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Oh Ruck-it

2 men posted and decided that rather than just stretch the whole workout to recover from Cosmo’s Q Thursday they would “just ruck it”. Along the way they found some toys to “play with”.


The two Rucker’s return to find lost boy also known as PVC wandering the parking lot looking for them. Fortunately since PVC is a high-impact man he didn’t simply stand there and wait he put together his own workout. So the three pax who got out of the fart sack and “did something” decided to reward themselves with coffee, some good second F at Starbucks.


8 men posted in the gloom for a ruck and to spend a lot of time under tension.

Coming off a long break from F3 (thanks to the addition of our baby Caroline, as well as Spartan training and recovery), I was excited to jump right into things from the beginning of the workout.


Warm up


SLO Mo Joe – slowly squat, come up and calf raise with hands stretching to the ground and to the sky

Frog jumps



The Thang

I figured since the M had to deal with contractions during labor, we would partner up and experience contracting different muscles. One PAX would hold their muscles taught as the other did a number of reps and then they switched.


Low Plank:25 Mountain Climbers


Al Gore:30 Air Squats


Calves on the curb:50 SSHs


Low dip:20 Dips


Pull up 90:10 Burpees


Balls to the wall:10 Pike Merkins


Burpee Run

Follow the leader style, each time you stop +1 burpee

10 Burpee > bench jumps aka Man Makers


Circle of pain

Mucho chesto






Alternating V Ups

Low Dolly

The lie down tip toe (knees bent alt leg down up)



Thanks for everyone who made it out! It feels good to be back. Special shout out to Swayzee for bringing an FNG (Stan) and to Stan himself for surviving a tough introduction to F3. We were thankful for Knee High and the #kneehighjokebreak that has come to replace the 10-count. If you haven’t made it out for coffeeteria since Brickyard started working at Starbucks, you are missing out on some key insights! You can ask Jaye (our go to Starbucks barista), but she might not give you good advice if you aren’t wearing F3 gear!


Until next time,


Running in the Rain

1 PAX posted at the Swamp for a run Q.  62F and raining.

Stretch alone

Run 5 miles alone

Stretch alone

Mumble Chatter:
Looked a bit crazy talking to myself but had a good time doing it.  With the Columbus Convergence and the Spartan Beast, plus the overall crappy weather, no one else showed up.  No worries.

Disc Golf beatdown


3 rucktards posted for a 3.1 mile standard ruck before the workout. Zamboni, Marshall and YHC

9 Pax for a fun game of disc golf.

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Zamboni, Maestro, Cosmo, Ringo, Samsonite, IM, Marshall and welcome FNG Aaron who will now be known as Pillows!

Here is how it went to the best of my memory…

Disclaimer was given by YHC

Warm-O-Rama: (all In Cadence)

SSH x 25
IST x 10
Weed Picker x 10
Windmill x 10
Mtn. Climbers x 20


Disc Golf Rules of the Game:

Partner up. Captains Choice rules apply to each hole

At each tee box (we started on #11 tee box, or so we thought):
‘Mericans x 1 of the hole number (example: hole 11 do 11 ‘mericans)
Squats x 2 of the hole number (11×2=22 squats; Hole 12×2= 24 squats, etc)
LBC’s x 3 of the hole number (hole 11 x 3= 33 LBC’s…)

Mosey to your disc and play the hole out. For each shot over par (all holes were par 3), you have to do that many burpees.

Bear crawl to the next tee box and continue all the way through the back 9.

