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Barrel of Fun

8 men posted on a cloudy, calm 60° morning.





Pew Pew



Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15

Tempo side lunge ICX10

LBAC ICX10 each direction

Finkle swings x10 each leg

Abe Vigodas ICX10


Partner up and say with barrels to bottom of the hill, switching barrel carrier half way.

PAX1 Rolls barrel up hill and does 10 skull crushers

PAX2 20 squats and hold Al Gore

PAX1 then drops barrel and let’s it roll to partner while jogging down hill.

Rinse and repeat 6 times

Ring of Fire

Irkins and derkins with partners on the barrel

PAX1 does 20 squats

PAX2 holds barrel in Al Gore

Flip flop to 200 squats

Indian run….NO BARREL

PAX1 walks backward up hill carrying barrel and rolls it down to PAX2

Rinse and repeat 3 times

Barrel tracks back to the flag

–barrels laid on the ground like railroad tracks. First PAX picks up first barrel and moseys to the end and places it on the ground then circles back to the end of PAX line.


5 Absolution

Pickle pounder ICX10

Pickle pointer ICX10

Flutter kicks ICX25


Disappointed 60° could only muster 8 PAX out of the fartsack. The barrels were a fun change of pace. Lots of squats made for a good quad burn. Ring of fire in derkin position proved to be awful. Lots of moaning and groaning ensued. Otherwise, not a lot of mumble chatter. “Barrels aren’t heavy, just awkward,” was one comment. “A year and a half before I see these barrels again,” was another. Good workout on a perfect morning.


Blackjack and a new record!

48 degrees, on a clear Wednesday.

9 posted:


Crabby PO


Pew Pew




Zack Light- FNG

Daisy- QIC

Warm up- arm circles 10x each direction

Sprinkler w legs- 10x

Finkle swings 10 each leg

Peck stretch 30 sec

Lat stretch 15 sec each arm

Willie Mays hays OYO

Motivator from 11

Mosey to end of swimming pool


Blackjack: 1 merkin run to next power pole, 20 LBC, run back. Each round increase merkin by one decrease LBC by 1 until 20 merkin and 1 LBC.

Indian run around outside of baseball diamond and back to flag


25 flutter kick IC

15 pickle pointer IC

15 pickle pounder IC


Legs were still burning from Monday’s workout. Lots of mumble about that to start the day! Excited to have an FNG show up and to learn he is gasman’s brother was a bonus. FNG will be giving Wapner a hard time when he sees him next since he invited him and was MIA. Glad to hear Gasman is doing well and should have him back in a little over a month! Mumble grew to loud groans when it was announced this would be our third straight motivator workout. Record from 11 was established- but no one seemed to be excited or proud of it- angry might fit the mood better. 7 of diamonds was planned to celebrate baseball season back in full swing, but blackjack took longer than anticipated, so an Indian run filled the remaining time. (210 merkins, 210 LBC and 2.7 miles put in today)

Encouragement to those that haven’t been in a while to come on back- even if you have to modify as needed. We would love to see you all back no matter the capacity!

Better weather is seeming to stick around- so let’s start putting on some heavy EH and grow our group to twenty posts each day by the end of the summer- if not sooner! Pass around guys you are working on to see if multiple EH doesn’t work a little stronger. Looking forward to another beat down on Friday!


Leg Day

12 PAX posted on Monday 4/8/19.  Temperature was a very nice 59 degrees.

IM, Pew Pew, Maestro, Wapner, Piper, Jay-Z, Bambi, Daisy, Humdinger, Rite Aid, Cromer, CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

Arm / Leg stretch
Motivator x 10
Abe Vigodas x 10
Shoulder Pretzels x 20
Hand release Merkins x 10

Mosey to Bathrooms


Lunges down path to Big Shelter – then do 25 Monkey Humpers.  Bear Crawl down the connecting path to road – then do 25 Merkins.  Imperial Walkers to the Happy Place – Round of Leg Blasters.  Rinse and repeat with the substitution of Bat Wings for Leg Blasters.

Pax stayed at the Happy place and did a Jump Squats tabata that consisted of 20 seconds of Jump Squats and 10 seconds of rest X 8.

Mary at the Happy Place:

LBC – x 25
Flutter Kicks – x 25
Pickle Pounders – x 25

Mosey to Flag



Good turn out for a Monday morning beatdown.  Weather was great and it felt good to be in shorts again.  Started off with a mosey past the petting zoo.  Could of really used some “smell good” as the animals were quite ripe.  Mumble chatter started early with the introduction of lunges all the way down the path.  Thinking about it the mumble never really stopped.   The rain overnight brought out an abundance of worms that got in the way of the bear crawls.  YHC wonders how many survived.  Bat Wing sucks.


1 Little, 2 Little, 7 Little Indians.

7 Pax post in a warm wet Gloom.

Piper, Crabby Po, Jay-Z, Daisy, Wapner, IM, and Q Popeye

Warm up:

WMH oyo

Motivator from 8


1 mile Indian Run

10, 20, 30, 40

10 Pax choice, pull ups, decline merkins, swing Tyson’s.

Run to bath house for 20 dips

Run to shelter house for 30 LBCs

Run to road for 40 squats

Rinse and repeat

1 mile Indian run

We managed to run a total of 3 miles today. Legs will be sore tomorrow. Not much mumble chatter today.


