This is Sparta


5 PAX posted for a chilly start to the morning.  Weather was 10 degrees and overcast.





Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Grass Pickers IC x 20

General Stretching – Arms, Legs, etc…

Motivator from 7

Chinook IC x 20


Mosey to the bottom of the stairs.

Thang: Spartan

PAX performed 100 yard sprint followed by 10 Merkins walked it back to the start line rinse and repeat x 15.


Mosey to flag for Mary.



LBC IC x 30

Side planks hold for 30s – Left side then the Right.

Captain Thor OYO x 5

E2K IC x 10 each side.

Hold Low plank for 30s.

Moleskin:  Bit colder this morning than what it was last week.  Started with 5 PAX and ended with 3.5 due to some injuries.  It was decided the full Spartan requires more time than we had this morning.  All in all the half spartan still did a number on YHC’s legs.  Rest and Rest and back at it on Monday.

The Hill

Shoulder Fun – 2.1.18

Weather Partly Cloudy and 38 with light wind – it was perfect out


  • Cosmo
  • TNT
  • Zamboni
  • Darius
  • DC
  • Logger


30 – SSH
10 – Deadlift w/fly
10 – Kick w/twist
10 – Abe Vigoda
30 – Up & Out Jacks
10 – Week Pickers


Mosey to the fish bowl

  • 12 – Pull Ups
  • 12 – Side Plank Mericans Left
  • 12 – Ball Crushers
  • 12 – Side Plank Mericans Right
  • 12 – Ball Crushers
  • 30 – Shoulder Pretzel

Mosey to Cosmo’s Bear Crawl Bridge

  • Bear Crawl Bridge
  • Wall Sit
  • Crab walk with 90 degree turn every 6′
  • Shoulder Hold

Mosey to a light pole

  • 15 – Merican
  • 20 – Csit Over Under
  • 20 – Csit Flutter kick
  • 15 – Pike MericanCrunch Frog
  • 10 – 4 Drops
  • 30 – Moroccan Night Club
  • 50 – Overhand Clap
  • 40 – Cherry Pickers

Mosey to the Fishbowl

  • 12 – Chin Up
  • 20 – Dip
  • 12 – Reverse Star Lunge
  • 20 – Mountain Climbers



20  – American Hammer


TNT showed up in shorts and tshirt – Logger decided to take his neck gaiter off – DC kept his facemask on. Off to a brisk pace – Q recycled and reused some previous sets – continues to hit the pull ups & chins ups so one day we can all be big and strong (or at least able to do pull ups. Q and PAX refuse to learn the difference between a pull up and chin up, Cosmo must remind us fingers out or fingers in each time. TNT showed us how to feel a different type of burn in our shoulder and how a master cadence counter does it – it was great having him.


1/30/2018 – Broken Brick Workout

The Thang – Carrying bricks throughout the workout

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

High Knees


Arm Circles

Moroccan Nightclubs


Legs and Core

Stationary Lunge with Twist

Bricks Overhead Squat



Mosey to ‘Bear Crawl Bridge’ (Newly named by Cosmo)

Loaded Bear Crawl across  Bear Crawl Bridge ad back (bear crawl with bricks)

Arm and Core

Colt 45 Curls

Tris – 45 Reps

Chair position Shoulder Swings (side and back)


Brick lift Merkins

Loaded Bear Crawl across  Bear Crawl Bridge ad back

10 Regular Burpees

10 Brick-loaded Burpees

Mosey back to cars

Mary – Core

Low Reach Flutter Kicks (on your six, reaching past and lifting shoulders)

Low Reach Gas Pumps

Hollow Body Hold

C-Sit Heel/Toe Cross




21 F Partly Cloudy, light breeze

PAX:  Christmas (Lloyd from NC), Woodchuck, Zamboni, Darius, Cosmo (Q)

5 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a brick-carrying workout with a few new exercises (title inspired by the Q breaking his brick on the ground 1/2 through the workout).  Excited to see Darius back in rhythm following the new baby.  Also excited to have Christmas with us in town and driving from Greenwood for the workout (decked out in F3 gear).  Workout exceeded expectations with the new exercises and positions that were introduced.  Mumble chatter was decent throughout and Christmas stated that he definitely got his money’s worth.  No one seem especially keen on the new low reach core position, which means there’s a weak spot there for us…so we’ll keep working on it.  Also learned that delaying the count during core exercises is generally a good way to inspire mumble chatter!

