The Hill

Burpee Circuit

Five men triumphed over the battle against their fartsack button on their alarm and posted in the gloom of Friday the 13th Eve. The disclaimer was read, in full, until the third line and then summarized, “It’s not our fault. Modify.” so we could jump right in.

Warm Up

Motivator from 4
Merkivator from 4
(1) Close grip plank, hands go out as body goes down for merkin, hands come in as body comes up; (2) merkin; (3) 4-count hold at bottom of merkin)
Run a lap

Mosey to hill

The Thang

50s (round 1)
Each round adds up to 50 reps (10&40, 20&30, 30&20, 40&10). Each PAX decides for self which exercise starts at 10 and which starts at 40 on first round.
Air Squats – Pike Push-ups


Burpee Circuit (round 1)
For the two rounds of the burpee circuit, I let the PAX choose a number, 1-13, each relating to a different burpee exercise. I did this without telling them that every number had to do with a burpee somehow, for the enjoyment of seeing the realization come across the PAX’s faces.

One Legged Burpees x10
StarJack Burpees x10
Turk n Burp x1 (lol this was WAY too hard)
Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x10


50s (round 2)
Calf raises – Big boy sit ups


Burpee Circuit (round 2)
Bropees x10
Apollo Creed Burpees x10
Circle Burp x10


Russian Twist
Flutter Kicks



Today was a fun little exercise. The fun came from the group of PAX that showed up. I have been really energized this week at how well we mesh with one another and I wouldn’t trade this group for the world. PLEASE, if you haven’t read Barricade’s F3 Manifesto, take five minutes and read through it. Even if we don’t grow as big other regions, let’s make the effort to make F3Indianapolis the best experience possible for each PAX that posts.

Always an honor,


Random Assortment of Pain

6 men posted in the early hours to “enjoy” some random exercises with no real point.  Started out at 67 and damp, ended up at 58 and WINDY.

SSH x 25
Weedpickers x 15
General arm and leg stretching
Mosey to concession stand the long way – High Knees, Butt Kicks, side shuffles, Frolicking (Skipping while swinging your arms wildly!), backwards run, Imperial walkers

1 Minute wall sit while doing arm circles or roof raises, 10 squats, 1 minute plank, 5 merkins.  Repeat x3

Lunges to shelter house (60 to 70 lunges)

5 incline merkins, 5 dips, 10 incline merkins, 10 dips, 15 incline merkins, 15 dips, 15 incline merkins, 15 dips, 10 incline merkins, 10 dips, 5 incline merkins, 5 dips

Mosey around shelter house

Lunge length of shelter, bear crawl next side, imperial walkers far side, crab walk final side, Run to far corner of shelter house do 10 jump squats and 5 merkins, Finish running around shelter house.  Repeat x2

Mosey to monkey bars, do 2-3 rounds of pullups to exhaustion

Mosey to flags the long way

8 minutes of Mary
Flutter Kicks x 20
LBC’s x 25
Scissors x 10
Hold legs at 45 degrees for 30 seconds
LBC’s x 15
Hold legs at 90 degrees for 30 seconds
Attempt big boy situps, give up after 3 switch to Freddie Mercuries x 15
Flutter Kicks x 15

Mumble: Forgot my workout at work.  Had planned a lot of tennis court suicides but decided courts were to wet and slick to attempt.  Switched to randomness instead.  Arms were shot after merkins/dips.  Abs should recover sometime next week.

The Hill

They never saw it coming!

Warm up

Shoulder rolls

Shoulder stretches


10 lunges each leg

Finkle leg swings on your own

Mosey to big parking lot

The Thang

Team up and do ladders first round one pax does merkins while other pax runs to the end of the parking lot and does 10 side straddle Hops and returns

100 Merkins any style

100 Air Squats

100 Sit ups any style

Rinse and Repeat;

Rinse and Repeat!

Mosey, and mosey. (Some may call it running?)


Feet 6in off ground……….. like forever!

Gas pumps ic 10

Windshield wipers ic 10

Feet 6in off the ground till completion.


Three pax posted because, well, only three pax posted! Your humble communicator made the comment not creative but effective for today’s workout one of the other packs used a simple phrase so simple it sucks. We all discussed the fact we sweat more this morning than we had in a little while even though there were some mild sprinkles mixed in. We discussed growth of F3 and discussed some of the items barricade shared with us on Saturday regarding growth. Zamboni shared a prayer request for his father-in-law’s best friend having lost 4 close relatives in one month we discussed how difficult that must have been. We also discussed getting a little more serious about our second and third F which we believe will have to help with consistency and growth.






