More Wojos

And we closed it out with 16 Bobby Hurleys (slap the ground and miss the jumper).


MOLESKIN: Very appreciative to do this with 17 other great men! My first Q was in November and there were 8 of us and now look at us! I enjoyed Cosmo referring to Khaki as “Son”, after Khaki was caught ogling Zamboni’s calves!!! Big Salute to Cornwalis for toughing it out on a bad leg. #LEGEND. Seeing each one of you guys put in the work at 5:30 in the rain is truly inspiring. And thank you to Logger for his excellent reign as weekday SiteQ–long live the King!


2019 F3 Indianapolis Convergence – 3/23/2019

Beatdown for the day:   Nantan Favorite Mixer – Cosmo Q

Beatdown Detail:  Partner workout, changing partners for each exercise, must choose someone you don’t know or don’t know very well (i.e. Black Cat PAX and Indy PAX)

We’re not pros, nor responsible (me, F3, Northview)…pace yourself, modify as needed.

Warm up

SSH x25 IC

Twist with a kick (always fun)

Merkins x 20 IC

Motivator from 5

Indian Run around the parking lot (with 30+ guys Q was wondering about the wisdom of this decision)

Par up for Wapner’s Revenge – Soccer Goal Routine (using parking lines and light poles)  – Set of exercises, run around the light pole, set of exercises, run around the light pole, RNR.

Mosey to the Hill

Par up for the Brickyard Burpback Mountain

Slowsy to the end of the parking lot

Bear crawl half the lot, lunge walk the other half, making our way back to the shovel flags.


Flutter kicks x 20 IC

C-SIt bicycles x 21 IC

LBCs x 25 IC

Name O’ Rama



Clear, crisp and absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful, 35 F (ish)

PAX:  Maize, Motorboat, Piper, Crout, Snoop, Fresh Cream, Aaron Bugleman (FNG), Wolverine, PVC, Beanie, Brian Smith (FNG), Quick(ie), Tulip, Picasso, Tony Spears (FNG), Brickyard, Randy Rife (FNG), IM, Logger, Woodchuck, Wapner, DC, Zamboni, Beefsteak, Maestro, Maestro 2.0 (FNG), Pawnee, Flash, Khaki, Cosmo (Q)

What a GREAT Day for a 2nd year celebration and F3 Indy’s first convergence!  Following a slight logistics scare (Q/coordinator didn’t know there was a race at the #Hill this particularly day) and a reroute to the lower east side (thanks Khaki for being traffic cop), the introduction, warm up and beatdown began.

Huge gathering of old friends, new faces and down streamers for a celebratory beatdown that YHC thought was a bit harder than originally anticipated!  All worked hard and progress was observed by some of the newer PAX to F3.  Huge shoutout to #Black Cat for another trip to the #Hill (always great to see these guys),

Q enjoyed the mumble chatter as routines like Wapner’s Revenge and Brickyard’s BURPback Mountain were introduced and experience for the first time by some of the newer PAX.   (NOTE:  The routine is not Broke as the Q mistakenly called it…..Wapner was VERY quick to point out Q’s mistake.)  Q also enjoyed the core workout…and thanks to Zamboni….Q got to work in some C-Sit position.

Namo’o Rama was AWESOME with the hammer/anvil combo and the huge COT was truly inspiring as the opportunity to honor our Brickyard for all his efforts.  It was fitting as well to welcome the new site Q for Saturdays (Maize) and the new Nantan for Indy, Cornwallis.

HUGE THANKS to all that help organize this event!  Special thanks to Pawnee and Khaki (film crew), Logger and his M (food and heat) and Zamboni and team (awards).

It is very inspiring and humbling to be part of such a great group of men striving to be the very best version of themselves and desiring to make an impact in our world!  Two years is a significant milestone (especially as we look back to where we’ve been) but there’s more in front of us than behind us, more men that need this in their lives and more positive impacts to make in our world!

Keep posting, shield-locking and passing it on!

ALWAYS a privilege,