Almost a Three Dog Night!

2 PAX posted for a wind blown lower limb beat down.  Temperature was cold.


Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Moroccan Night Club IC X 20

Grass Pickers IC X 20

Abe Vigoda IC X 15

Chinnook IC X 10 each direction

Mosey to the Happy Place

Thang 1:

Leg Blasters X 3


Thang 2:

Burpee Dan’s (One Burpees / Four Lunges) down the road to the Shelter house.

Thang 3: 

BLIMPS at the bottom of the steps.

Round One: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mt Climbers, 25 Plank Jacks, & 30 Squats.

Round Two: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges of the Drop Variety each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Pickle Pounders, & 30 Squats.

Round Three: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg (Users Choice: Drop or Regular Lunges), 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mt Climbers, 25 Plank Jacks, & 30 Squats.

Longer Mosey to the Park Office!


LBC’s IC x 25

Flutter Kicks IC X 25 each leg.

Lanny Lui X 5


Two Pax braved the elements this morning to maneuver BLIMPS in the windy conditions.  Some mumble during Burpee Dan’s on how it’s about March and time for the return of the Burpee challenge.  Hope to see more post on Friday.

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

32 degrees, snow covered ground with ice accenting the road says.

5 PAX- Pew Pew, Piper, Popeye, Crabby PO, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Sprinkler 20IC

Crossovers- each leg and hold for 30 sec

Arm crossovers- each arm 30 sec

Grasspckers 20IC

Any other stretching to get lose in the cold

Mosey to stone house:

The Thang:

Wilt chamberlain- 100 lbc, squat, flutterkick (each leg), lunge (50 each leg) run to second light post, exercise, back then exercise.

Walk like an Egyptian to Large Shelter House

The cooper- 10 squats, burpees, merkins (replace with jump lunges) then run to bathhouse decrease reps by one then back to large shelter house- decreasing all the way to 1.

Thigh master- lunge position up and down 4 count 15IC- each leg.


Peter Parker Peter 16IC

Side plank 30 sec each side

Bay city scissors 20IC


5 PAX braved the snow and ice this morning for a workout with a couple of our friends- Wilt and newbie to most of us (if not all) The Cooper. YHC was just glad his punishment for last Friday’s missed workout wasn’t working out alone! Those that made it today definitely got warm in the cold conditions. Lunges during the Wilt were tough as trying to find a non-slick place to do 100 lunges wasn’t easy. Running back and forth between the large shelter and the bathhouse also became rough as the snow got packed down from each lap, making it slicker each round. Total of 2.6 miles ran this morning along with our 55 burpees, made Mr. Cooper rough- but we made it and are all better men for it! Though it was rough- consensus was Cooper will probably come hang again to push us some more. Glad to redeem from Friday’s fiasco- still waiting to see if a punishment is to follow! See you all Wednesday!

Donuts for Gas Man

9 men posted in the gloom to send off Gas Man

Clear, calm, crisp 17°





Gas Man




Jay-Z ( QIC)


Back and shoulder stretch
Shoulder pretzels IC x20
Hand release merkins IC x10
Sprinklers IC x15
Olive Oyl tweakers IC x15
Hand release merkins IC x10
Tempo squats IC x10
Calf stretches
Motivator from 8


G orilla Humpers ICx15

A ir Squared ICx25

S umo Jump Squats x10 OYO

M erkin Mania 5 reps of the following: diamond, regular, wide, crucible, staggered, staggered, tempo, hand release

A iken Legs (20 squats, 20 jump squats, 20 lunges, 20 jump lunges)

N ot So Lazy Boys

The Donut Drop (ring of fire, prisoner burpees in the middle) ring of fire exercises were as follows:




Monkey humper

Hand release merkins


Wide merkins

American hammer



Heal touches in V-sit ICx20

Crunchy frogs ICx10

Captain Thor up to 5:20 (Big boys, American hammer)

15 second v-sit hold


The “fun” that was promised started with the presentation of the donut hat for Gas Man. Unfortunately, the fun ended there too. A really good workout for a Saturday. Lots of laughs at coffeeteria. It was suggested that maybe yours truly uses too much sugar in my coffee. Maybe I should provide my own next time. Gas Man didn’t disappoint as Hoops was unable to fit all of his food on one plate! We all wish Gas Man the best and look forward to his return. It is hoped that he will be able to compete with Piper. Time will tell. Good luck, Gas Man and Godspeed.