Mary (all IC):

Touch Them Heals x 20
Flutter Kicks x 30
Rosalita x 20
Box Cutters x 10
Freddie Mercury’s x 20
1 Minute Low Plank

-Great to have Maestro join us from Blackcat! Strong work brother!
-Welcome FNG Aaron, now known as Pillows!
-Even though I walked off the course yesterday, it would’ve helped we started on the right tee box. We ended up playing to hole 1 and were off the rest of the time by 1, but we got it figured out. Some people bear crawled to the wrong tee box. Champions do extra! Great job guys 😉
-Zamboni lost his keys and I could tell no one was thrilled about trying to find them on the course. Luckily he found them on the 18th tee box right by us.
-No one lost a disc that was provided by YHC! That would’ve cost everyone 50 burpees OYO! Way to play it safe and keep it in the fairway. Bogey golf is less burpees than lost disc.
-Always an honor to lead you men! Keep sharing F3 with other men you know and invite them out
-2nd F Lunch this week at Friendly’s Tavern on Thursday at 12noon. Invite men to join us!
-Next Saturday is our monthly Army PT test. ‘Mericans for 2 min. Sit Ups for 2 min. and 2 mile run for time.


A variation on a theme

Left home a little early this morning because I knew I needed to fuel up the vehicle. At 0 630 I posted the shovel flag and took a little siesta. I awoke to see two guys pulling in with F3 shirts on and I did not recognize them oh you can imagine how excited I was.

Warm up

Bend and reach in Cadence 20

Kick with twist in Cadence 10

Abe Vigoda In Cadence 10

Runners stretch each side

Moroccan nightclub In Cadence 20

Arm circles In Cadence

10 forward

5 reverse

SSH in Cadence 20

The Thang

Mosey with kettlebells and Bricks to back parking lot stage weights at one end Mosey to the other end. 1 Pax does merkins while the other pax runs to the other end of the parking lot does 10 curls each arm and back to flip flop total number of merkins 100.

Rinse and repeat with big boys sit ups and 20 lat pulls or rows (lawnmowers) with the kettlebells total number of Big Boy sit ups 100.

Mosey to the circle around by the bathhouse Circle up for the motivator from 10

Back to parking lot for a round of 100 lunges and 20 Skull Crushers.

Mosey over to the pool hill for Burp Back Mountain. This is a good example of why you want to be the Q, I had planned 100 combined burpees and we modified to 50 which still was pretty miserable

The plan was to Mozy back to the parking lot for round 3, but time got away from us while we were doing burp Back Mountain.

So we went back to parking lot to pick up our coupons and head back to the circle for Mary.


Flutter kicks in Cadence 10

Over on time. My apologies.


Turns out our mystery guests were rafter and dr. Quinn two brothers in from South Carolina to visit family here. They both seem too eager to take the motivator back home and inflict pain with it we bless them and sent them on their way.


Keep PVC in mind in his job sesrch. For those who aren’t there be assured the Dirty Dog lady made her pass to check out and see how things were going.

4/21/2018 “I’m Back” the Cosmo Story Workout

The Thang

Warm up



Shoulder Pretzels

Arm Circles

Mosey to the back lot

Jump Squat Holds (from 10)

Toe Raises (3 positions)

Overhead Claps (50)

Cherry Pickers (50)

Curb Plank Walk

Mosey to the Circle Garden

Circle Merkins (to 10)

Wall Sits

Mosey to the playground

Pull up Practice (top position, then lower slowly, 4X)

Mosey to the Basketball Court

Bear Crawl to the other end

Mosey to the cars

F3 Style Disc Golf

Every throw 5 Burpees

At Pin #1, 10 Merkins

At Pin #2, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats

At Pin #3, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs

Short Mosey to the cars

Mary for 4 mins

Flutter Kicks (20)

Freddie Mercury’s (20)

Low Dolly (20)

Gas Pumps (20)


Clear (sunrise) 35ish  Beautiful!!

PAX:  Woodchuck, IM, Hold ‘em, LoveJoy, Osha (from Cleveland), Marshhall (returning FNG) Cosmo (Q)

7 Brothers posted for a GREAT morning and a great workout that was so named by Woodchuck during COT.  Great to have Woodchuck back from his Army job (thanks of your service) John McConda back for his second workout…honored to Q and bestow his F3 name!  Also great to have Osha visiting from Cleveland for soccer.  Everyone worked hard (at least I think Hold’em broke a sweat)…suitable mumble chatter throughout with IM quickly correcting the Q on the countdown on the Squat Hold Jumps. Curb Plank Walk and Circle Merkins generated some groans as well, reminding the Q of the fun of Q’ing.

