Backblast October 2, 2017

57 and breezy for five PAX posting. Wagner, I.M., Jay-Z, welcome back Zonky, and Maestro QIC


MNC x30 IC

Arm Pretzels x30 IC

Shoulder stretches

Abe Vagotas x10 IC (slow and steady)

Calf stretches into

Grass Pickers x20

And to get the blood flowing, our beloved Motivators down from 5

Mosey to the monkey bars, (scenic route)

Although we started this one on the back end I’m going to describe it as it was planned.

Stations starting at the pavement

10 Merkins SC, run to the tables

5 Dips SC, run to the monkey bars

1 pull-up then back to the tables

5 Dips and then back the beginning.

PAX did 5 reps followed by a cool down of around the world lunges x10.

Rinse and Repeat with 10 jump squats, 5 incline Merkins and 1 Toes to bar.

Cool down on the second round was 30 LBCs IC.

Scenic Mosey to the Main Shelter

25 Lunges and a lap around the Shelter

25 Squats and a lap

25 Lunges and a lap

25 Squats and a lap

Planked for the 6 who happened to be the QIC.

Cooled down with heels to heaven x20 IC

Needed to burn a few seconds so we did a backward, catch me if you can, Indian Run with 5 LBCs. One round accomplished before we ran out of lights and sidewalk. Jogged back for 6MOM.

BayCity Scissors x10

5, 30, 60, 90, 60, 30, and 5 Holds for 10 Counts.

FMs x20 IC

Wiper Hold for 10 Count

Threw in a Scorpion for good measure and because they just feel good.

Moleskin. QIC needs to get more sleep. Kids were up all night. Seemed like fun was had by all. Most mumble scatter included, “at least we didn’t . . . “. Pleasure to cover for Zonky who had planned to contribute his VQ today, but his knees decided otherwise.


Four men posted on a brisk Saturday morning…and I didn’t tell them we were doing a MURPH.

Warm Up
PiYo (aka fast yoga)
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3

Mosey to Park

10 pull ups
20 merkins
30 squats
Run a lap

R&R x 10

LBC x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
R&R with 15, 10, & 5


It’s been a while since we’ve done a MURPH and they are NO JOKE (100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 air squats and 2 miles of running). Special shout out to DC for living with no excuses and posting even though he had swim lessons at 0900. We are excited to get some of our PAX who haven’t posted in a while back and looking forward to the 2nd F event that IM is putting together. Thanks for the honor.


Less Kung More Fu

Back Blast 9/28/2017 – Cardio Kickboxing

52 Degrees, clear skies and lots of stars

4 posted at the hill for fun in the Glume

FNG (Patrick)

Warm up

Footwork – jog in place,side to side, front back, criss cross
Arm Circles
Abe Vigoda
Arm Swing – Forward, Backwards
Weed Pickers
High Knee w/ Torso Rotation
Squat Push Pull
Torso Rotatation
Side Lunge Toe Touch
Fly Jacks

Jab Cross Jab Cross
Single Leg Deadlift
Jab Cross Hook Hook

Jab Cross Hook Duck
Jab Cross Upper Hook
Pike Merican

Jab Cross Hook Upper
Feet hand hover
Jab Cross Knee Knee
Plank Hand Raise

Jab Cross Hook Knee
Mt Climber
Jab Cross Kick Kick

6min Mary
Winshield Wipers
Russian Twist
Toe Touches
Side Center side crunch
Flutter kicks

Moleskin: It was determined early on that we should focus more on flee than fight. Q demonstrated his lack of counting skill and rhythm. We worked through sets of alternating a kickboxing sequence with body weight excercies. I was hoping for higher intensity, but not bad. I may try another version of this at someting with longer kickboxing sets where we change patterns as we go and instead of counting say the motion (jab, cross, hook, hook = 1.)

Working on the Team Work

At the Black Cat

63 degrees and humid


General stretching for 3 minutes
SSH x 25
Weedpickers x 10
Deep squat hold for 30 seconds

Long Mosey to the softball field

5x Burpee’s at home plate, bear crawl to 1st, 4x burpee’s, lunge’s to 2nd, 3x burpee’s, crab walk to 3rd, 2x burpee’s, Sprint home, 1x burpee’s.  Rinse and repeat 1x

Pick a partner for the rest of the workout
Catch Me If You Can: 1st PAX runs backwards, 2nd PAX does 5 burpee’s and sprints forward to catch 1st PAX. Flap-Jack. Repeat until each PAX does 25 burpee’s.

Mosey to shelter house

1st PAX planks, while 2nd PAX does 15x dips with legs on 1st PAX back. Flap-Jack. Repeat 3x.

Long mosey to play equipment

1st PAX does pull-ups until exhaustion. 2nd PAX assists if needed. Flap-Jack.  Take total number of pull-ups and subtract from 50. Do that many merkins.

