1/30/2018 – Broken Brick Workout

The Thang - Carrying bricks throughout the workout Warm Up Side Straddle Hops High Knees Heismans Arm Circles Moroccan Nightclubs Mosey Legs and Core Stationary Lunge with Twist Bricks Overhead Squat Deadlift Motivator Mosey to ‘Bear Crawl Bridge’ (Newly named by Cosmo) Loaded Bear Crawl across  Bear Crawl Bridge ad back (bear crawl with bricks) [...]

Merkins, Squerkins, and dips…..oh my!

3 men posted in the 30 degree, dry, breezy, gloom. Wapner CrabbyPO Jay-Z (QIC) **Warm up Short mosey Shoulder pretzels ICx15 Abe Vigodas ICx15 Hydraulic squats x10 Plank jacks x15 Doggie paddle x10 **Thang Mosey to stairs 9 groiners at top 1 lunge each leg at bottom (Continue to 1 and 9, respectively) To shelter [...]

Not So Lazy Dora and Stairs

Weather clear and 31 PAX: Maestro Jay-Z Crabby PO Wapner QIC Warmup: Maestro lap SSHs IC x20 Shoulder pretzels IC x15 Grass pickers IC x15 Slow squats IC x10 Tempo merkins IC x10 Thang: Mosey to Somewhat Lazy Dora 1-2-3 Mosey lap 100 merkins / plank alternating Mosey lap 200 squats / Al Gore alternating [...]

Here we go Loopty-Loo

Four PAX posted on a beautiful Friday morning to run a few loops around the park.  39F and B-E-A-utiful. Warmup: Extra slow windmills LBAC's forward and backward Tempo Merkins x10 Monkey Humpers x15 Thang: Run 2 miles, stopping every quarter mile for some exercises 10 burpees 1:1 Merkins:Groiners up to 4:4 back down to 1:1 [...]

Icy Roads Ahead. Wednesday, January 24, 2018

30 and Icy from an over-night drizzling. Five brave men, Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, TipToe, and Maestro skidded their way into the Black Cat this morning. Q was tardy due to a quick check of the stairs that were planned for this morning. Many modifications in store. WOR MNCs IC x20 Wall Stretches LBACs IC [...]

6 rounds & crawling around

  5 men posted in the slightly warm, slightly rainy gloom for a classic beat down. Here’s what we did: Warm Up Capri lap SSH Shoulder Pretzels Windmills The Thang (Exercise 1, Mosey, Exercise 1 & 2, Mosey, etc) 5 Burpees 10 merkins 15 crab cakes 20 LBC 25 air squats 30 SSH Mosey Bear [...]

1/20/2018 Balance-Yoga-Ruck Workout

Warm Up Side Straddle Hops High Knees Abe Vigodas Arm Circles Mosey Tibetan 5 Rites Mosey Balance Series High Plank Side balance High Plank with Lifts (R/L Arm, R/L Leg, combo) Low Plank with Lifts Mosey Yoga Series Warrior 1,2 Crescent pose Standing half moon Standing crescent moon Ruck around and back to cars Stretch [...]

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