And EVERYONE got some extra Burpees in during Disc Golf…’nuff said….

Keep passing it on brothers…we’re growing!

Always a Privilege!


Easter Egg Hunt

10 PAX rolled out of the fartsack (4 for the ruck) and met at 0700 for a good old fashioned egg hunt. After the disclaimer, here’s what we did:

Warm Up (IC):
10 Burpees
15 Mountain Climbers
10 Windmills
15 Heisman

Rules of the egg hunt:
1. Go to the area I tell you
2. First to find the egg yells “BUNNY”
3. PAX circle up around the bunny
4. Bunny reads the exercise and calls cadence/is exempt from the exercise

Yellow: 50 Air Squats
Orange: 20 Burpees
Green: 20 Prison Merkins
Blue: 50 Overhead Air Claps
Purple: 30 Jump Squats
Pink: 30 Ski Abs

Area 1: Orange Egg – Tyrion?
10 Step Ups each leg
20 Dips
10 Lunges with other foot on bench
10 Decline Pike Merkins

Area 2: Purple Egg – Swayze
The Motivator from 10
40 Moroccan Night Club
40 Cherry Pickers

Area 3: Blue Egg – IM
Bear Crawl Inch Worm (x2)
20 Nippler
20 Pickle Pounders
20 Jingle Balls

Area 4: Yellow – Tyrion
20 Pull ups
20 Wooly Worms
20 Chin Ups
20 Mucho Chesto

Area 5: Green Egg – Brickyard
PAX were all disappointed that we had to scrap Burp Back Mountain due to time constraints

Mary: Pink Egg – IM
Low Dolly
Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercurys
Mason Twist


Thanks to everyone who posted this morning. It was fun getting a little competition in the midst of all of the pain – hopefully the brief rest from working out was worth the extra effort of running to the next area. Glad to see Swayze bring 2 FNGs! Mountie and Tyrion were absolute beasts – crushing it in a very tough first F3 post. If you weren’t able to make it, please ask them how they got their F3 names. Prayers of thanks for Easter and all that it celebrates, hope to see everyone again soon!


1 Year Anniversary Convergence

March 24 2018 at the Swamp

15 pax posted with an honorable mention to f3DC for attempting to post with his 2.0 who would have nothing to do with it. #HIM Hoping Hold’em was just on his usual late start schedule we began on time!

Warm up

SSH ic 20

Bean pickers ic 20

Storm trooper ic 20

Moroccan nightclub ic 20

Shoulder rolls

The Thang

Perfect Merkins ic 20

Russian lunge ic 20

Mosey to the curbs

Mike Tyson ic 20

Rocky curb kickers ic 30

Curb bear crawl ladder 1 round

Stations: in teams

Jump rope,

Ropa wave

Car push, forward and backwards ,

block curls 20 ct,

team log lifts 20ct,

chain squats 20 ct,

kettle bell swing hand offs 20 ct,

Can can ic 8ct 20

Floyd Maryweathers ic 20

Newton cradle ic 20

Lbc’s ic 20

Crab cakes ic 20

Descending merkins from 10
With shuttle run


Gas pumps ic 20


Jefferson’s ic 20

Freddy mercury ic 20



QIC prayed us out and we headed to the 2nd F.

