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Carry Heavy Things

2 PAX posted in the early Monday gloom to get their week started right. Both of us mentioned not feeling so good when we woke up, but we didn’t want to leave the other man alone at the AO. It was a little unsettling pulling into the parking lot only to see a cop parked right next to our normal parking spots. We did the warm up without interruption, but began questioning the Q YHC put together when we had to carry buckets of sand into the dark of the Broad Ripple Park.

Warm up:



Weed Pickers

Jump Squats


The Thang:

Bucket Carry to the monkey bars

10 Pull Ups

Bucket Carry (across the field)

20 Merkins

Lap (around the field)

30 Flutter kicks

Bucket Carry (back across the field)

Monkey Bars (1 Burpee for each bar missed)




LBC + Hold ic

LBSC + Hold ic

Leg Climbers oyo

Low Dolly



Inspired by the bucket Carry on the Spartan and as part of my penance for missing a week ago for Charlotte’s BizKidDay at the Fishers Farmers Market, I took the buckets of sand from her booth and put them to good use. These were at least 50lbs each, and both of us said we’d feel it later today.

As for the police? We went back to our vehicles to find the cop car gone and no tickets or warnings. After a prayer of thanks and prayers for our PAX that haven’t been or aren’t able to be posting, we were on with the rest of the day.

Until next time!


Iron Run

2 PAX posted this AM for a beat down that was part Kettlebell and part Mosey. No need for a disclaimer so we got to it. Here’s what we did:


Warm Up:



Imperial Stormtroopers



The Thang:

25 KB swings

0.25 mile run

25 wall jumps

0.25 mile run

25 thrusters

0.25 mile run

25 decline merkins

0.25 mile run


25 KB curls

25 incline merkins





Flutter Kicks


Low Dolly





We worked around some logistical challenges this morning (Zamboni stuck at the light that wouldn’t turn green through 3 cycles and Cornwallis needing to leave early to make it up to Carmel by 6:45am), but nothing stopped us from getting stronger! An awkward ending to the workout today when a police car slowly drove by during the Rosalita #NoEyeContact. Looking forward to working out with a bigger group tomorrow, but always thankful for a Cornwallis Q.



KB Coupons

KB Coupons


45 and clear


Zamboni (QIC)


Cornwallis and I were back at it with the KB pain today…finally not in the snow! In an effort to relieve Cornwallis from having to Q EVERY Monday, I put together a workout that included a lot of KB. Abbreviated disclaimer for the two vets and we got to it. Here’s what we did:

Warm Up:


Finkle Swings



The Thang

Zamperini to the pull up bars

Jack Webbs + Coupon

(1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 5:20)

Pull Ups AMRAP

Dora 1-2-3

KB swings

Bicep Curls

Goblet Squats

Pull Ups AMRAP

1:8, 2:7, 3:6…7:2, 8:1

Rd 1

Skull Crushers


Rd 2

Front KB Raises

Chest Press



In the Morning (with KB hold)

Mason Twist (with KB)



I’m really starting to get the KB bug. I feel sore (like I’ve been at the gym) and I can feel myself getting stronger. Cornwallis is a beast with the KBs. We added in a bunch of pull ups to prep ourselves for Murph Monday next week. Prayers for F3, grandma, and the M. 

Thanks for letting me Q!


Oxbow Snow again!?


4 Men Gathered at Broad Ripple for another snowy day at the Ripple, aka Oxbow!

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Brickyard, Zamboni, DC

Mosey around parking lot with a mix of side shuffles and karaoke’s
Toy Soldiers
Cotton Pickers

KB 4 Corner Ladder all OYO

Corner 1: 10 KB Swings

Corner 2: 10 KB swings, 20 Curls

Corner 3: 10 KB swings, 20 curls, 30 Squats with bell

Corner 4: 10 KB swings, 20 curls, 30 squats, 40 mercian’s

Corner 5: 10 KB swings, 20 curls, 30 squats, 40 mercian’s

Corner 6: 10 KB swings, 20 curls, 30 Squats with bell

Corner 7:  10 KB swings, 20 Curls

Corner 8: 10 KB Swings

Popcorn KB exercises:
Zamboni: Skull Crushers
DC: Slow Curls
YHC: Thrusters x 20
Brickyard: Dips with KB’s
YHC: Lawnmowers
Zamboni: Chest Press

Flutter Kicks
Low Dolly
Touch Them Heals
1 minute Plank


-Brickyard was on fire this morning! His flatulence made DC move and choked up YHC in cadence.
-DC had another #quoteoftheQ moment (aka #heardatf3). Show to know
-YHC had an FNG who was a “no show”. Turns out he was in the back parking lot the entire time!! Oops
-A good time was had by all and I’m grateful for each man coming out!


The Kettlebell 500

2 PAX posted with to push, pull, lift, and swing heavy things (35lb Kettlebells, to be exact). Cornwallis had two painful ideas…and of course we went with the one we thought would suck more. 10 Rounds of 50 Kettlebell Exercises, flip floping on Q each round. Here’s what we did:

Warm up:

20 SSH

20 Weed Pickers

10 Windmills

50 Mountain Climbers


The Thang:

Rd 1: 50 KB Swings, 50 LBCs

Rd 2: 50 Goblet Squats, 50 Flutter Kicks

Rd 3: 50 KB Curls, 50 Low Dollys

Rd 4: 50 Lawnmowers (25 each arm), 50 Crunchy Frogs

Rd 5: 50 Skull Crushers, 50 Freddie Mercurys

Rd 6: 50 Deadlifts, 20* In the Morning/At Night

Rd 7: 50 KB Chest Press, 50 WWII Sit Ups

Rd 8: 50 Snatches, 50 LBSC (25 each side)

Rd 9: 50 KB Shoulder Presses, 50 Heel Touches (never knew your arms could hurt during an ab exercise!)

Rd 10: 50 KB Side Raise (25 each side), 50 American Hammer

Zamperini back to the car





Spring break has a few out, injuries have a few out, work has a few out. Keep pushing to get stronger and looking forward to having everyone back before long. BEAUTIFUL weather this morning – not too cold and no snow on the roads/paths. Prayers for all PAX who are injured and cannot post. Prayers for everyone who is struggling with seasonal depression / feeling down. Prayers for Cornwallis’ M who starts seeing patients today after 2 weeks of training. Cornwallis has the Q tomorrow for another F3 downPAINment, although he admits to second guessing his plan after getting smoked this morning.


-Zamboni & Cornwallis




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