Stand by your man….. burp!!!!

53 degrees, cloudy and moist from overnight rain.

8 PAX- Piper, T-bone…er, Pew Pew, DC, Tulip, Wapner, IM, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder pretzels 17IC

Sprinkler- 15IC

Motivator- 8

Tempo Squats- 10IC

Willie Mays Hays- OYO


The Thang:

Mosey to first shelter

10 burpees

Tammy Wynette circuit “stand by your man” variation of one man standing exercises and one man down exercises- 10 reps, switch, each PAX will do 100 of each exercise.

100 merkins/ 100 squats

Second shelter

10 burpees

100 big boys/ 100 lunges

3rd shelter

10 burpees

100 Mt climbers/ 100 SSH

4th Shelter

10 burpees

50 Peter Parker/ 50 dips

10 burpees


30 sec side plank x2

American Hammer- 20 OYO

Crunchy Frogs- 20 OYO


Despite the dampness- a beautiful day to workout! Spring temps are coming!!!!! And working out after a boilermaker victory makes it all the better! Shoulder pretzels were in honor of the 17 missed free throws to help encourage more makes from the line against Virginia, and motivator from 8 not only to help is get ready for Maestros next Q, but to celebrate Purdue’s upcoming elite 8 appearance on Saturday. Nice to have a couple visitors from Indy join us for the fun today! Thanks for making the trip DC and Tulip! A nice variety of up and down exercises today- and chatter about the excitement of “No Burpee April” being on the horizon. Remember 60 and 62 burpees on Saturday and Sunday! Took a little longer than expected to complete each set of Tammy- so cut 4th shelter in half and finished with burpees so we didn’t have to do any at home. Hoping the warm weather will get more early morning motivation for more men- and looking forward to having the spring breakers back in the fold next week! Safe travels for all- have a great weekend, and looking forward to a Piper Q on Monday!!!!!


2019 F3 Indianapolis Convergence – 3/23/2019

Beatdown for the day:   Nantan Favorite Mixer – Cosmo Q

Beatdown Detail:  Partner workout, changing partners for each exercise, must choose someone you don’t know or don’t know very well (i.e. Black Cat PAX and Indy PAX)

We’re not pros, nor responsible (me, F3, Northview)…pace yourself, modify as needed.

Warm up

SSH x25 IC

Twist with a kick (always fun)

Merkins x 20 IC

Motivator from 5

Indian Run around the parking lot (with 30+ guys Q was wondering about the wisdom of this decision)

Par up for Wapner’s Revenge – Soccer Goal Routine (using parking lines and light poles)  – Set of exercises, run around the light pole, set of exercises, run around the light pole, RNR.

Mosey to the Hill

Par up for the Brickyard Burpback Mountain

Slowsy to the end of the parking lot

Bear crawl half the lot, lunge walk the other half, making our way back to the shovel flags.


Flutter kicks x 20 IC

C-SIt bicycles x 21 IC

LBCs x 25 IC

Name O’ Rama



Clear, crisp and absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful, 35 F (ish)

PAX:  Maize, Motorboat, Piper, Crout, Snoop, Fresh Cream, Aaron Bugleman (FNG), Wolverine, PVC, Beanie, Brian Smith (FNG), Quick(ie), Tulip, Picasso, Tony Spears (FNG), Brickyard, Randy Rife (FNG), IM, Logger, Woodchuck, Wapner, DC, Zamboni, Beefsteak, Maestro, Maestro 2.0 (FNG), Pawnee, Flash, Khaki, Cosmo (Q)

What a GREAT Day for a 2nd year celebration and F3 Indy’s first convergence!  Following a slight logistics scare (Q/coordinator didn’t know there was a race at the #Hill this particularly day) and a reroute to the lower east side (thanks Khaki for being traffic cop), the introduction, warm up and beatdown began.

Huge gathering of old friends, new faces and down streamers for a celebratory beatdown that YHC thought was a bit harder than originally anticipated!  All worked hard and progress was observed by some of the newer PAX to F3.  Huge shoutout to #Black Cat for another trip to the #Hill (always great to see these guys),

Q enjoyed the mumble chatter as routines like Wapner’s Revenge and Brickyard’s BURPback Mountain were introduced and experience for the first time by some of the newer PAX.   (NOTE:  The routine is not Broke as the Q mistakenly called it…..Wapner was VERY quick to point out Q’s mistake.)  Q also enjoyed the core workout…and thanks to Zamboni….Q got to work in some C-Sit position.

Namo’o Rama was AWESOME with the hammer/anvil combo and the huge COT was truly inspiring as the opportunity to honor our Brickyard for all his efforts.  It was fitting as well to welcome the new site Q for Saturdays (Maize) and the new Nantan for Indy, Cornwallis.

HUGE THANKS to all that help organize this event!  Special thanks to Pawnee and Khaki (film crew), Logger and his M (food and heat) and Zamboni and team (awards).