Kilo Twin Towers Challenge

Three brave men posted to accept the challenge. Weather perfect 65 and clear


Motivator from 7
LBAC IC x10 (both directions)
Arm stretches
Shoulder pretzels IC x15


Mosey to main shelter

Station 1:
Flutter Kicks
Squat jumps

Station 2:
Incline Merkins
Mountain climbers
Seal Jacks

Each exercise 10x single count. Between stations run down stairs (25) and up other stairs (25) then rinse and repeat full cycle 10x for 1000 reps and 1000 steps

Mosey to flag


Heel touches IC x20
Freddie Mercurys IC x20
Low plank x1 min.
Al Gore x30 sec.



YHC fearing repeat of last week was relieved when Maestro came around corner at 0658. OPP made it 3 when he rolled up in the first round of the motivator. Quick warmup to leave enough time to complete kilo challenge. Soon realized stations not balanced and modified north end. Got through the full challenge in enough time for a little Mary.


Bear Crawls and Regrets

At Black Cat AO – 70 degrees and moist

5 Men posted in the slight drizzle to crawl around like animals

15x Plank shoulder touches
20x Air Squats
Mosey around animals
5x each Small, Big, Forward, Reverse arm circles
5x Burpees

Long Mosey to north of the Pool

Animal Crawls w/ Merkins – Bear crawl across road and parking lot, do 1 Merkin. Crab walk back, do 2 Derkins.  Repeat until 13 Merkins are done.

Mosey to Concession stand

3x Leg Blasters – 20x Air Squats, 10x Lunge each leg, 5x Jump Lunge each leg, 10x Jump Squats

5x pull ups, 10x LBC’s, 4x pull ups, 20x LBC’s, 3x Pull ups, 30x LBC’s, 2x Pull ups, 40x LBC’s, 1x Pullup, 50x LBC’s

Slowesy back to flag

Ring of Fire 2x through with Merkins
15x WW2 situps
Flutter kicks for a minute (was really 1.5 minutes but whose counting)

Mumble: Quickly realized the distance for the animal crawls was to great.  All ended up modifying to only about 2/3rds the original distance.  Still was probably to far.  Decided there probably won’t be a repeat performance on animal crawls.  Other activities went well.  All are hoping Zonkies knee starts feeling better soon.

The Hill

Easy…on the legs

Four men posted in pretty perfect conditions to “continue working out while giving Brickyard’s bum leg a rest”. I added “Modify if necessary” and “We workout on uneven ground” to my disclaimer because of Brickyard’s foot-getting-caught-in-a-hole experience on Saturday. Here’s what we did:

Warm Up:


Mosey to bottom of Hill

The Thang:

10 Burpees
Bear Crawl Up
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
Duckwalk Down
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
30 Air Squats
Crawl Bear Up
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
30 Air Squats
40 American Hammer


Mucho Chesto:
10 Crucible Merkins
10 Werkins
10 Merkins
10 Clerkins


20 Wide Pull Ups
20 Pull Ups
20 Chin Ups


20 LBC
10 Jeffersons
10 Gas Pumps
20 LBC-R + 2 Hold
20 LBC-L + 2 Hold
10 Crunchy Frog



Welcome to #LOCKtober. This is our last chance to grow this thing before weather starts to become another excuse for these sad clowns. Brickyard’s dedication to F3 is inspiring, and I am super pumped to see Woodchuck and Logger stepping up, but it’s time to find a weasel-shaker. The Weasel-Shaker is the guy that gets the one-and-done PAX back in it with some persistent excuse-crushing love. Who will step up for F3 Indianapolis?

Always an honor,


Backblast October 2, 2017

57 and breezy for five PAX posting. Wagner, I.M., Jay-Z, welcome back Zonky, and Maestro QIC


MNC x30 IC

Arm Pretzels x30 IC

Shoulder stretches

Abe Vagotas x10 IC (slow and steady)

Calf stretches into

Grass Pickers x20

And to get the blood flowing, our beloved Motivators down from 5

Mosey to the monkey bars, (scenic route)

Although we started this one on the back end I’m going to describe it as it was planned.

Stations starting at the pavement

10 Merkins SC, run to the tables

5 Dips SC, run to the monkey bars

1 pull-up then back to the tables

5 Dips and then back the beginning.

PAX did 5 reps followed by a cool down of around the world lunges x10.

Rinse and Repeat with 10 jump squats, 5 incline Merkins and 1 Toes to bar.

