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“Get Started/Cindy”

17 PAX posted on this foggy 66 degree morning. Jay-z, Wapner, Piper, Stache, Phanatic, Sprocket, Sparkle, Maestro, Crabbypo, Humdinger, Daisy, Shamu, Porkchop, Ghost, Popeye, Pew Pew, Bambi. Warm-up: Maestro Lap, Pickle Pounders, Pickle Pointers, Scorpions, Motivator x6, stretching OYO.

Get Started: 50 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 45 jumping jacks, 45 squats, 40 jumping jacks, 40 push-ups, 35 jumping jacks, 35 crunches, 30 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 25 jumping jacks, 25 push-ups, 20 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 15 jumping jacks, 15 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 5 jumping jacks, 5 crunches, 5 squats, 5 push-ups.

Mosey to playground

Cindy: AMRAP 5 pull-ups (scale using swings set), 10 push-ups, 15 crunches instead of squats. 12 minutes instead of 20.

Mosey back to starting point for Mary.

Cha Cha Slide (plank challenge), Freddie Mercury’s, box cutters, Hello Dolly’s, LBC’s, Big Boys, Crunchy Frogs, American Hammers.

Gonna Make You SWEAT!

17 men posted. Jay -Z, Shamu, Popeye, Maestro, Tiptoe, Nick (FNG), Ghost, Pew-Pew, Daisy, Piper, CrabbyPo, Wapner, Phanatic, Sparkle, Stash, Tbone(er), Oompa Loompa (QIC)

Marroccan Night Clubs in Cadence

Abe Vagodas in Cadence

Al Gore for 30 seconds, sandstorm for 30 seconds, rinse and repeat 3 times.

Hot ass Lisa’s in Cadence

Willy Maze Haze

Mosey to Happy Place

Gonna make you sweat, everytime they say everybody dance now is a burpee otherwise Run in place

Mosey to Stairs

No Diggity , run up and down the stairs, at the top do 5 merkins. at the bottom do 5 burpees, add 5 to each set as you go

Mosey to Tennis Court

How ever many letters you have in your first and last name is how many burpees you do times 2.

Mosey to Monkey bars

One group stands under the monkey bars and does a burpee and then comes up and does a pull up on the monkey bars. Other group holds a plank until other group is done.

Dirty Hookup in Cadence

Jump Squat ring of fire

Mosey to flag


Pickle pounders in Cadence

Pickle pointers in Cadence

Crunchy Frogs in Cadence

Plank until 6:15


Lots of mumble about all of the burpees done today. Very happy to have been able to Q one last time before school starts. Thanks for everyone for coming and Tieing for the most posted people so far! 17 men is unbelieveable, very happy to do what I love with my dad and then other men surrounding me. So much fun. Hope everyone has a great rest of their year!

– Oompa Loompa (QIC)

Ton of fun – Team Bravo vs. Team Charlie

11 PAX posted on this clear 64 degree morning. Wapner, Stache, Jay-Z, Daisy, Shamu, Humdinger, Crabby PO, Phanatic, Sparkle, Porkchop, Piper (QIC)

Warm up: Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, Motivator from 10.


Bravo vs. Charlie challenge

Tire Flip x 5

Maestro lap x 1

Pullups x 5

Merkins x 10

Air Squats x 15

3 amigos (3 semi tire jumps with merkin) x 2

Kettle Bell Swing (PAX choice of 25#, 35#, 45#) x 20

Farmer carry 2 Concrete Blocks 50 yards x 1

Rogue 100 lbs sandbag lift over shoulder x 5

Rogue 100 lbs feed sack front squat x 5

Jump rope x 50 revolutions

Rinse and repeat, 4 times completed

Line of fire relay (Two teams compete in a relay carrying 100 lbs sandbag 25 yards out and 25 yards back, non carrying pax hold plank before carry, after carry hold Al Gore)

Mary: Crunchy Frog x 20, Flutter kicks x 30, v up roll ups x 12.