Mosey to Flag

Short Skirt introduced us to the Leg Blasters
20x air squats
10x lunge each leg
5x jump lunge each leg
10x jump squat

LBC’s x30
Flutter Kicks x15

Moleskin:  It was an honor being joined by Short Skirt before he heads out for deployment on Saturday.  Will definitely incorporate the leg blasters into future workouts.  He recommended at least 3 sets.  It was a good workout and I think everyone is ready for this humidity to break.

Monday Morning.

At the BlackCat

61 degrees with 90% humidity with the stars shining above.

5 Brothers left their sack empty for a glorious start to the week. Dodger Dog with a FNG, Cubby Blue, Wapner, and QIC Maestro. Your QIC even almost overslept for this one. Thankful for Wapner’s presence and his flag. Mine is in the shop if you can believe that. It will be well worth it upon its return.

Disclaimer given for our FNG (as if he needed it)


Warm up

Grass pickers
SSH IC x30
FM IC x25
Merkins IC x25
MCs IC x20 (we were schooled by the “real mountain climbers”)
Pike Hops IC x10 (not sure if these exist but I wanted to try it.  Think, mountain climbers with feet together, or plank gass pumps)

Mosey to the Hill.

Dora 1-2-3

Not sure whether to regret adding the 5 burpees at the bottom though.
Planks for the six

Cool Down with Jingle balls IC x15

Mosey to the Shelter for four corners. Took the long route and lost the FNG momentarily.

Four corners at the main shelter with a ¾ run at the steps on each side

Merkins x5
Dips x10
Plank shoulder touches x20
Rocky Balboas x40 SC

Mosey back to flag

Mary out of time
Horizontal scissors IC x15
Gas Pumps IC x15

COR, NOR, COT and on with the day


From my perspective this was a strange morning in that I never set my alarm last night but I still made it. Who knows the forces at work to make that happen.  Thankful for the brothers who posted this morning.  Although, our Matchbox 20 brethren did not fare so well.



Good ‘ole Fashioned ‘Hard’ Workout

71 degrees and clear….very humid

3 Brothers posted on this very humid morning for a good old fashioned hard workout…listing the PAX here as DC posted (great to see this Kotter again) along with Brickyard and Cosmo as Q.

The Thang


Side Stradle Hops, Bean Pickers, Toe Touches, Arm Circles, Moroccan Nightclubs

Mosey to the parking lot – High Knees, Butt Kickers

Plank Curb Walk – Walk on/off the curb for a distance (left and right, there/back)

Mosey to the ‘Circle’

Core Work – Dying Cockroach, C-Sit Gas Pumps, Vertical Scissors, C-Sit Horizontal Scissors, Leg Lifts (Weezies), C-Sit Over/Unders

Mosey to the Basketball Court

Bear Crawl Suicides – Bear Crawl to the lines, Jog back (grumblechatter including the Q)

Mosey to the Circle

Leg Series – D-Motivator, Deep Squats, Wall Sits, Depth Charges, Wall sits (one-leg), Calf Raises (3 position)

Mosey to the parking lot

Traveling Rocky Balboas (Thanks Zamboni for this one) with Burpees (because no F3 Workout is complete without these)

Mosey to the Circle

Pushup Series – Merkin, Military Merkin, Werkin

Wosey (Walk/Mosey) then Mosey back to cars





Great workout with just 3 of us…missed Zamboni while sharing him with #Black Cat.  Everyone ‘got their $$$ worth’ as Brickyard says.  Great to see DC back with us…and awesome to see Brickyard ‘work out’ this season in his life with his Brothers.  Privilege to Q…let’s keep this moving forward!


Weather 69F with 97% Humidity

Four men met in the Gloom to see how much we could sweat in a 60 minute period. The rooster was crowing and the Emu was ready to race, so when 0700 hit we were off!


Disclaimer (F3 & TPA are not liable)


Warm Up


Windmill x10

Moroccan Nightclub x40

Air Squat x20



The Thang


1st position calf raises x25

parallel feet calf raises x25

pigeon toed calf raises x25

Traveling Balboas

Lunge of the Century (aka 100 lunges)

1-2-3 and you’re out! Dora (1-2-3 Dora with running the bases)


Pull Up/Chin Up (R&R x10)

Hanging Toe Touches x10

Wooly Worms x25

WMD Crawl


Prison Burpees

Skull Crushers x10

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20 (we tried a 4 count…and DEFINITELY modified it to single count for subsequent rounds)

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20

Tricep Dips x30

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20

Tricep Dips x30

Flutter Kick x40

mosey back



Crunchy Frog x25







Honored to have been asked to come up to run a Q-School today…but since Maestro and IM have already Q’d, I spent most of my time showing the PAX tips and tricks I’ve learned from Qs I’ve seen (how to control the pace of the workout, a smorgasbord of partner vs IC vs OYO exercises, etc). Maestro – it was good to see you again…you made it look easy today. IM – thanks for going to breakfast for some 2nd F time today – I am always super impressed with your dedication to showing up before workouts to run. Cubby Blue – I can tell you’re going to workouts regularly…you crushed today’s workout! You guys have gotten a lot stronger since the last time I saw you! We definitely miss having you down in Indy…keep up to good work with EHing guys and making Frankfort a stronger community through F3.