Frozen Corners

10 PAX posted for a frozen Q at 23 degrees

-Calf Stretches R/L L/R x2
-Grass Pickers x15
-Tricep Pretzels x15
-Motivator from 8

-1st Corner 10 Burpees
-2nd Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners
-3rd Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners + 30 Lunges per leg
-4th Corner 10 Burpees + 20 Groiners + 30 Lunges per leg + 40 Squats

Mozy to Bridge
-Mike Tyson Merkins x10 x8

Mozy to Hill
-Seal Merkins x5 start decline, horizontal, incline, horizontal
-Square Merking x5 start decline, horizontal, incline, horizontal

Mozy to Parking
-LBC x30
-LBC feet stay on the ground x30
-LBC feet crunch with head stationary x30
-Low Dolly x30

Post Stretch

It was extra crispy out this a.m. with minimal chatter. Basic Q for a last minute beatdown.

Frozen Indians

5 Pax posted on this pristine 18 F degree  morning.

Wapner, Popeye, Bambi, Crabby PO, Piper-(QIC)

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC

Arm Stretch OYO

Leg Stretch OYO

Thang: 1 mile Indian run and AMRAP of Cindy.  Which consisted of Pullups x 5, Merkins x 10, and Squats x 15.

Mosey to Flag


Hundreds OYO

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

Crunchy Frog x 10 OYO

Vup roll ups x 12 OYO

Moleskin: PAX completed 1.08 mile on the Indian run and 10-12 rounds of Cindy.  Two positives observed this morning, no mud and no rain.  It was said, heated gloves might be the way to go.  

Moist Four Corners

34° light rain, very sloppy

8 PAX posted








Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15

Finkle swings x10

Crab cake ICX10

Willie May’s Hays

Motivator from 8

Mosey to the tip for Jack’s

28 crab Jack’s and 28 plank Jack’s


4 corners

10 burpees at first corner

10 burpees + 20 groiners at 2nd

Added 30 lunges each leg at 3rd

Added 40 squats at 4th

Mosey to shelter

10 incline merkins

10 decline merkins

10 abyss merkins

10 squerkins

Mosey to flag


6 Absolution


Windshield wipers ICX10

Laney Lou x3


Little breezy today but more mumble about ponding water. It was wisely mentioned not to follow the lighted path on Wednesday after it freezes. We all got some pretty wet socks today. QIC was unaware of the amount of standing water on what started out as a pretty path to run on. Good workout. Nice to see Bambi and Maestro back from injury.

A Frolic in the Park! (Charles Bronson Style.)

Image result for charles bronson workout meme

6 PAX posted this morning in the glorious gloom.  Temperature was decent. A little chill.



Pew Pew



CrabbyPO (QIC)


Shoulder Pretzels IC X 15

Grass Pickers IC X 15

Arm and Leg General Stretching

Monkey Humpers IC X 10


THANG – Charles Bronson  

PAX ended the mosey on the far side of the frolic tunnel of lights.  PAX performed and exercise and then ran to far end through tunnel of lights to the grass.  At the grass PAX army crawled, bear crawled, or crab walk for about 10 yards.  PAX then  walked back and R&R with next exercise.  Exercises: 50 SSH’s, 50 Merkins, 50 burpees, 50 LBC’s, and finish with 50 Jump Squats.

Kill some time Mosey to the flag.


Absolution OYO X 10

Pickle Pounders IC X 15

Flutter Kicks IC X 25

Donkey Kick OYO X 10

Plank Hold.


BlackCat was all lit up this morning.  Which means it was time to frolic in the lights.  Some mumble about the quantity of burpees but all pax prevailed and conquered the workout.  It should be noted Jay-Z did beat Piper in a foot race (once).  A closing thought to ponder.  Would Charles Bronson frolic in the park in the lights?

Thankgiving @theHill

Weather: 28 Degrees


  1. State
  2. Skins
  3. Snickers
  4. Logger


  • We’re not professionals.
  • We don’t know your fitness level.
  • F3/North View Church isn’t liable.
  • Dangerous ground.
  • Modify.


  • 30 SSH
  • 10 Kick w/twist
  • 10 Windmills
  • 20 Seal Jacks
  • 10 Week Pickers

Thang: Cover as much of the Hill as possible. We mosey’d between each set.