Moleskin: PAX divided up into two teams, Team Bravo and Team Charlie. Wager was made that losing team would provide a VQ in the near future. The wager also stated that the loosing would complete 10 burpees before each workout until the VQ occurred. Team Charlie was the victor in todays challenge. Team Bravo will be doing 10 burpees in the gloom Monday, we will be waiting for Porkchop to Q on Wednesday, thus fulfilling the wager. Fun fact for this challenge, each PAX lifted 1 Ton of sand today between the over the shoulder lifts and feed sack front squats. Side note, PAX learned that the Subaru outbacks can thread the needle between PAX, sand bags, and tires laying along side the road, the second being that time seems to stand still and reps don’t go by very quickly while doing the motivator from 10. Big week coming up with the Two year anniversary of F3 Frankfort on Friday. Next weeks Q’s, Monday Oompa, Wednesday Porkchop, and Friday Wapner.

Tire Fipping Good Time

7 PAX posted….that’s right only 7







Jay-z (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap
Grass pickers ICx15
Nipple tweakers ICx15
Moroccan night club ICX15
Sprinklers ICX10


At flag- 10 groiner and 20 squats
At tire- 10 merkin and 20 LBC
5 tire flips
At tip- 10 box jumps and 20 dips


5 Absolution

Flutter kicks ICx20


Yours truly can’t remember his age and now can’t count PAX in attendance. After some discussion, it was determined that 7 men posted. Great to have our newer guys with us because they’re the only ones posting! Looking forward to the return of our vacationers next week. We had another NOR this morning. Christian apparently has trouble holding his liquor. The Merlot Splash that was blamed on Tofu appears to be very close to an actual “Merlot” splash. You see, our boy Christian likes White Claw. Apparently, this is a drink popular with the ladies. According to Tofu, he likes the sparkling drinks. We welcomed “Sparkle” to our group this morning. Welcome Sparkle. Remember, Coffeeteria Monday morning. Hope to see you all there.

Get Lucky or Not so Much

14 PAX posted. Humdinger, Daisy, Wapner, Popeye, 2 FNG’S Christian and Joe, Pew Pew, Gasman, Piper, Stache, TOFU, Phanatic, Jay-Z, Oompa Loompa (QIC)


Lap around Petting Zoo

Abe Vigodas (10)

Happy Jack’s


10 Frankensteins


Ring of Fire (Monkey Humpers)


Get Lucky or Not so Much (everytime they say get lucky is a burpee, otherwise hold an al gore)


Motivator from 5


Up and down, 10 squats at top. 3x each.


3 suicides

The magic wheel was spun for an “extra” suicide for 3 lucky individuals. Jay-z, Popeye, and Gasman




5 American Hammers, 10 LBC’S, 10 American Hammers, 20 LBC’S, 15 American Hammers, 30 LBC’S

10 Alternating Shoulder Taps

Pickle pounders and pointers


Beautiful day! Good to see 2 FNG’S today! Not to mention, we had our first merlot splash! That shows I pushed the guys to the max, and that was my goal! Lots of mumble about all the moseying, burpees, and the suicides we did. CrabbyPo got chosen to do an extra suicide on my fancy wheel. But he didn’t show up! So, that means, CrabbyPo, you owe us a suicide!


You’re “Merkin” me crazy!

July 22- 70 degrees, damp and misty.

13 Pax for an arm smoking workout. Piper, Pew Pew, Jay-Z, Wapner, Shamu, Tiptoe, Popeye, Maestro, Tofu, T-bone…er, Crabby PO, Bambi, and Daisy-QIC


Moroccan night clubs- 20IC

Shoulder pretzels- 20IC

Wall stretch in the squat position- 5

Willie Mays Hayes

Leg crossovers toe touches and reach back lay stretch-30 sec holds

Stretch whatever is tight- 60 seconds

Mosey to begin the Thang:

“You’re Merkin me Crazy!”