Always a privilege,



Merkins, Squerkins, and dips…..oh my!

3 men posted in the 30 degree, dry, breezy, gloom.



Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Short mosey

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICx15

Hydraulic squats x10

Plank jacks x15

Doggie paddle x10


Mosey to stairs

9 groiners at top

1 lunge each leg at bottom

(Continue to 1 and 9, respectively)

To shelter house for Squerkins

Pax1 in wheelbarrow position

Pax2 holding legs

PAX1 does 10 merkins

PAX2 does 10 squats

Due to odd number, pax3 did SSH while waiting.

Rotated until each PAX completed each position twice.

Back to stairs

9 LBC’s at top

1 dip at bottom

… know the drill

1 set of stair suicides

To shelter house for one more round of squerkins

Abyss merkins x10 (position benches together, suspend body between the two and complete merkin down deep into the gap)

Dips x10

Abyss merkins x5

Dips x5

Mosey to flag


10 side plank hip taps each side


Flutter kicks ICx15

Freddie Mercury ICx15

5 Absolution

Hold plank for 50 seconds


It was determined that given a predetermined fart sack by Maestro, a Maestro Lap could not be performed. Some new exercises were introduced and added a lot of excitement. Stair suicides proved to be a challenge and will make their way into regular rotation. Squerkins were a nice change up, even if they did appear to be an inappropriate position for 2 men to be in. Overall a great workout hitting several muscle groups.


Not So Lazy Dora and Stairs

Weather clear and 31


Crabby PO
Wapner QIC


Maestro lap
SSHs IC x20
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Grass pickers IC x15
Slow squats IC x10
Tempo merkins IC x10


Mosey to Somewhat Lazy Dora 1-2-3

Mosey lap

100 merkins / plank alternating

Mosey lap

200 squats / Al Gore alternating

Mosey lap

300 LBCs / canoe alternating

Mosey to stairs

5 Stair laps with lunges, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, toy soldiers, lunges at bottom and burpees at top

Hail Mary x10 dips x3 sets

Mosey to field for railroad tracks to flag


Absolution x5
Flutter kicks IC x15
Hello Dolly IC x15
Freddie Mercury IC x15
Heel touches IC x15
Heel raises IC x10
Canoe hold



IM excused due to ankle injury at the Swamp on Saturday. Maestro getting the timing of the Maestro lap perfectly. Warmer temperatures over the weekend brought stairs back into the picture and the PAX took advantage. Mumblechatter about creation of stair suicides so maybe we’ll see that on Wednesday from Jay-Z.


Fitness Test – 1/27/18

Breezy and rainy 43 degrees at the Swamp. Zamboni, Darius and I M posting with Woodchuck Q for a Fitness Test this morning.

Stretch warmup

Two Minutes of Push-ups:

  • Woodchuck – 55
  • Zamboni – 73
  • Darius – 80
  • I M – 40

Two Minutes of Sit-ups:

  • Woodchuck – 73
  • Zamboni – 50
  • Darius – 54
  • I M – 54

Two Mile Run:

  • Woodchuck – 17:10
  • Zamboni – 18:00
  • Darius – 16:27
  • I M – 15:08

Stretching to cool down

Moleskin: First Fitness Test done by the F3 Indy team. We were going to add Pull-ups but the rain mad the bars too slick. Looking to continue this fitness test every month to see where we end up and what rates of improvements we can make!

Craig “Woodchuck” Donlan


Here we go Loopty-Loo

Four PAX posted on a beautiful Friday morning to run a few loops around the park.  39F and B-E-A-utiful.

Extra slow windmills
LBAC’s forward and backward
Tempo Merkins x10
Monkey Humpers x15

Run 2 miles, stopping every quarter mile for some exercises
10 burpees
1:1 Merkins:Groiners up to 4:4 back down to 1:1
Alternating Incline Merkins and Dips 5:5, 10:10, 15:15
Wall Step ups x15 each leg
10x broad jump burpees
Hand Release Merkins:Groiners, 1:1 up to 4:4, back down to 1:1
Alternating Decline Merkins and Dips 5:5, 10:10, 15:15
20x Wall Jumps

20x Pickle Pounders
25x LBC’s
19x Flutter Kicks
20x Gas Pumpers

EVERYONE enjoyed the jogging this morning, EVERYONE!