Farmer carry… the farm

8 men posted INDOORS due to dangerous wind chills.

Outside: a cool, crisp -12° with -37° wind chill

Inside: a comfortable 57° and no wind






Pew pew


Jay-z (QIC)


5 laps around shop

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Grass pickers ICx15

Cherry pickers ICX15

Tempo squats

5 laps

**Thang #1

New routine called “Ascending circle of pain”

PAX formed a circle performing SSH

One PAX at a time left the circle and did a farmer carry up and down the stairs

SSH continues until all PAX have ascended the stairs. (100 SSH IC completed)

Second round PAX performed monkey humpers in a ring of fire format. The ring continued until all PAX had ascended the stairs in farmer carry.

**Thang #2

Lunge walk back and forth

10 jump squats at one end and 1 merkin with a block on back and 1 skull crusher at the other end

Down to 1 and up to 10

Farmer carry back and forth

1 block curl at one end and 10 block squats at the other end

Made it to 3 and 8


Flutter kicks ICX20

5 absolution

Pickle pounder ICX10

Pickle pointer ICX10


PAX were very dedicated to making themselves better today. -37° wind chills makes the fartsack even more glorious, however, 8 of us got our butts out of bed to better ourselves. It seemed like cheating by working out inside, but was definitely the smart choice. It’s brutal outside. Seemed a little different with the lights on. We all seem a little more “fit” in the dark! ….except Piper, of course. If this ever happens again, Jay-Z promises to cook breakfast following the beat down.



6 PAX posted this morning.  Temperature was 28 degrees with a wind chill of about 12.

Jay Z




Pew Pew

CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm up:
Arm/Leg Stretch

Grass pickers x15

Moroccan Night Club x15

Alternating Knee Taps x 15

Hand Release Merkins x15

Mosey to the Happy Place


Ran a two part circuit workout today.  Part one included six exercises.  In/Out Squats, Cherry Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Skaters, Burpees, and Plank hold.  Pax did amrap in thirty seconds and then moved on to the next exercise.  After completing all six exercises Pax took a lap around the petting zoo and back to the happy for part two.  Part Two consisted of four exercises.  Spider-man planks x 5-10, Side Plank Reach Through x10 each side, Mountain Climber Twist (cross body) x10, Low Plank Forward Reach x5-10.  After part two another lap around the petting zoo.  Rinse and repeat for a total of three rounds.


American Hammer x 15

LBC’s x 15

Flutter Kicks x 15

One round of leg blasters


Great morning for trying something new.  YHC found some circuit work online and decided to mix it in today’s workout.  Note for future Q’s, make sure volume is all the way up before you start the timer.  Good overall work out.

Frozen Bermuda Triangle

1 degree (-18 with windchill according to weather channel) on a cloudy brisk morning with winds gusting up to 15 mph (again according to weather channel)

9 PAX- Pew Pew, Piper, Popeye, Wapner, Jay-Z, IM, Crabby PO, Maestro, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Lat stretches OYO

Shoulder pretzels- 20IC

Sprinkler- 15IC

Whole body stretches- OYO

Grass pickers- 15IC

OYO loosen whatever may still be tight

Tempo squats- 10IC

The Thang:

Mosey to happy place:

Start Frozen Bermuda Triangle

Aiken legs- 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges (10 each leg), split jacks (10 each leg forward)

Run to large shelter house-

ATM- 15 alternating shoulder taps (4 count), 10 tempo merkins, 10 fast merkins

Run to bath house-

Bruce lees-20 hammers, leg lifts, lbc, heel touches, crunchy frogs, 100s

Run back to happy place

Rinse and repeat for duration (4 rotations completed)


Bay city scissors- 10IC


Great turnout for our coldest morning in the gloom this year. Could have had 10 PAX if one (Huffy- that’s right- I will throw you under the bus!!! 😁) that woke up to tell us they weren’t coming this morning would have just gotten out of bed and braved the cold with us…. but I digress. Chatter about the crucial cold coming next week was a big topic this morning. How many layers can you put on before you are not able complete some of these exercises???? Ice along the route between stations slowed our runs, but each station brought the burn this morning. Box jumps became curb jumps or step ups by the last rotation, and YHC hard a hard time doing ATM cadence on the last round as well. And Bruce never disappoints. Overall, thought it was a good all-around workout that might get even better results in warmer weather. Looking forward to see if the weather people keep their streak of accurate weather predictions intact and taking the weekend to mentally prepare for the arctic tundra that will await us this next week.