Happy place:

BTTW Merkins- 10 OYO

Wall of Merkins- 10 each

Wave of Merkins- up 5

Prison run to Large Shelter

Ring of Fire:

Abyss Merkins- 10

Russian Dips Ring of Fire- 5 each leg

Prison run to basketball court:

Webbicide to 10

Bear crawl down, crab walk back

Prison run to shelter house 2:

Merkin mania 5 each- diamond, regular, wide, crucible, staggered, staggered, tempo, hand release (40)

Imperial walker- 20IC

Mosey to pool shelter:

Yul brenner- Carolina dry dock, wide, regular, ranger, diamond, crucible, chuck Norris- 5 each (35)

Mosey to Flag



Box cutters- 10IC

Freddie Mercury- 15IC

XY- 10IC



You know it’s gonna be a great workout when you start Balls to the Wall. Chatter started reminiscing about Friday’s workout from Burpee Hell With Rite Aid. Good laughter today with high spirits. Lots of mumblechatter right from the start as it got intense from the beginning. Wave of merkins only to five, as the number of PAX increase- holding planks gets harder!!!! If your arms aren’t smoked after today’s workout, you are impressive specimen of a man! In total, 155 merkins completed. Keep sniffing a PAX record. Not quite there yet! Discussion about continuing to improve ourselves physically and mentally. Reminder about Hot Dog fest this weekend- touch base with Maestro if you want to work. And as school gets closer to starting back up- a back-to-school breakfast after the workout on either Friday Aug. 2, or Monday Aug. 5. Cast your vote for which day

would work better for you! Majority wins! Hope everyone shows up for Gasman as he has his virginity taken away with his VQ on Wednesday!!!!

F3 Mission statement: To plant, serve, and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

Sheldon returns

70 degrees, mostly clear, damp grass for 8 PAX- Jay-Z, Tofu, Crabby PO, Piper, Shamu, Maestro, Tiptoe, Daisy-QIC


Shoulder pretzels IC- 20

Sprinkler w/ legs IC- 10

Cross over tow touch- 30 sec each side

Willie Mays hays OYO


The Thang:

Mosey to happy place:

Aiken legs- 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges (10 each leg), 20 split jacks

Walk like and Egyptian to bathhouse

Sheldon Cooper between bathhouse and large shelter (10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 big boys, lap, decrease number by one all the way to one)

Ring of Fire:

Abyss merkins 10

Dips- 10


X-factor 15OYO

Windshield wipers 10IC

Weezy Jeffersons 20 OYO


Not much chatter to start the morning. Appears everyone is recovering from the start of the fair this weekend! After a round of Aiken legs grumble started as Walk like an Egyptian brought some burn to the legs despite not being a huge distance. More grumble followed when told what the “Sheldon Cooper” was. Tofu led the way proving once again- youth and long legs would be nice for the older fellas! A good mental push morning for everyone that posted today. Hoping to get more back for Wednesday- I am sure many of us will have some elephant ears or funnel cakes to work off as fair week continues!

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” -Vince Lombardi

“LOVE” Cardio

9 men posted. 58 degrees and pleasant.

Jay-Z, Popeye, Tofu, Crabby-Po, Daisy, Tiptoe, Pew Pew, FNG-David, Oompa Loompa (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers

Motivator from 5

Morrackin night clubs

Abe Vagoda

Batwing (20 reps)

Mosey to the happy place


Ring of Fire (10 squats each)

Tunnel of Love

Laps around Petting Zoo and Exercises

1st Lap- 10 Pushups

2nd Lap- 20 LBC’s

3rd lap- 30 side straddle hops

4th lap- 40 squats and adds up to a mile

Ring of Fire (10 Monkey Humpers)

(10 merkins)

2 groups: 1 group does 10 box jumps, other group 20 dips x3

Death Grip on swing and lap around sidewalk

Leg Blaster

Dirty Hookup (Cadence x10)

Mosey to Flag


15 Flutter Kicks

10 Pickle pointers and pounders

10 Crabjacks on your own

10 Big Boys on your own



It was amazing to have another FNG today, we hope that David comes back, it’s also a great privilege to be able to Q! Lots of mumble about the laps and exercises and all of the ring of fires. We held in there, it was a nice workout guys! Hope to Q more soon!

