Cell Block 9

Weather 66 and clear





Crabby PO


Pew Pew



Wapner QIC


Abe Vigodas IC x10

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Arm stretches and wall stretch

Willie Mays Hayes


Tempo squats IC x10

Prisoner Indian run

Stop at Happy Place

La La Leggy


Farmer carry two blocks to stations about 30 yards apart for Block curls and Block merkins 10:1 to 1:10

Run back and forth across parking lot for Skull crushers and squats 10:1 to 1:10

Block Mary (hold a block, if you can):

Wall sit

Block presses IC x10

Flutter kicks IC x30

Hello Dolly IC x15

LBCs IC x25



Rebound workout from 5 PAX on Wednesday to 9 today. PAX must love a good block party (other than Oompa Loompa who was reported to be afraid of the block). Announced name of the workout as Cell Block 9, but after a few parts was suggested it should be The Blame Game due to Humdinger blamed for Prisoner Indian run, Crabby blamed for La La Leggy, and Jay-Z blamed for farmer carries…. as long as it’s not YHC to blame that’s fine. Plenty of moaning and complaining during farmer carries and that should continue through the day and into tomorrow with soreness in the forearms. Running for the second part of the block party was a welcomed relief. Wall sit until Q got tired conjured flashbacks to Burpo in APC back in our Hot Dog days. Humdinger commented that those coaching days are gone now that all the kids are snowflakes. Use the weekend to turn up the EH and let’s keep the momentum going into next week! Aye!

The Hill

Battle of the EH

Weather:  62 degrees, Partly cloudy with tension in the air.


  1. Beater
  2. Cosmo
  3. Cornwallis
  4. Snooki
  5. Kindergarten Cop
  6. Nomad
  7. Khaki
  8. Brickyard
  9. Clubber
  10. State
  11. Headlock
  12. Motorboat
  13. Zamboni
  14. Tulip
  15. Marshall
  16. Kneehigh
  17. Quick
  18. Logger

Disclaimer given


Team Nomad VS Team Headlock

  • Anyone you EH is on your team.
  • For each challenge, the captains agree when to start. They can choose to start before all PAX arrive

Battle Plans

Warm Up

  • 20 SSH
  • 10 Kick w/twist
  • 10 Weedpickers
  • 20 Seal Jacks
  • 10 Windmills

Stare Down

  • Merican Hold – Teams line up facing each other in high plank. Then drop into low mericans with elbows at 90 degrees and hold. You are DQ’d if you break 90. You can acknowledge it yourself or the other team can call you out.
    • 2 point for 2nd to last to hold it
    • 5 points for last holding low merican
    • 5 Points awarded to Team Headlock (Quick)
    • 2 Points awarded to Team Nomad (Cornwallis)
  • Squat Hold – Same line facing each other. Drop into low squat with quads parallel to ground. If you go to high or low it is a DQ. You call yourself out or the other team can call you out.
    • 2 point for 2nd to last to hold it
    • 5 points for last holding low merican
    • 7 points awarded to Team Headlock (5 for Beater, 2 for State)

Artillery (team currently in lead chooses who goes first)

  • Cannonball Fire – starting by the rockpile near the volleyball courts form a fireman’s ladder towards volleyball court. This will be timed – 2 minutes.
    • 1 designated thrower. (Tossing area will be marked)
    • 6 people must be in the fireman’s ladder (not including the thrower)
    • Anyone else can either join in the fireman’s ladder or hand rocks to the fireman’s ladder.
      • 1 point per rock thrown (must land in the sand)
      • 5 points for furthest rock thrown.
    • Once you are done and points are counted – you put away your own teams rocks.
    • 52 points awarded to Team Headlock (52 tossed)
    • 40 points awarded to Team Nomad (35 tossed with 5 for furthest)


  • Tarp Carry – one person (Must be regularly attending PAX – no recruiting your own kids) will be transported in a tarp from the bottom of the hill to the top. They can not be injured inroute. The team chooses the person. You are provided a rope and a tarp.
    • 5 points for winner
    • 5 points awarded to Team Nomad
  • Fortification – Stack 10 5 blocks without the tower falling in a + pattern (I’ll demonstrate). If your tower falls, you restart. The blocks must start at the top of hill (it will be marked) and be run down (it will be marked) and back up in order to add to the stack. Only one Block can be transported at a time. Captains can have as many people at the bottom or top of the hill as they want.
    • 5 points for winner
    • 5 points awarded to Team Headlock


After a month plus build up we met on the field of battle to test our speed and strength. Q received more questions than he was expecting, creating games is challenging. Cannonball fire drew the most controversy. The most competitive people popped out of the group – it was fun to watch. We finished with Team Headlock scoring 67 points. Team Nomad scoring 47 points.

Q had to skip Tug of War and shorten the Fortification challenge. If/when there is a next time, I’ve thought of modifiers to get this done in time and speed up some of the games.

Thanks Men, that was fun. Keep EHing!