Icy Roads Ahead. Wednesday, January 24, 2018

30 and Icy from an over-night drizzling. Five brave men, Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, TipToe, and Maestro skidded their way into the Black Cat this morning. Q was tardy due to a quick check of the stairs that were planned for this morning. Many modifications in store.


MNCs IC x20

Wall Stretches

LBACs IC x20

Leg and Warrior stretches

Mosey to almost the shelter

The Thang

Motivators from 10

Mosey the rest of the way to the shelter

What was going to be “Stairs by 5s” became “Grass by 5s”

1 Big Boy at one end and 4 Lunges each leg at the other then 2 and 3, 3 and 2, then 4 and 1

Then the same with Merkins and Burpees. Cool down with Merkins IC x10

RnR combining the two. (The plan was to change from 5 to 10, but time was questionable.)

Cooled down with Shoulder Touches

Mosey to our LegBlaster station for one round to make up for light reps on the 5s.

Mosey to MOM

Canoes and Boats (apparently from Canada this morning)

FMs IC x20

LBCs IC x20

BoxCutters IC x10 each direction

Heals to Heaven IC x15

BCSs IC x10

QIC thrown off this morning with the unexpected ice. You know it’s bad when the “2-hour delay” for school is called before the workout even begins. Modifications were made and previously discarded artifacts caused an early mosey to the first stop. We sufficiently burnt our legs and cleared the air to welcome TipToe back to the workout with a boyish energy this morning. Good work men!

The Hill

6 rounds & crawling around


5 men posted in the slightly warm, slightly rainy gloom for a classic beat down. Here’s what we did:

Warm Up
Capri lap
Shoulder Pretzels

The Thang
(Exercise 1, Mosey, Exercise 1 & 2, Mosey, etc)

5 Burpees
10 merkins
15 crab cakes
20 LBC
25 air squats
30 SSH


Bear crawl
Wall sit
Crab walk
Peter Parkers
Wall sit (lowered)
Rotating crab walk
Low plank Peter parkers

Crunchy Frog
Snow Angels
Heels to Heaven
Low Dolly
High Dolly
Flutter kicks

Recover right as the rain starts!

It was great to have a work out that wasn’t in the negative digits. It makes me excited for when it really starts to warm up, although I think we still may have a few weeks before then. Glad to see Darius getting back into the mix. Seeing a fresh face is a great reminder that we still need to be EHing to grow F3 Indy. This is prime tim: end of January is when New Year’s resolutions start to fall through and when sad clown syndrome kicks in. There are men out there that really need this group, both for their physical health and their whole being. Let’s make an effort to spread the word and start to really grow this thing!

Always an honor,



“A” is for Abs…….

5 PAX posted on this warm January morning.  Weather was 49 degrees and overcast.





Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Grass Pickers IC x 20

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Side Straddle Hops x 20

LBAC – Forward for 20 and reverse for 20

Mosey to the concession stand.

Thang: #1 ATM

PAX performed 3 ATM sets.  An ATM set consisted of 15 alternating shoulder touches from the plank position, followed by 10 tempo merkins, and finally 10 quick merkins.

Mosey to Big Shelter House

Thang: #2 Bruce Lee

Hammers x 20

Leg Lifts x 20

LBC’s x 20

Heel Touches x 20

Crunchy Frog x 20

100’s x 20

Rinse and repeat x 4.

Mosey to flag for Mary.



Freddie Mercury’s IC x 20

Gas Pump’s IC x 20

Canoe / Boat – Hold for 30 seconds

Plank hold for one minute followed by side plank holds for 30 seconds each side.

Moleskin:  Figured almost 50 degrees in morning in January called for a workout full of abs.  Bruce Lee showed up and did not disappoint.  There was a lot of chatter among the PAX on just how awesome Bruce was.  Didn’t quite meet the lofty goal of 10 sets of ATM’s but with some work PAX will be there in no time.  Finished up with some Mary and welcomed Zonkey into the COT for the prayer.

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