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The Hill

Fun with Rocks

Weather: Mid 60’s and clear.

12 PAX posted the Hill:  Logger, Cosmo, Cornwallis, Motorboat, Flash, Kindergarten Cop, Brickyard, Bumblebee, Snooki, State, Zamboni, Beefsteak

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, North View Church, and I are not responsible.

Warm Up:  SSH x20, Plank Jacks x15, Weedpickers x10, Imperial Walker x15, Mountain Climbers x15, Circle Burp x2

The Thang

Mosie to the west lot, partner up and grab a rock. P1 exercise with rock, then flap jack.

P1 curls; P2 run then x20 Cindy Crawfords

P1 squats; P2 power skips then x20 LBC

P1 overhead press; P2 high knees then x20 merkins

P1 tricep ext, P2 run backwards then x20 flutters IC

P1 bent row, P2 karaoke then x20 jump squats

Kick line x20

Indian run with a Burpee before running up.

Timed wall sits.

Timed balls to the wall.

Mary:  American Hammers x20, Heel Touches x15, Flutters x20, Low Dolly x15, LBCs x25, Timed Planks

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  Less running today so mubblechatter was rampant.  Added the kick line for Cosmo so he could get more in touch with his feminine side.  Always good working out in the gloom with you men, thanks!  ,

The Hill

How Many Stairs?

Weather was perfect for 14 Pax showing up for some basketball and stairwork with an extra-load of Mary. Kneehigh got to motivate with the Motivator and we named a new FNG, Bumblebee


  • F3 not responsible
  • Northview not responsible
  • Exercises are suggestions, modify as necessary


  • Side-straddle hops: 20
  • Lunges: 20
  • Invisible jump ropes: 1 minute


  • Basketball Court
  • Stairs:  10 loops
  • Dips off steps: 20 OYO
  • Sprint length of court, 10 ‘Mericans in cadence
  • Sprint length of court, 10 squats in cadence
  • Repeat


  • 60 second low plank
  • 100 flutter kicks
  • 25 Freddie Mercuries
  • 20 American Hammers
  • Alphabet
  • LBCs

Count Off

Name O Rama

Prayer Requests/ Announcements


The Hill

Birthday Block Party

The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: DC, Short Story, Motorboat, Snooki, Thumper, Brickyard, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad, Tulip, Logger, Headlock, Khaki, State


Warm-o-rama (38 for my birthday) all IC
SSH x 19
Windmill x 19
IST x 19
Rocky Balboa’s x 19
Mericans x 19
Mtn. Climbers x 19

Zamperini cinderblocks over to the round about in front of Capstone. Partner up for Dora 1-2-3 with cinderblocks.
100 Squat Press
200 block swings
*300 curls (YHC called an audible after 100 of these and switched it to 200)
Hold Al Gore until everyone finishes.

Mosey over to the hill w/o blocks. Run to the crosswalk, do 38 burpees and then run to the top of the hill and hold plank.

*50 Flutter kicks IC (to make up the other 100 from Dora)
In the Morning, At night x 6ish
2 minute elbow plank

Recover Recover

-Thanks for everyone coming out today. Knowing you all will be there every day is the helps me get out of bed!
-Everyone worked so hard today and gave it all they had. Lots of guys encouraging one another, giving high fives, and picking up the 6.
-This workout was designed with Iron Pax Challenge in mind to help us start preparing for September. Iron Pax Challenge is an F3Nation-wide competition to determine who the 2019 IronPax is. This is a well rounded, 4 week challenge where we do prescribed exercises, track our times, reps, etc. and report them to see how you stack up against other pax and other regions. It’s a lot of fun but also really tough.
-Keep EHing guys. There are many men just waiting to be asked to come out to F3. There are many excuses, few of which are good. Keep at it!
-Lastly, don’t forget to sign up to Q. F3 only works if pax are leading the workouts. The more people that lead the better. The more you Q the better you get. You don’t get better by not trying. We are here to support you. We all had to start somewhere. Just do it!
State is your guy to talk to for Weekday Q’s and Maize is your guy for Saturday Ruck Q’s.


The Hill

11’s Ain’t Got No Legs

Weather: Upper 50’s, clear and calm

14 PAX posted the Hill:  Motorboat, Nomad, Logger, Short Story, State, Flash, Snooki, Kindergarten Cop, Bloomer, Brickyard, Tulip, Khaki, Maize, Beefsteak 

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, North View Church, and I are not responsible for you.

Warm Up

  • SSH x20
  • Kick with Twist x10
  • Imperial Walker x15
  • Weedpickers x10
  • Mountain Climbers x10

The Thang

  • Bear Crawl Merkins (merkin at each parking line)
  • Crab Walk Gas Pumps (3x gas pumps at each parking line)
  • Pick up the six
  • 11’s: Burpees/Lt Dans – karaoke between light poles
  • Plank while waiting


  • American Hammers x20
  • Flutters x20
  • Low Dolly x15
  • High Dolly x15
  • Heel Touches x15
  • LBCs x25

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  Mubblechatter included Khaki’s questioning the Q if he had tried this workout in advance (no).  Workout was successful in getting Motorboat warmed up.  Logger was in beast mode today. Crab Walk Gas Pumps challenged the PAX more then expected.  Always good working out in the gloom with you men, thanks!  

The Hill

Whats the Modification?!



Disclamier – Know your limits and work past them, exercise at your own risk.  You are solely responsible for your self.  I nor, NorthView are responsible for you.