Running Scared

Only 5 PAX posted as the rest were fearful of the scary Running included in the Pre-Blast.  70F and Humid with lots of mosquitoes during mary.
IM, Crabb PO, Jay-Z, Wapner, Oompa Loompa

Warmup: General Stretching with a description of what was to come (this is where I figured out what we were going to do).

Choice of running ~.2 miles around Animals or ~.33 miles around the larger loop.
100x Jump Rope
25x Merkins
50x LBC’s
R&R for a total of 7 laps.

Hurricane Hoedown for 7 and 6 reps IC
Dolly x 10 IC

Mumble:  It was a tough hard cardio workout with much groaning on the jump rope.  Definitely need to get them out more as it was great exercise and could really help with all of our coordination.  It was nice to see the other 4 out this morning but would really like to see the fartsackers man up after saying they would be there.  Bambi gets the excused absence.


Car! Game Off!


Game On Waynes World GIF - GameOn WaynesWorld GIFs

6 PAX posted on Monday 6/3/19.  Temperature was 51 degrees.

Wapner, Gas Man, IM, Pew Pew, Piper, CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

  • Arm / Leg stretch
  • Grass Pickers
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • LBAC x 15 each way

A little mosey that ended up in front of the Babe Ruth Diamond.


Ladder down by 10’s.

PAX went through a series of exercises (listed below) starting with 100 reps and going down to 10 reps.  For added fun 5 burpees were added in-between each exercise.  Each exercise was done as a single count.  Once all PAX completed the ladder down, PAX climbed back up as far as time allowed.

  • 100 – Flutter Kicks
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 90 – Shoulder Taps
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 80 – Skaters
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 70 – Mountain Climbers
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 60 – Squats
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 50 – LBC’s
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 40 – Lunges
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 30 – Hand Release Merkins
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 20 – Squat Jumps
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 10 – Side Straddle Hops
  • 5 – Burpees


Ring of Fire Mary:

  • Crunchy Frog x 10 / V-Sit Hold
  • LBC x 20 / Hollow Body Hold (Banana)
  • Flutter Kicks x 30 / Canoe




YHC thieved a work out off of our friends from Louisville for this mornings beat-down.  A few take-a-ways from the work out are: I’m glad we single counted the lunges, Mt Climbers, and Shoulder Touches.  Thirty HRM in a row kind of suck.  While the lack of PAX this morning was disappointing, it did make Ring of Fire Mary a lot less painful.  Final note is that we might have to see about a group rate on safety vests if this mornings traffic continues to be the norm.

The Hill

Monday Ruck Run Day 6/3/19

Weather:  48 degrees, Clear skies and the sun is coming up early now.


  1. Motorboat
  2. Tulip
  3. Marshall
  4. Kneehigh
  5. Maize
  6. Quick
  7. Logger

Disclaimer given


Motorboat, Tulip, Kneehigh and Marshall set out on a ruck and getting in 2 and a quarter miles.


Maize, Quick, and Logger set out on a run. 1~ mile – stretching – ~2 miles – then we got in some dips, mericans, LBC’s, and flutter kicks.


Recover Recover

Moleskin – 7 PAX posted this morning! We all started the week strong getting out and getting after it. The cool morning was perfect for a run and the ruckers looked like they were pretty invigorated.


The Hill

Crabby Bear


@ The Hill

16 Men posted for an oldie but a goodie

0530 flags were posted and men were gathered so it was time for the disclaimer.

Warm up

Weed Pickers with back clap 15ic

Side straddle hops5 ic ( it’s a warm up)

Abe Vigoda’s 10 ic

Mountain climbers 15 ic

Arm circles forward in back

On our six for a crossover leg stretch for lower backs

Cross leg toe touches OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the west side of the parking lot and circle up around light post

Burpees 5 ic

Line up on the light post and bear crawl to the next light post

Circle up around that light post

Burpees 5 ic

Side straddle hops 10 ic

Crab walk back to the first light post

Burpees 5 ic

Side straddle hops 10 ic

Side balance merkins 15 ic

Lineup and bear crawl back to the other light post

Burpees 5 ic

Side straddle hops 10 ic

Side balance merkins 15 ic

Big Boy sit ups 20 ic

Crab walk back to the first light post

Burpees 5 ic

Side straddle hops 10 ic

Side balance merkins 15 ic

Line up on the light post and bear crawl to the next light post

Circle up around that light post

Burpees 5 ic

Side straddle hops 10 ic

Crab walk back to the first light post

Burpees 5 ic

Back to the shovel flage for a bear crawl balls to the walls indian run.

Quick run to the east parking lot for 1 lap of stairs and back.


Bay City scissors 8 count 10 ic

Bicycles 15 ic

Flutter kicks 20 ic



That’s right guys that was 35 burpees and you hardly even noticed.

I can’t tell you guys how much it means to me after 2 years to see such a large group of guys show up it’s great to see the impact we’re making on our own men and we need to keep pushing to reach out to those who need it.