Mole skin

16 men including 2 FNG’s said no to the threat of 6+ inches of snow on the 4th day of spring and yes to getting stronger together! With many of our number with legitimate reason not to post, last minute job expectations illness and injury, 16 said yes. It was great to see our brothers make the trek from #blackcat 45 minutes to our north as well as an “ole” f3indianapolis favorite double respect f3Storman and our youngest that we can’t “hate hate” f3Hold’em fresh back from basic with the Army. 2 FNG’s posted, 1 EH’ed by our own IM and the other found us on FB so a big thank you to our comz Q Zamboni for continuing to keep our name in the Social eye. Woodchuck who has agreed to accept the 2nd F Q headed to the kolache factory to gather grub as the rest, 100% attendance, decended on our usual starbucks and awaitd the controversial kolachies. While waiting, Maestro unvailed the ,F3indianapolis nomad logo cake, we aren’t full region status, YET. Upon arival of the kolachies Cosmo quickly ceased all mumble chatter about sissy food as he enjoyed the rancheros kolache. Many stories were shared and all shared their name and its origin. We read the letter from our beloved f3Fonzie whom was unable to attend and without whom F3indianapolis would not be what it is today. Thank you for all who posted and for all that have been there from the beginning. I have to give a special thank you to my first follower Cosmo and the close second follower Zamboni without either one of which I would have likely given up more than once!

YHC , your Nantan for now.

F3Brickyard #giveitaway

3/17/2018 – Striped Beast Workout

33 F Clear

PAX: Cornwallis, Brickyard, West Coast, Zamboni, Appletini (visiting from Chicago), Cosmo (Q)

Warm up

Side straddle hops

High knees

Torso twists

Arm circles

Motivator – Cosmo style


Indian run to the parking lot

Upper body 6

Walking merkins

Plank walk


Pick em up merkins

Jump merkins

wide plank walk

Mosey to circle

Core 6

C sit flutter kick ladder

Gas pumps

V ups

C sit heels over toes

Reach for your toes


Mosey to the parking lot

Leg 6

Lunge walk

Frog jumps

High knees hop

Speed skater


One leg hop

Mosey to end of the parking lot

Balance Beast – Pair up – One runs while partner holds balance


V hold

Al Gore

Side plank hold – right down/left back

Low plank

Mosey to cars




6 Brothers posted for this Striped Beast Workout. It was great to have Appletini join us from Chicago, in town for his 2.0 soccer tournament and to see West Coast back for a second visit….great meeting you! After a shaky starting cadence by YHC (everyone got a good chuckle) everyone pilled their own as we conquered the beast once again. Mumblechatter was suitable to the Q, inspiring Zamboni to suggest (MOSTLY kidding) a rename of our Nantan to include something to do with moaning….I leave it to those curious to follow up on that one! Thankful the predicted freezing rain missed us as we all had a blast this morning! On a side note….respects held their own today as we made up half of the PAX that posted….Brickyard was happy as he wasn’t the oldest guy working out….way to go West Coast!

Nice work men!

Always a privilege!


Descent Into Madness

5 Men posted with the rising sun to descent into madness.  Beautiful 30F.  All exercises performed counting down instead of up.

20 single count squats
5 super slow mo windmills
10 four count merkins
20 four count monkey humpers

Jump squat holds from 10 – 10 jump squats, hold Al-Gore for 10 seconds, 9 Jump squats, etc..
Mosey to picnic tables
Merkin/Dips flap jacks – 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Dips, 9 Incline merkins, 9 dips, etc.
Mosey back to parking lot
Merkin Plank holds from 10
Beep Test – Run to cone within given time, repeat when alarm sounds, interval drops 1 second each round, started at 26 seconds some made it to 13 seconds
Mosey to dumpster and back to recover
Uptown 25 – Cones placed ~25yds apart. Do an exercise to first cone, 10 burpees, do an exercise back, 9 burpees, down to 1 burpee.  Bear crawl, duck walk, wheelbarrow (P1), wheelbarrow (P2), run backwards, leap frog, sprint, lunges, crab walk, sprint.
Mosey back to flag

Motivator from 10

10 minutes of Mary
LBC’s x40
Flutter kicks x25
Gas Pumps x20
Pickle Pounders x20
American Hammers x15
Leg Circles in terrible 4 count cadence x 10 each direction
Heel Touches x 20
Dolly’s x 20

Mumble:  Quickly determined that counting backwards is hard.  Jump squat holds were enjoyed by all.  Merkin Plank holds were introduced and enjoyed by most (The Q needs to get better at Merkin’s)  The motivator at the end of a workout brings out the best in everyone.

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