July 4, 1776

14 PAX, YES 14 posted in 72° calm muggy air.

We had a double NOR as indicated in the list of PAX….






Smell Good


T-Bone (er)

Pew Pew


Tip Toe

Jay-z (QIC)

Phanatic ….Yes with a PH



Maestro Lap

Finkle swings x10 each leg

Grass pickers ICx15

Nipple tweakers ICx15

Shoulder pretzels ICx20

Sprinklers ICx10

Hand release merkins ICx10

Motivator from 6


Mosey to the fireworks launch site


7-T bombs




Mosey back to flag

Bear crawl ring of fire with 10 merkins after each lap

Mosey to light poles next to swimming pool.

Gunner-start at first pole 7 American hammer and 4 jump squats. Sprint to next light pole and repeat clear to stop sign

Mosey to bottom of stairs on golf course

Spelled out TACO

Tunnel of Love

Air squared ICX20

Clock merkins 10 reps 12-3-6-9

Ol pickle pounders ICX10


Flutter kicks ICX20


We welcomed 2 new members this morning. We introduce to you Phanatic because he’s an Atlanta Braves fan who doesn’t like Philadelphia. We also introduce Tofu who works at ADM. It’s great to see our group growing. We have never had 14 of our own Black Cat members post! It’s a new milestone and one to try to break. The workout was heavy on cardio which increased the suck factor but we all need it. The tunnel of love was a fun new exercise that we will probably see again. Even the T Bombs will make another appearance. We closed with a prayer for safety tomorrow for everyone involved with things that go boom. See you all Friday.

Motorboat’s Birthday Q

June 29th, warm, upper 70s. clear skies

Pax: Marshall, PVC, Thumper, Knee high, FNG, Snooki, Uncle Reco (Naperville), Maize, Motorboat

Disclaimer given
Started Movement
4 of the 9 Pax showed up as we were leaving.
Disclaimer given again
grabbed rucks and headed to Inlow park (~.6mile)

YHC felt that we should take it easy and do a pyramid workout. Start with a single rep of the first exercise and then move up to 2 reps of the next exercise. He announced it should be easy with the goal of getting up to 33 reps and then back down. He had not attempted this at home……

  1. Kick with twist
  2. 8ct man maker
  3. Motivator
  4. Wacky Jack
  5. Single Arm ruck swings (5 each side)
  6. Absolution
  7. Burpee
  8. Star Jumpers
  9. Crunchy Frog
  10. Arnold Press
  11. American Hammer
  12. Merkins
  13. Windmills
  14. Lougains (big boy sit-up with weight)
  15. Monkey Humper
  16. Makhtar N’Diayes (plank, to elbow)
  17. Shoulder to shoulder press
  18. Heavy Freddie
  19. WWII sit-ups
  20. High Pulls
  21. Squirming turtle (Dying cockroach)
  22. Pickle Pounder
  23. Imperial Walker
  24. Dips
  25. Thrusters
  26. Lunges
  27. Overhead squat
  28. Mountain Climbers
  29. Hello Dolly
  30. SSH
  31. LBC
  32. Flutter kicks
  33. Overhead claps

Q changed up a couple at the end to keep us on our 6 as we were running out of time and then we went back and finished the reps. Q smoked himself and changed a lot of exercises to OYO instead of IC as he couldn’t keep the cadence. We did not make it back down the pyramid as we were behind schedule. Grabbed rucks and headed back.

COT and Name-o-rama. FNG Elliot is now “Ace” Welcome.
YHC’s 2.0 Zeke is doing great. Surgery was better than expected and he was home within 48 hours.

Moleskin: Q will try and do his own workout prior so that he knows how to do it better, haha. It’s always a pleasure. Be well and do great things with epic people.

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