The Hill

Double or nothin’


Q: Tulip

PAX: Aggie, Brickyard, Clubber, One Direction, Kramer, Quick, Marshall, Bulldog, Maize, Snookie *FNG, & Tulip


1 min. plank, 2 Merkins, 4 ruck pull throughs, 8 ruck thrusters, 16 Flutter kicks, 32 ruck high pulls, 64 ruck squats, 128 stairs, 2 mile ruck

COT: PVC in our prayers for upcoming surgery. Thankful for a chance to better ourselves today. Saturday June Qs are needed.

Moleskin: Diverse turnout and great way to start June. Had an FNG (Snooki), a downrange guy One direction, a handful of guys making it 4 times this week. I think the OYO PT was a great warm up before the 2 mile ruck. Blend of roads, sidewalk, off road, fields, and mix of flat and hilly terrain hopefully made for a good variety.

Mumble chatter: Kramer: Will we need gloves? Tulip: Nah. 2 seconds later….Tulip: OK to begin we have 1 minute of planks. Kramer: Instant mumble chatter, he may have broke a nail. Other Mc included checking math skills as it was CLEARLY stated we would be double the number of reps for each exercise in the pre ruck segment. Mc continued about the number when the number of stairs needed to be done. Soggy feet do to the dew created more chatter as well as the false summit on the way back home. Homework.


Up and over, ATM, blasters and more!

63 degrees, cloudy- trying to dry out morning on this Friday. 9 PAX- Wapner, Piper, IM, Crabby PO, Bambi, Jay-Z, Oompa Loompa, Popeye, Daisy- QIC
Warm up:
Moroccan night clubs 20IC
Shoulder pretzels- 20IC
Lat stretches OYO
Sprinklers 10IC
Side lunges 10IC
Leg stretching OYO
Mosey to happy place-
Circuit Work
Station 1- Happy Place
Leg blaster
Prison Run
Station 2- bath house
Dips-15; inclined merkins 10
Station 3- large shelter house
Up and overs 10
10 pistol squats each leg- on bench for bigger challenge
Station 4 – end of sidewalk
ATM- 15 shoulder taps each shoulder, 10 Tempo merkins, 10 merkins
Imperial walker to Happy Place
Rinse and repeat for duration
Mosey to flag
Bruce Lees- hammer, leg raise, lbc, heal touch, crunchy frog, 100- 20 reps of each
Rinse and repeat
Early conversation about putting EH on more people and pushing those that aren’t here to come back more often- were talking to you Hummdinger CubbyBlue, and Smell good- among others! Hoping others recover soon to get the numbers up. Workout completed 4 rotations with 2 rounds of Bruce Lees. About 2.25 miles in distance. All in all, lots of good sweat had working through the sore legs from Wednesday. Up and overs were something different. Picnic benches are thinner than thought for the step down. Name-O-Rama this morning for Jay-Z 2.0. Welcome to Oompa Loompa as the newest member to Black Cat! Not sure we made it as a group with our weight loss challenge- scale will be there Monday for an updated weight and hopefully a more serious June!!!! Let’s also make it a goal for each PAX to bring one new guy this month! This is a great group that many others could benefit- let’s find them and get them here!!!!! Enjoy the last day of May!!!

Stairway to…..13?

7 men posted in 60° gloomy weather with a downpour immediately following






Cayden Carter-FNG

Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx13

Sprinklers ICx13


Shoulder pretzels ICx20

Tempo squats ICX10

Tempo merkins ICX10

Mosey to happy place for leg blaster

Abnormally long Indian run to bottom of stairs


13 merkins at bottom of stairs

1 lunge each leg at top

Down to 1 and up to 13

Stair suicide

Ring of fire merkins x10


Flutter kicks ICx13

Freddie Mercury ICX13

Pickle pointer ICx13

Hello Dolly ICx13

Plank jacks ICx13

Pickle pounder ICx13



Rain moved through early to provide a nice wet surface for today’s events. The rain itself…not much of a surprise. It happens daily! Mumble started early when it was brought up that Q’s 2.0 was 13. Stairway to 13 just sounds wrong and, trust me, it felt wrong too. Good beat down. The rain held off until the exact moment we got in our cars. Lots of fart sackers for 60 degrees. Theres no reason we can’t have 10+ every session! Man up! See you Friday!

The Hill

Indy Memorial Day Murph


12 Men posted on this Memorial Day to remember all those who have sacrificed their lives. 9 for the Murph, 3 for the Ruck

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Beefsteak, Cosmo, KneeHigh, Marshall, Nomad, Khaki, Maize, DC, Tulip, State, Logger

Disclaimer given

1 mile run to Inlow Park
20 sets of: 5 pull ups, 10 Mericans, 15 squats
1 mile run back to the Hill

COT- Each man named a fallen soldier instead of their own name.

-Great job this morning guys! Everyone worked really hard and it was fun doing the murph together.
-I think the highlight was going down the twisty slide at the end and watching everyone bounce off of the rubber ground.
-That hill running back will getcha! Nice job Beefsteak taking off and leading the pack with blazing speed!
-I think more pull-ups should be in our future so we aren’t suffering so much on those. Keep getting after it! Keep EH’ing every man you see. Keep posting!


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