Balls to the Wall with Chicken Peckers x20

Mozie to lower parking lot

~Motivator from 15

~Merkins x10 Diamond, Triceps, Wide, Dry Dock Shuffle

~Leg UPs in the grass


*Top Squats x20   aka tip toe squats

*On the Hill Merkins x10 Incline, flip 90 Left side merkin, flip decline, flip Right side

*Flutter Kicks x20 Incline, Decline, left side, right side


+Jump Squat touching the ground x20

+L side Merkins, R side Merkin, Wide Merkin, Narrow Merkin

+Balls to the Wall with Chicken Peckers x20


The Hill

Loop de loop Ruck

10 PAX at 0700 for rucking around, including FNG Bloomer, welcome!

Loop started at The Hill, headed west around the Cornerstone Lutheran Church building, then back east across Hazel Dell to the entrance of Inlow Park. From there, we did an about-face back west to make it back to The Hill with 3 minutes to spare.

FNG Bloomer proved his dedication by showing up after a week-long canoe trip to the Boundary Waters and arriving home just 3 hours before ruck time.

The Hill

12 Steps of exercise

Weather: 80 with a nice fog to start with

11 Pax posted: Maize, DC, Cornwallis, Nomad, Brickyard, Zamboni, Short Story, Snooki, State, Khaki, and Motorboat as QIC

Disclaimer given

QIC started immediately with a nice run around the church down the back parking lot to the street to the long drive and hill. We did various arm circles, jumps, and reaches while jogging to warm up. As we ran up the long drive, we could see the various stations that were set up.

This work out was borrowed and adapted from something YHC had seen with F3 Grand Rapids back in May and had been waiting to pull it out.

Start at station 1 and then sprint to the top of the hill. jog back down and complete station 2 and then station 1 and then sprint to the top of the hill. continue down the hill. QIC knew that we would not hit every station but planned out plenty just in case. After completing the first 4 stations, any repeat station’s reps were cut in half.

Station 1 – 10 hand release merkins, sprint to top of hill
Station 2 – 20 4ct Mountain Climbers, bear crawl to #1
Station 3 – 30 2 ct lunges, run to #2
Station 4 – 15 Deadlifts with one of 2 sandbags (100ish pounds). backwards run to #3
Station 5 – 15 burpees, run to #4
Station 6 – 20 Shoulder to Shoulder press (20#, 30#, 40#, 50ish# plates and sandbags- Pax choice), run to #5
Station 7 – 20 Makhtar N’Diayes, Bear crawl to #6
Station 8 – 30 2ct lunges, Run to #7
Station 9 – 20 4ct Mountain Climbers, Run to #8
Station 10 – 20 Hand Release Merkins, Run to #9
Station 11 – 25 4ct Flutter Kicks, Run to #10
Station 12 – 20 Makhtar N’Diayes, Run to #11

I think the fastest Pax got through station 6 before QIC had everyone jog to Station 12. We did station 12 IC and moved to Station 11. We picked up the cones, paper, and weights as we went back up the hill. QIC picked random stations and random counts as we moved back up the hill to get in some good core work prior to COT.

COT – make sure to meet with your partner for the month for a 2nd F meetup. Nomad is changing companies so that he doesn’t have to move any more, congrats! Short Story graduated high school and is having an open house on the 27th. Check slack for details. YHC thinks old people should bring good gifts.

Moleskin: Mumble chatter was good this morning. Zamboni had to wring out his shirt prior to getting in the car. YHC has terrible cardio and will continue to make beatdowns work on the things he needs improvement with, including cardio. Thanks for pushing me and pushing yourselves. Continue to be HIM!

The Hill

Pick a Card

This morning’s workout was brought to the 15 PAX by F3’s official Beatdown Cards, handpicked by the Q (Kneehigh).

Warm-o-Rama: Pax picks a warmup card

Thang: Pax picks thang cards, including a 300 meter dash, diamond ‘mericans, and bear crawls.

Mary: Pax pick Mary cards, including WWII sit ups, flutter kicks, and no card for it, but an extra Motivator from 4 for fun.

The Hill

The Vegas

Perfect weather for fourteen Pax to play some cards and do some boxing.


Mayor (DR from Toledo)

Warmup: Windmills, Side Straddle Hops, some plankage.

Thang: F3 Beat-down Cards! Lay down a card in front of you and do the exercise written on it. Number reps depends on the type of card. 10 reps for numbered cards, 25 reps for royals, and 100 reps for Aces. Next we added another staple of Vegas, boxing. Jab, Cross, Hook.

Mary: High Plank, Low Plank, WWII Sit-ups, Hello Dolly

Moleskine: I had fun breaking out the cards for the first time. Missed Kneehigh being there, but he’ll be back to Q with the cards next week.

The Hill


12 PAX parked their vehicles in two straight lines with their tires turned out. Disclaimer was given and we got to it:

Warm Up:

Mosey with Variations

Overhead claps

Finkle Swings


The Thang:

Partner is vehicle straight across from you

P1 runs one lap around parking lot while

P2 does an exercise, and then flip flop

Incline Offset Merkins (one hand on tire other hand on car)

Tire lunges

Tire Pike Merkins

Dirty Tire Hookup

Tire sit (wall sit)

Tire step up knee thrust

Tire Kickers (Rocky Balboa)


Plank with Variations

LBC + Hold

Low Dolly + Hold

Heels to Heaven + Hold

Gas Pumps + Hold



Yes, I found this workout on Instagram.

T-Claps for the #RESPECTs coming in strong making up 50% of today’s PAX.

Praise for Maize’s Sister in law and Motorboat’s 2.0 both on the path to getting healthy!

We looking forward to the next round of 2nd F Matchmaking & we are still looking for Saturday Qs.

Until next time,


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