The Hill

Yoga Gumby

71 degrees, clear, humid

The Thang
Mosey in the parking lot
5 Tibetan Rights
Mosey in the parking lot

10 push-ups
Plank Isolation Series (30 secs each, both sides)
Side balance plank
Leg Lift Balance

Arm Lift balance
Balance planks arms/legs

Core Series

C sit core (30 secs each)
V hold
V split hold
3 level vertical hold
Heel toe hold,  both feet
Mosey in the parking lot

Yoga series
Warrior 1,2,3

Gumby-arms, legs, shoulders, back, hips


4 Brothers posted on a very humid morning for another Yoga/Gumby (Cosmo-ism I) workout.  All went well with the usual grumble-chatter (Cosmo-ism II) about C-sit position and balance position BUT…EVERYONE is getting better at these very difficult exercises….VERY good news for everyone!  Thanks for the Q…always a blast.





Rush and Get the Led Out

Weather 63 and clear


Mosey w/high knees, butt kicks, carioca

Moroccan nightclub IC x15
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Abe Vigodas IC x15
Toy soldiers IC x15
Squats (slow) IC x15
Jingle balls IC x10


Red Barchetta (see Exicon at

Run to:
100 SSHs
75 Mountain climbers
50 LBCs
25 Merkins
10 Burpees

Rinse/repeat (but 50/50/50/25/10)

Stairway to Seven (see Exicon at

1 to 7
Lunges and incline merkins at bottom
Squats and pull-ups at rail


Railroad tracks


Flutter kicks IC x20
Gas pumps IC x10
Reverse LBCs IC x10




Circle up around handicapped spot was taken as a bad omen, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash was a hint at what was ahead. Got the blood pumping to Rush and left plenty of time for a rinse repeat. Railroad track caused some confusion first time around so I’ll have to bring it back soon. Good group and let’s get the EH going and get some FNGs there on Saturday to welcome Zamboni to Black Cat.

The Hill

Talk Like a Pirate

Back Blast 9/19/2017 – 65 Degrees, Rainy
5 posted at the hill for fun in the Glume

Warm Up

Saber practice
Front to Back 45 sec
Side to Side 45 sec
Cris Cross 45 sec
High Knees 45 sec
Butt Kickers 45 sec
Jack Sparrows (Side Stradle Hop) 30
Abe Vigoda 30
Arm Circles 30 front 30 back


The Thang

Beer Wench X2
Squat Jack 10
Lunge 20
Pop Squat 10
Side Squat Suffle 10

Dead Mans Chest X 2
Hand Shuffle Merican 10
Merican Side Swoop 10
Merican 10
Wide Merican 10

Kraken X 8
10 Burpees
80yd Run?


It may have been raining, it may have just been Cosmo and Logger sweating profusely. We capitalized on a pirates favorite letter “Arr” and rinsed & repeated a few steps. Some overzealous sets had us run out of time before we could complete Walk the Plan, Raise the Sail Pull the Anchor, Scurvy Cur, and Shiver My Timber. Me matey’s held in seemed to work as intended.

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