52 Cards of Fun

Two dedicated men posted to play cards.  45F and delightful. Warmup: SSH x 20 Weedpickers x 10 General Stretching Thang: Using a deck of cards we pulled at random and completed that many reps of the assigned exercises.  Merkins = Heart, LBC's = Diamond, Club = Squat, Spade = Lunges (both legs for 1 Rep) [...]

BlackCat – October 16, 2017

Four men posted this chilly morning for a stretchy workout. I.M., Crabby PO, OPP, and Meastro (QIC). 45 degrees with the stars shining brightly. WOR Stretches, mainly legs, including the Sqorpion Side-straddle, Seal hops tested everyone's coordination even YHC. Long mosey to inspect the 5-O position tucked back in a corner of the park. Thang [...]

BLIMPS on fire

Weather 55 and clear Warmup: Grass pickers IC x20 Motivator from 7 LBAC IC x10 (both directions) Shoulder pretzels IC x20 Thang: Mosey to field Rings of fire Merkins x10 and hold plank x2 Flutter kicks x10 and hold canoe x3 Squats x10 and hold Al Gore x2 Monkey humpers x10 and hold ankles x2 [...]

Burpee Circuit

Five men triumphed over the battle against their fartsack button on their alarm and posted in the gloom of Friday the 13th Eve. The disclaimer was read, in full, until the third line and then summarized, "It's not our fault. Modify." so we could jump right in. Warm Up Motivator from 4 Merkivator from 4 [...]

Random Assortment of Pain

6 men posted in the early hours to "enjoy" some random exercises with no real point.  Started out at 67 and damp, ended up at 58 and WINDY. Warmup: SSH x 25 Weedpickers x 15 General arm and leg stretching Mosey to concession stand the long way - High Knees, Butt Kicks, side shuffles, Frolicking [...]

They never saw it coming!

Warm up Shoulder rolls Shoulder stretches Chinook's 10 lunges each leg Finkle leg swings on your own Mosey to big parking lot The Thang Team up and do ladders first round one pax does merkins while other pax runs to the end of the parking lot and does 10 side straddle Hops and returns 100 Merkins [...]

Kilo Twin Towers Challenge

Three brave men posted to accept the challenge. Weather perfect 65 and clear Warmup: Motivator from 7 LBAC IC x10 (both directions) Arm stretches Shoulder pretzels IC x15 Thang: Mosey to main shelter Station 1: Burpees SSHs Flutter Kicks Squat jumps Dips Station 2: Incline Merkins Mountain climbers LBCs Seal Jacks Lunges Each exercise 10x [...]

Bear Crawls and Regrets

At Black Cat AO - 70 degrees and moist 5 Men posted in the slight drizzle to crawl around like animals Warmup: 15x Plank shoulder touches 20x Air Squats Mosey around animals 5x each Small, Big, Forward, Reverse arm circles 5x Burpees Long Mosey to north of the Pool Thang: Animal Crawls w/ Merkins - [...]

Easy…on the legs

Four men posted in pretty perfect conditions to "continue working out while giving Brickyard's bum leg a rest". I added "Modify if necessary" and "We workout on uneven ground" to my disclaimer because of Brickyard's foot-getting-caught-in-a-hole experience on Saturday. Here's what we did: Warm Up: SSH Windmill Goofballs Mosey to bottom of Hill The Thang: [...]

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