Cool down on the second round was 30 LBCs IC.

Scenic Mosey to the Main Shelter

25 Lunges and a lap around the Shelter

25 Squats and a lap

25 Lunges and a lap

25 Squats and a lap

Planked for the 6 who happened to be the QIC.

Cooled down with heels to heaven x20 IC

Needed to burn a few seconds so we did a backward, catch me if you can, Indian Run with 5 LBCs. One round accomplished before we ran out of lights and sidewalk. Jogged back for 6MOM.

BayCity Scissors x10

5, 30, 60, 90, 60, 30, and 5 Holds for 10 Counts.

FMs x20 IC

Wiper Hold for 10 Count

Threw in a Scorpion for good measure and because they just feel good.

Moleskin. QIC needs to get more sleep. Kids were up all night. Seemed like fun was had by all. Most mumble scatter included, “at least we didn’t . . . “. Pleasure to cover for Zonky who had planned to contribute his VQ today, but his knees decided otherwise.

The Swamp


Four men posted on a brisk Saturday morning…and I didn’t tell them we were doing a MURPH.

Warm Up
PiYo (aka fast yoga)
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3

Mosey to Park

10 pull ups
20 merkins
30 squats
Run a lap

R&R x 10

LBC x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
R&R with 15, 10, & 5


It’s been a while since we’ve done a MURPH and they are NO JOKE (100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 air squats and 2 miles of running). Special shout out to DC for living with no excuses and posting even though he had swim lessons at 0900. We are excited to get some of our PAX who haven’t posted in a while back and looking forward to the 2nd F event that IM is putting together. Thanks for the honor.


The Hill

Less Kung More Fu

Back Blast 9/28/2017 – Cardio Kickboxing

52 Degrees, clear skies and lots of stars

4 posted at the hill for fun in the Glume

FNG (Patrick)

Warm up

Footwork – jog in place,side to side, front back, criss cross
Arm Circles
Abe Vigoda
Arm Swing – Forward, Backwards
Weed Pickers
High Knee w/ Torso Rotation
Squat Push Pull
Torso Rotatation
Side Lunge Toe Touch
Fly Jacks

Jab Cross Jab Cross
Single Leg Deadlift
Jab Cross Hook Hook

Jab Cross Hook Duck
Jab Cross Upper Hook
Pike Merican

Jab Cross Hook Upper
Feet hand hover
Jab Cross Knee Knee
Plank Hand Raise

Jab Cross Hook Knee
Mt Climber
Jab Cross Kick Kick

6min Mary
Winshield Wipers
Russian Twist
Toe Touches
Side Center side crunch
Flutter kicks

Moleskin: It was determined early on that we should focus more on flee than fight. Q demonstrated his lack of counting skill and rhythm. We worked through sets of alternating a kickboxing sequence with body weight excercies. I was hoping for higher intensity, but not bad. I may try another version of this at someting with longer kickboxing sets where we change patterns as we go and instead of counting say the motion (jab, cross, hook, hook = 1.)


Working on the Team Work

At the Black Cat

63 degrees and humid


General stretching for 3 minutes
SSH x 25
Weedpickers x 10
Deep squat hold for 30 seconds

Long Mosey to the softball field

5x Burpee’s at home plate, bear crawl to 1st, 4x burpee’s, lunge’s to 2nd, 3x burpee’s, crab walk to 3rd, 2x burpee’s, Sprint home, 1x burpee’s.  Rinse and repeat 1x

Pick a partner for the rest of the workout
Catch Me If You Can: 1st PAX runs backwards, 2nd PAX does 5 burpee’s and sprints forward to catch 1st PAX. Flap-Jack. Repeat until each PAX does 25 burpee’s.

Mosey to shelter house

1st PAX planks, while 2nd PAX does 15x dips with legs on 1st PAX back. Flap-Jack. Repeat 3x.

Long mosey to play equipment

1st PAX does pull-ups until exhaustion. 2nd PAX assists if needed. Flap-Jack.  Take total number of pull-ups and subtract from 50. Do that many merkins.

Mosey to Flag

Short Skirt introduced us to the Leg Blasters
20x air squats
10x lunge each leg
5x jump lunge each leg
10x jump squat

LBC’s x30
Flutter Kicks x15

Moleskin:  It was an honor being joined by Short Skirt before he heads out for deployment on Saturday.  Will definitely incorporate the leg blasters into future workouts.  He recommended at least 3 sets.  It was a good workout and I think everyone is ready for this humidity to break.