  • 20 Hand Release Mericans
  • 20 Kettle Ball (Rock) Swings
  • Wall Sit
    • 20 – Overhead Clap
    • 20 – Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 20 Dirty Hook Up
  • Bear Crawl across Basketball Court
  • Crab Walk Back
  • 20 – Dips
  • 15 – Burpees IC
  • Leg Blasters From 10 to 5
  • Hill Sprint
  • 10 – Curls w/ rock
  • Pass Rock to right and 10 more curls
  • Lunges between lamp posts
  • 20 – Calf Raises


  • 15 – Crunchy Frog
  • 15 – LBC
  • 15 – Flutter Kick
  • 15 – Heal Touches
  • 15 – Low Dolly

Recover Recover


State and I saw 2 minivans circling the grounds looking for the workout as we pulled up. We waved them down and met Snickers and Skins. With just the 4 of us, we spent time chatting, learning Thanksgiving plans and enjoying the company. No Mumblechatter about the workout, but I noticed that Skins and Snickers have more hills than us because they were booking on the hill sprint.

I am thankful for each of you and the time I get to spend with you. I always look forward to it.

Snowflake Challenge

Nice 30 degree morning.

8 PAX: Daisy, Wapner, Popeye, Porkchop, Gasman, Crabby PO, Humdinger, Piper – QIC


Sprinklers IC x 20

Grass Pickers IC x 20

Arm Stretches OYO

Leg Stretches OYO

Motivator from 9

Thang: Snowflake Challenge, two teams named after Black Cat, Team Bravo and Team Charlie.  Team Bravo and Charlie consisted of 4 PAX each.  Each PAX on each team completed the following:

Tractor Tire Flips x 5

3 Semi Tire jumps with merkins at each tire x 3.  3 semi tires are lined up next to each other in a straight line.  First pax jumps to the right into the first tire, then jumps backwards out of the tire, then pax does a merkin on the tire, after merkin  jumps back into first tire and then jumps right into the 2nd tire, repeats through 2nd and 3rd tire.  Rinse and repeat x 3.  Looking to coin the exercise “The three amigos,” however they don’t feel very friendly.

Pull ups x 5

Maestro lap 

Rinse and repeat, Flips, 3 amigos, Pullups, and Maestro Lap.

Challenge to be decided on by either reaching the start/ finish line, or team that has completed assigned exercise while flipping the tractor tire the farthest around the maestro lap by the set time of 6:10 am.

Team Bravo was victorious, Team Charlie is now known as Team Snowflake.

Mosey to flag:


Crunchy Frog OYO x 25

WWII sit ups x 25

Flutter Kick IC x 20

V up Roll ups x 12

Moleskin: Nothing better than some friendly competition to get the blood flowing in the gloom.  Team Snowflake, while consisting of a group of men that are all special and unique, did lose to team Bravo, no names need to be mentioned.  8 PAX participated in a coffeeteria at the Downtown Diner, no 10-29’s were reported.  Conversation was good, we learned more about Bambi’s “work” injury.  We are all hoping for his speedy recovery.  A special shoutout to Esserman’s Tire in Frankfort, they have been very kind in providing BlackCat with our Tractor and Semi tires, I know many of you already do business with Esserman, for those of you that don’t please give them a look when you’re in need of new tires.  Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe, hope to see you in the gloom on Friday.

11/20/2018 Cosmo’s Turkey Gumby

We’re not pros, nor responsible (me, F3, Northview)…pace yourself, modify as needed.

Warm up

SSH x 29 IC (Q can’t count)

High Knees x 20 IC

Arm Circles, Front & Back

The Thang

Leg Blasters (from 10 staying with 10 count for Al Gore’s, until 3….long story, Q still can’t count)

Black Snake around parking lot

Merkin/Arm Balance Pyramid from 5, 10 count Arm Balances

Mosey to second spot

Core Pyramid


Leg Lifts 3 Positions with 10 flutter kicks at each level

Leg Lifts 3 positions with 10 dollies at each level

Stretch Sequence (feet to shoulders)

Breathing, runners stretch, groin stretches, quads, calves, arms, back

Slowsy to the cars



35 F ish and soggy

PAX:  Headlock, Zamboni, PVC, Cornwallis, State, Beefsteak (former FNG), Marshal, Knee High, Logger, Woodchuck, Catfish (Down Range), DC Cosmo (Q)

A little bit tougher Gumby today (at Zamboni’s request), but turned out very well for all.  Mumble chatter was AWESOME…mostly focused on the Qs inability to count appropriately and remember L/R (#respect I suppose).  Q got some revenge with ‘forgetting’ the count on a few balance moves, breaking out C-sit and jousting with others in the group.  Great fun had by all.

Serious note:  Zamboni shared/reminded the group that this is FIRST a MEN’S group and not a FITNESS group…great reminder to strive for those “iron on iron” relationships moving forward.  Catfish brought some wisdom to use rucking for this purpose…great combo idea.

THANKS Zamboni for the insight….let’s all get to work on this as a group….it will make us better!

Nice work today men.

Safe travels for those on the road…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Always a privilege,