It is very inspiring and humbling to be part of such a great group of men striving to be the very best version of themselves and desiring to make an impact in our world!  Two years is a significant milestone (especially as we look back to where we’ve been) but there’s more in front of us than behind us, more men that need this in their lives and more positive impacts to make in our world!

Keep posting, shield-locking and passing it on!

ALWAYS a privilege,





7 PAX posted on Monday 3/25/19.  Temperature was very nice


Pew Pew




FNG Austin Beck

CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

Arm/Leg Stretch

Motivator from 5

In/Out Squats x 5

Jumping Cherry Pickers x 5

Hand Release Merkins x 5

Mosey to the shaft



Five exercises done in succession followed by a short mosey to another location.  Rinse and repeat five times.  Exercises were Burpees x 5, Spiderman Plank x 5 each side, Side Plank Reach Through x 5 each side, Mountain Climber Twist x 5 each leg, Low Plank Forward Reach x 5.

Mosey to Top of the stairs.

Started with 2 Burpees then a Stair Suicide with 2 Burpees each time Pax reached the top of the stairs.  Rinse and Repeated but changed the number of Burpees to 3

Mosey to Flag


LBC x 5

Crunchy Frog x 5

Lanny Lu x 5

Pickle Pounders x 5

Absolution x 5

Ring of Fire – 5 Squats / Al Gore


Day 25 of the Burpee challenge.  Moseyed around the park R&R Five exercises with five reps each time. This got Pax to 25 burpees and some mumble chatter towards the end of the spiderman planks.  The stair suicides / burpee combo did the trick getting Pax to the desired amount of 50 burpees.  Looking forward to 54 on Wednesday.


Introducing Sheldon Cooper

37 degrees, overcast, nice comfortable first day of Spring
5 PAX- Pew Pew, Piper, Maestro, Crabby PO, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Tempo squats- 15IC

Sprinklers- 15IC

Lat stretches

Peck stretches

Shoulder pretzels- 15IC

Grass pickers- 15IC

OYO stretches

Mosey to large shelter house

The Thang:

Sheldon cooper

10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10

Big boys- lap to bath house decrease reps to 9, back to large shelter decrease reps to 8, back and forth down to 1.

Mosey to happy place:

Tammy Wynette:

Partner- 10 merkins/ 10 squats- switch- alternate to 100 each (200 total)


20 mt climbers

20 box cutters

20 mt climbers

20 Freddy Mercury

20 my climbers

20 hello dolly

20 mt climbers


20 Mt climbers


Five PAX showed up today to meet our new friend Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon did not disappoint and became quite annoying as we got down to the final numbers. But maestro kicked it into a higher gear for the last three or four rounds and inspired the rest of us to follow right behind. Piper states he wanted to do something hard because we didn’t need man boobs here- so after we were done with Sheldon, we tried another friend Tammy Wynette, famous for her song stand by your man. While we ran out of time to complete the circuit we did complete 120 reps of the total 200. Mary was more intense than it looked on paper. LBCF never disappoint. Not a bad days work for the first day of spring. Hoping to see more Friday before everyone heads their separate ways for Spring Break!


I Feel Motivated

26 or there about, almost no breeze.

7 PAX: PewPew, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, IM, Piper, Popeye, QIC Maestro.


MNCs IC x15

Front Arm Stretching

Merkins IC x5

Nipple Tweakers IC x15

Cherry Pickers IC x15

Back arm Stretching

Werkins IC x5

Mosey via Indian Run with 6 Burpees

HP for a “Meastro Returns” Motivator from TEN

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the shelter for the


Stair laps: x4

Bottom – Mike Tysons x6

Top – Burpees x6

Rinse and repeat with Decline Merkins and Dips x6

Mosey back to the HP

Tried a new set for the arms:

Plank 30 sec merkins to a

DownDog 15 sec and 1/2 Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and 6 inch Plank 15 sec

Merkin to

DownDog 15 sec and Plank for 30 sec

Rinse and repeat with Wide Hands

Mosey to the Flag for


Captain Thor to 5

V-sit hold

Crunchy Frog IC x10

V-sit hold

V-sit Freddie Mercury

And Recover.


Privileged to Q again. Had fun and learned a lot trying something new. Hopeful to be able to complete it with Diamond hands next time. We will see. Didn’t take long to forget about the Motivator today, maybe I’ll add one to it every time I Q. See how long it takes before I’m banned from leading. Have a great week leading up to the tourney. Should be fun to see Purdue represent the great state of Indiana. We’ll have to do something with the total points that Purdue scores during the entire tourney some day.

The Hill

Monday Ruckday – 3/18/19

Weather: 29 degrees, clear, no wind.


  1. Motorboat
  2. Logger

Disclaimer not given, just remembered.

Thang: We both had to leave at 6:00. We walked out towards the south east, then up and around the playground. We got in 10 Mericans along the way.


Recover Recover

Moleskin – The weather was perfect this morning, air was crisp, but we were dressed right and it was comfortable. We chatted about how fast kids grow, home towns, and the medical field. Great conversation and good start to the week. Thank you Motorboat!